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  3. Unknown ISP? hmm

    I just need to know how I tag my info correctly? I assume I had to block my IP address so I did... It use to detect my country and all and my ISP as well... Any assist would be great. okthxbye.
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  5. At&T Internet service

    Seems like ATT service sucks where ever you are and whatever platform you are on. I have been fighting them for years over poor and inconsistent connections and speed. No competition, they don't care. Complained to FCC and got a little movement for a while, but hack to status quo. Go to Google Fiber and put your name in, 10X the speed and 20% less cost.
  6. What is "excessive BLOAT"

    testmy has always been my high standard for testing. However I do try others to compare. This one says there is excessive bloat and gives and F for a grade. The bloat rises to 1400+ during download. This pulls the grade down dramatically. What is bloat and how does it affect? Thanks so much. The speed doesn't bother me. I'm only paying for 3mbps. And sometimes it rises to that and 3.1 on a sunny day! Thanks much! jack ":-Dx
  7. What does NFW mean?

    Hi MudmanC4 and thanks for the explanation! Its a bit clearer now
  8. Last week
  9. Now working fine Thanks for fixing this, it kept catching me out earlier.
  10. Try now and let me know how it works for you.
  11. When I perform a multi-thread test on my mobile, it provides an Express button the next time, just like on the desktop website: When I touch this button, it performs a linear speed test with the Dallas server. This happens regardless of what servers I choose for the multi-thread test or had chosen for the last Linear test. When I return to TestMy on my desktop PC, I also get a rather strange configuration at the top right: For comparison, this is what it shows when I switch to Linear and back to Multi-thread: When I re-test with the Express button my phone, it tests again in Linear mode with the Dallas server and the top of the page changes back to the upper screenshot. As it is awkward switching between linear and multi-thread mode on a mobile (especially with the above issue), personally I would also much rather the "Multithread" button (in Linear mode) toggles back to multi-thread mode without taking me to the Multi-thread setup page, i.e. it retains the previously chosen test servers. At the moment, I carry out most of my multi-thread tests using Netflix's fast.com website as it's a lot quicker than switching between the Linear and multi-thread button, particularly when I'm in a vehicle (e.g. bus) and want to get a multi-thread test while I still have a strong signal.
  12. Speed varies gets slow and disconnects

    Are you testing on a computer via wireless? where are you located? How far from Dallas Test server?
  13. help with my Ht2000w router for ps4 speed

    To simplify this, simply find the setting in the router called UnNP, or Plug and play, this will auto open and close ports as requested. Granted this does not always function properly. Otherwise, locate and set the 'set static IP' for the MAC or device aka PS4 in this instance, within the router. Then locate port forwards in the router, and forward the following ports to the MAC or device 'PS4': TCP ports 80, 442, 1935, and 3478 through 3480 UDP ports 3478 and 3479 Restart the PS4
  14. What does NFW mean?

    @Chris Morgan , The test will be taken as you have selected, such as 20MB 50 MB 100MB or whatever you click. Normal test will 'forward' to a larger test file, until the test time takes n seconds, which I believe is seven seconds (that does not seem correct and I cannot locate the correct answer) At any rate, this all just means you'll test one file, the one you chose, and no more. As for deciding how to set auto tests, 100MB would be fine in your case, since you've explained the ISP could have a 'burst' on initial startup. This would be helpful for smaller data movement. Where the aperture opens up past the set standard momentarily, once a set data threshold is reached, closes back to standard (allocated package, or what you contract from the ISP.)
  15. Why did the throughput get lowered, was this your decision or intervention such as a suggestion by the ISP? There is obviously an issue, if your getting the same results after rewiring inside the residence, several different modems, and plans, the ISP should be well aware, and working to either resolve the issue, or at the very least inform you of the situation. Is this connection inside or outside of what could be considered a heavily populated area?
  16. Speeds vary from 80 kbps to 37 Mbps every few minutes. When it gets slow it disconnects. Really sorry excuse for internet service. Customer Service is no help as when you get disconnected they do not bother getting back with you. Wish I had kept Exede.
  17. I have been having a long term connection problem with my ATT connection. At first, we were on the standard DLS, then after having so many connection outages, we upgraded to U-Verse, which was a little better, but we still could not stream much of anything, even with a direct wired connection to the modem. We upgraded to a faster U-Verse connection (18 MBS). Until a tech would arrive, we never tested at 18 MBS. The highest we tested was 17.4 MBS, but averaged 4 MBS and still could not stream most of the time without out interruptions. The house was rewired with new Cat 5 cable and the modem replaced 3 times. Finally, were lowered to 12 MBS service, but still have signal problems. In the last 4 days I have run 66 tests (and counting) with signal strengths running between 638 KBS to 31.8 MBS. The average of all of the tests is 4.14 MBS. My signal has very high peaks and very low points in the course of just a few minutes or seconds. ATT says my line has no errors. How much does a decent signal vary in speed? I am trying to work with the ISP, but they keep telling me everything is fine, but at times it is difficult to download email. Tests usually include a high middle variance “ Your speed had a 123% middle variance” TiP Summary - Minimum :: 1.06 Mbps | Middle :: 2.56 Mbps | Maximum :: 5.63 Mbps http://testmy.net/stats/?&t=c&l=100&q=41459244972
  18. We've had Comcast Internet service for 20+ years and once again, have been having severe and recurring Internet slowdowns for at least a month in Elk Grove, CA, 15 miles south of Sacramento. We have our own cable modem, a one-year-old (and Comcast sanctioned) Motorola — one of the fastest available. This has happened before, it will happen again and again. Infrastructure problems (moisture rusting punchdown block connectors inside the outdoor cable boxes that step down fiber-optic to copper wire at the curb...aging equipment and switches inside neighborhood "central office" boxes that serve major intersections, etc.). Comcast has long battled widespread local infrastructure problems that limit bandwidth nationwide. And they also overprescribe their nodes (i.e.: sell service to more customers than the local bandwidth actually supports). Comcast constantly Tweets that it doesn't "throttle" customers and that it supports "net neutrality." Something is very wrong at Comcast. Either they do throttle, or that claim is true only because the can't throttle a POS service that never reaches the advertised specifications. Our Comcast service has been dog-slow for about a month. Just 756 kbps (on Ethernet) this morning — that's crappy dial-up quality service. Finally took time to troubleshoot, and found three problems: Interfering 5GHz WiFi frequency, slow even on Ethernet and low WiFi signal in one room of the house with impenetrable walls for the radio. Changed 5GHz WiFi and WiFi improved. Rebooted all the wired network devices and Ethernet improved. Now, I have to check my test results over the past month or so and call Comcast as even my Ethernet connection speed stills 50-75% slower than what we pay for...The connectivity problems never ends with Comcast. Never. Try these steps: - Check and report your speeds here as both WiFi and direct Ethernet connections. - Use a WiFi-signal App like iStumbler (Mac) to detect possible interference from neighbor's WiFi, which might be using the same frequency as you in either 5GHz or 2.4GHZ spectrums. Change the WiFi frequencies used and test again. - Make sure your microwave's frequency isn't interfering with your WiFi signal. - Reboot your cable modem, switches and routers and retest. - Use the log-in feature here to document and chart your Comcast performance results on both WiFi and Ethernet over time, like a week, month or quarter, THEN call Comcast. You'll have documentary evidence from this site to show Comcast, ask for refunds or rebates, and force them to figure it out.
  19. Hughesnet & Exede installer

  20. Change the display name

    Ha, glad you get the reference
  21. What does NFW mean?

    Hi there, new user here. Its a great service and many thanks. I was also wondering what NFW meant, but I must be a bit dense, lol. Forward what to where? I am on a 25/5 connection, and would like to test for 30 days. What amount of download data amount would you suggest? I notice sometimes that when downloading stuff from servers, it starts off fairly fast and gradually the download speed seems to slow down (tho not always) Would 100mb be a good start? Thanks Chris
  22. i want to know the best way to configure my settings so that my ps4 will run to its best abilitys.. considering im thru hugesnet.. 1 to 2 mbps.. its for call of.duty.. ww2 plz.. portfoward.com does not have my device
  23. cleaning a pc with air compressor

    Honestly now, I've used ~100+ PSI through a 1/4" nozzle for cleaning out the funk, for years. Could that pressure find ill soldered components, absolutely. Have I encountered this, no.
  24. Change the display name

  25. Timimg

    @pondpaul1 , Without further examination this appears to be a difference in local timezone, to UTC server time. I don't have a solution for you at the moment. As the forum software will auto set time, where I am not sure about the test servers coordination. Edit: I would imagine each test server uses NTP from the main test server, that said are your post times you see on the forum equal to your timezone? If so that could mean the test servers are out of sync with the forum server time.
  26. Download Graphic speed drop off

    @stanleytpig , Please don't mistake kbps for Mbps, which is what appear to be what you are seeing
  27. Timimg

    I set it to run every 30 minutes for 100 times 12 hours ago and it has just got up to test 11 and showing retesting at 02:04:06 am local time but it is currently 11:04:00 am so this does not seem to be running correctly
  28. Change the display name

    @29930130 but what if the offense was given in a form of a cake?
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