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  3. My net slow

    Maybe run a few more tests here at testmy.net so we have more data to evaluate. Check testmy.net/mirror for various test locations.
  4. Confused by three test results

    It is then of course possible they (the landlord) is looking at this a bit differently as well. Go easy.
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  6. Confused by three test results

    Okay, after looking more closely at the results I think I've realized my problem here. Speedtest and Testmy are measuring my speed in Mbps (Megabits per second). While Fast.com is measuring in MBps (MegaBytes per second). And so in fact the landlords are actually providing me with 1.5 Mega Byte download speed rather than 10 Mega Bytes as they told me.
  7. My internet provider is supposedly supplying me with 10MBps internet download speed, and 1MBps upload speed. Howerver, I know for a fact that's not what I'm getting. The internet behaviour has been very intermittent in our flat. I'm sharing the internet with my wife. She usually has TV shows streaming on our smart TV at 480p from an asian TV website (not netflix). On a good stream her video would cut a few times and buffers before it continues. But the moment I pull up my smart phone and decide to watch a video on youtube at 360p her stream stops dead and buffers indefinitely until I put down my smartphone. That does not sound like a 10MBps download speed to me. So, I decided to do a speed test. Three different speed tests to be exact. And I am not convinced by the results I found. Please note: these tests were done while my wife was watching her TV. Speedtest.net gives me a perfect speed rating of 9.69MBps download speed. testmy.com gives me 8.9MBps download speed. And when I ran Netflix's Fast.com it jumped from an initial 8.3 MBps before it dropped down to the much more believable 1.5MBps download speed which I believe is what I'm really getting here. I've attached screenshots from each test. So, can anyone explain to me what's happening here? I've put forward a request for a faster internet speed, something closer to 30MBps but I'm not sure if that's going to solve the problem.
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  9. You're getting a fantastic deal. Making out like a bandit!!!! LOL.
  10. Yes it is unlimited,idk why we have such a good internet speed.
  11. $49.95 a month Money well spent.
  12. Is that unlimited? Either way, that's a great price for speeds like that! Sheesh.
  13. Compare your upload speeds ! ! !

    That's pretty good for the price. Do some more testing here on TestMy to see what your real speeds are. Even if it's half of that, it's still great for $9
  14. Hi i'm from Romania,I have a 100mbps connection for 35RON(7,62€).This was my first test with Frankfurt server(preety far thought).
  15. Compare your upload speeds ! ! !

    Not bad for a 9$ internet provider.
  16. This was my first speed test from Romania for a 35 RON(round 9$).I say is a preety good speed for that money.
  17. Before changing from the 200/20 plan, I would do some more testing here on TestMy. Try the Auto Test a few times over a few days to see how things do versus time of day. Try to build yourself a database of results that indicate whether you can hope to see 200 Mbps consistently or not, and at what time of day it actually reaches the 200 average. If the average of all your testing is down closer to 100, then you can decide if it's worth the extra $ for the 200/20 plan. If possible, do some testing via Ethernet to see if the wireless results are equivalent. Plugging an Ethernet cable directly from the computer to the router would be ideal to do the baseline system capability.
  18. No longer detecting my provider?

    It seems that whatever was causing the issue is now fixed, at least for me. It's detecting that I'm on Hughesnet again.
  19. English to Spanish translator?

    This might be helpful: Spanish to English https://spanishto-english.com/
  20. Hi to all Professional here. Can you guide me on how to increase my internet speed by tweaking some options of http injector? Thank you for your responses.
  21. Thank you! That TID is very telling. I tried a couple tests and the TID was a line that started high and flatlined or started low, very low and went up. I'm thinking that tomorrow I'm phoning Spectrum and lowering my speed to 100.
  22. The lowest speeds you got were while you were using a test server in Tokyo. Discarding those, the rest average out in the mid 100s. This is only going by two days of tests, though, of course.
  23. My my how much this thread has changed over the years.
  24. Depending on the time of day, you should see a fairly flat line to your New York TestMy server. The TestMy rssukts are more real world than OOKLA Speedtests. Go go to the Results link. In the table, select a download speed in the TID (test in-process data) column. It will show you what speeds were sustained during that test and how much variation there was.
  25. When I use OOKLA speedtest.net, you can see that the download immediately pegs at 10, the goes up to 75, 100 and finally hits the 200 mark and a little over just at the end of the three second test. With that result, Spectrum/TW, says there you go! 200 MB. But what I'm seeing is 10 committed and a burst to 200MB. I wish that I could make a test that can show me the committed and the peak. I should always have my 200 and then if available a bursting rate above that.
  26. iPads disconnecting from wifi?

    We have several iPads here that don't disconnect (not using a century link router though). Is the signal strength indicator on the iPad good? Try looking at the signal quality of the iPad at the router. Hopefully their router software allows you to look at the signal quality of each individual wireless client at the router.
  27. Same here on RR and Spectrum. I have a 100/10 plan with Ectrum now and most of the time I'm getting about 115/10. Your tests to thw NY server shows good speed - a little higher than the 200 plan number (like mine's a little higher than the 100 plan number). You'd likely get less speed and consistency testing from where you are to Dallas. You might try the Miami test server; it may show a little better results than the Dallas server. I just tested to the Asia server and only got 24 down, 3.6 up
  28. Unlimited down/up, results are lower than the speedtest.net
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