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  3. I am trying to run an "auto test" of 100 tests, one every 15 minutes, to gather evidence about the instability of my ADSL connection. After one successful run of 100 tests, I am trying to get another 100, but I find that the repeats stop happening after just a few tests. On the latest attempt it stopped at test no. 2. The machine I am using is a DELL desktop running Windows XP SP3. The browser is Internet Explorer 8. Any ideas what I can do to diagnose and/or fix this problem?
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  5. Ooops did not do something correct no Speed test came up in last post
  6. Speed Test I think it is left open not set to Blast pro Must have open access not set to blast Pro speeds. Even Xfinity "Suggested test" Is extremely high on download, but sadly upload is at 12Mbps still
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  8. WIFI SPEED on my MBPr Mid 2012, Melbourne, Australia
  9. Hello, I wanted to tell you that the support was really helpful for me. Thanks
  10. May I learn how is your test speed? Mine are approximately 50, 40, 60, 55 ...
  11. $60/month
  12. You could try hooking directly to your modem with Ethernet and see if it behaves the same as when you're using all your other equipment. If you're using wireless and it's slower than the Ethernet connection, try testing right next to your wireless unit. If it's faster, then you are likely too far from the wireless base station. The ISP should be able to help you determine if the problem is inside your house or not
  13. There are a variety of things that could be affecting your speed - at your place or externally (local connections, at your ISP, or on other legs of where your traffic is coming and going). Give your ISP a call. Be polite, patient, and persistent. They should be able to help out. It may take more than one call.
  14. What's your ISP plan advertised speeds up and down?
  15. Hooked up to Belong NBN provider,at rated speed 25Mbps speed Fibre optic to node 100 metre copper to residence router Gateway access, and Wifi to multiple devices. Max download speed about 24Mbps falls off to less than 1Mbps at times. what is going on to cause such a drop in download service.
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  17. Can i speed up my internet connection? 3mbps PLDT
  18. Can you post examples? I looked through your results and didn't find any that looked like that. Maybe you deleted them. You were talking about the TiP result, within the individual test results, correct? Keep in mind that your overall score is calculated completely separate from the TiP result. The TiP minimum, maximum and average are taken from calculations that are separated from the main event. Some of your tests are running more smoothly... ...and some look like a struggle to get to the end. Obviously, it's best if it runs like the first scenario most of the time. But if you see an extreme spike either way and then it's followed by normal plots, simply disregard it. If you have time, send me a private message with the TID so I can look at it and use the information to improve the algorithm. But keep in mind when that happens, your overall result is not affected. It's not as if the TiP result aggregates into the final result... TiP is a totally separate entity. I may put a 'report inaccurate results' link in an upcoming version to make it easier for users to flag results for a closer look. In this case, I personally never see spikes like you're seeing. It's hard to program a fix for something when you can never see it yourself. But I do learn from your results and apply it. I often spend hours going through live results to look for anomalies. TiP is already much more accurate than the original concept but I know there's always room for improvement. I think the issue on some machines is that something in your software configuration is causing intermittent delays in browser transactions. When these delays happen during the test it causes a misreporting of the TiP numbers. Probably because the times are taken so closely together. Sometimes the fact that a computer is not able to run TMN like the majority of the population is a clue. Example, my friend _____'s laptop can hardly run TMN right now. It used to run it perfectly (another clue that something new is up) and all of the other computers and devices on his network run TMN to the best of the networks ability. The issue is in loading. The test loads and runs but seems to get hung up on the forwarding around that TMN does during the test. Disabled his virus and internet security protection, because sometimes those programs have been known to cause issues... nope. Still does it. Now if this were anyone else I might dig deeper but he admits that he does things online that he probably shouldn't, opens and clicks things that he shouldn't, etc. Per my recommendation he's backing up his files and I'm going to format it and reinstall windows for him. I guarantee, when it boots up... it will no longer have that issue. Sometimes you don't even have to get to the results page to get a result at TMN. Hell, I often start a test and cancel it part way through because I got the point of how it's running just by how it loaded. Please forward me those results in the future so I can make sure it's not something I can improve on.
  19. You can manually remove a test point result. Go to Results. At the right side of the table, there's check boxes and a remove function. not sure how your extreme data point happened. @CA3LE may have an idea.
  20. Excellent, the music is so awesome and watched it many times)))
  21. Hi, I'm trying to follow my speed over some date range. And results are eg: 35, 55, 50, 40, 60, 290, 45 55 ... At some point among 20 tests I got some extreme result (like 290 in upper example). This extreme result is giving me wrong average speed. So average calculation should remove extreme maximums and minimums. Can I fix this somehow?
  22. I have a Win 7 machine (Dell 660S) that when I go to I get 39Mbps down and it's always been pretty rock solid in the past at around 115Mbps. I have a 100Mbps internet connection. I started by testing all the usual things (new cable, different port, deleted/reinstalled driver). At that point I thought maybe the card was going bad but I decided to try one more thing. I ran Linux off a USB stick and bingo speeds were at 115Mbps. Before I reinstall 7 is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this to figure out where things are going bad? Also, all my other machines on this network both wired and wireless easily are in the 110Mbps to 120Mbps range using If I use I DO get a speed of 120Mbps on the Dell but that is a multithreaded test and from what I've heard not as good an indication of true speeds. If any of that makes a difference in figuring this out.
  23. on vodafone 4g im getting around 30 down. if virgin do come round id probs only get around 70-100 because of my distance from cab
  24. Haha..sure mate! You are welcome anytime!
  25. To the first question, no. You can't replace the coax with fiber optic cabling with Hughesnet. It won't work. As for Hughesnet vs hardwired service from your town, it depends on whether the internet available from town is any good. Normally Hughesnet is purchased by people that have no alternative, but sometimes even the available hardwired service is sub par, like with older DSL systems. I'd ask around. If it's deemed to be better, I'd go with the hard wired simply due to it not having data caps.
  26. From the looks of the four speed tests you have performed, your upload speed is a bit low but your download speed is very good for Hughesnet. I highly doubt that a new laptop would change those results at all. With that said, only two tests of each doesn't really give a solid idea of your speeds. BTW, when testing your Hughesnet speeds use 15MB for the download tests and 2MB for the upload tests. Also, keep in mind that your speeds are being compared both Hughesnet, and the average speed for ALL providers, with most of the latter being faster than Hughesnet from the start. With that in mind, your speeds will rarely be on par with national averages, as those include things like FIOS and other high speed providers that Hughesnet can't match.
  27. Twelve dollars for 96 down and 48 up and a cap of 1100GB? WOW!!!!! That's it, I'm moving to India. LOL.
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