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  5. I guess what I really mean is if this info means I need a new computer or if there is something simple I can do to speed/clean it up?!!
  6. heard that most people have bad internet but i think ive always been lucky as ive never had a bad connection and currently have a virgin media connection at 220mbps only paying for 200 so people in uk post your results here.
  7. oh nice i also have virgin media and heres my results
  8. well talk talk is shit i had the 76mbps package and only got around 20-30 switched to virgin media and now get over 200 any time of day
  9. should of got virgin media cable if u could its definitely worth it!!!
  10. virgin media uk 200mbps lol
  11. Probably more likely that it's because Comcast has a wider sample, with more variety. Doesn't mean that they're worse or less reliable. They have options for lower packages, the people with the lower scores may be happy. Without knowing the package speed and the scenario the tests were taken under it would be hard to fully make an assessment like that. I have improved charting that's on the way that will give you much more useful information when doing those comparisons.
  12. Here are images of the last 250 upload/download results.
  13. Take a look at these two ISPs, Comcast and WOW. Notice how Comcast is very spiky but WOW is relatively flat. Is flatness an indicator of reliability of service?
  14. I'm wondering if running TMN from different default servers and comparing results can give any insight into which ISPs have better peering relationships. Good peering can do a lot for speed. The idea is that I'd run my ISP from different TMN servers and look at the variance. Next I could identify an ISP who I want to compare against and examine a fellow member's TMN data (someone who uses that ISP) to see how well that ISP peers. Anybody know a way to accomplish this with the current data collected by TMN?
  15. Glad to hear that. General rule of thumb for me, modems now a days don't last more than 1.5 years before they start to die on you. (Funny how I just finished power cycling my modem before reading this). It just dies. No reason. (I assume heating up... since its now warmer than when I originally got it). Eitherway, Glad to hear everything got resolved!
  16. Hello @hillycat Can you elaborate a little more? What part of results are you talking about? Results of the test usually ends in a number for your speed in mbps or kbps. The % generally is giving you an idea of your speed being higher or lower than your average once the most recent result is displayed. Are you referring to something else?
  17. Thank you, it's mostly skype and stuff like that....But yea, I watch movies too, so thank you
  18. 20 Mbps that your Results show should be fast enough to stream HD video. - as long as the sever at the site you're connecting to isn't overloaded. 20 is fast enough for Netflix and Amazon
  19. Hi, i'm new and so very confused, so I read somewhere, that lead me here.... They said to do a manual test between 30 and 35 and I did, my first one was at 35 and the other was at 30, but I'm still so very confused. I need to live stream in full HD and I really don't know what any of this means, can anyone please tell me if this is good a simple yes or no, please don't confuse me more than I already am, unless you can explain in full detail what you mean. Thank you in advance, I really need some help, as I just upgraded my internet and I'm not sure if this is even fast enough. Xo
  20. Can someone explain in plain english what the results mean other than this % something and that % something. I am totally not computer literate. My laptop is 10+ years old and a new wireless router was recently installed and since then the laptop seems to have slowed way down. Thanks in advance.
  21. Log in next time you test at your office so I can find your results on that connection.
  22. Yes this is for a different Internet connection - the 100x100 is what we have at the office. I am making these posts from home, which is only 150x12.
  23. I had temporarily disabled the larger upload tests because I noticed an issue but it appears to be working correctly so you can now test upload up to 100 MB again. So you're talking about a different connection from the one you're posting from right now, right? Because your test sizes are more than adequate at those speeds. Even at 100 Mbps (12.5 MB/s) a 100 MB test gives you 8 seconds of testing which is more than enough to get accurate numbers. Having said that, larger tests are coming. Both upload and download.
  24. We have a 100x100 Ethernet over copper Internet connection. Your download test file size caps out at 200 MB which is barely OK (would be better if could do 1 GB). But your upload test file size caps out at 50 MB which is downright tiny when you have an 100 MB/s upload link speed. To put this in perspective my firewall bandwidth monitoring tool samples bandwidth every 5 seconds. The 50 MB upload test barely shows up... not good. We would love for both the download and upload file sizes to max out at 1 GB so it shows up clearly on our firewall monitoring utilities.
  25. In Ireland, the Three mobile network appears to have recently started prioritising YouTube traffic. Interestingly it no longer prioritises port 443 (SSL) or 8080 (Ookla's speedtest) like previously, so there's now a substantial difference between the speed I get on YouTube and even Ookla's Speedtest with Three. As Google Photos seems to share some resources with YouTube for video uploads, it also delivers unusually quick transfers from Google Photos during peak time. The following shows an example where I ran a speed test on Ookla (using a Dublin server) and started downloading a video from Google Photos: The following is the Ookla Speedtest result from the above screenshot and TestMy: Multi-threaded connections have always performed better on the Three network, so Ookla's figure tends to be several times higher during peak time than what can be achieved with simple web downloads and FTP transfers as how TestMy measures. The following shows another example, this time a file download from Leaseweb's test file site: 133KB/s x 8 = 1064Kbps, similar to the above TestMy download result. Now let's download a video clip I have in Google photos: 4MB/s x 8 = 32Mbps! It shows just how much bandwidth a provider can squeeze in during congestion. I have observed a similar variation on iD Mobile, a virtual mobile operator that operates on the Three network.
  26. I personally see the other test guys as bloated fluffy and sprinkled with glitter to make your speed look good. TMN currently is my top source for actual answers. So trying Frankfurt servers with Ookla and getting average 300+, to me is false and completely not possible. I LIVE IN CANADA. My speed SHOULD be lower if I am testing against Europe. I expect that at least some latency or speed drop. Have you attempted to connect via Ethernet and speed test again this way? Do the results change? Are you getting completely different numbers altogether? Side note: Just to clarify, as it may be called something different here or maybe I am not understanding. is WLAN sticks just another name for USB WiFi Adaptors for laptops / desktops that don't have network card with WiFi capability built in or is WLAN sticks the 3G/4G Cellular Network USB sticks? (I assume the former, hence why I suggested Ethernet test, since you would have a modem/router hopefully nearby)
  27. Thank you @mudmanc4
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