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  2. It should do that automatically for you. If you're below 1000 Kbps it will show in Kbps, above shows in Mbps. Next to that you'll see the conversion to kB/s and MB/s. Again, if you're lower than 1 MB/s it will display in kB/s. Where it may become a little confusing is when you look at your graph. Which currently only displays in Mbps, rounded to the 2nd decimal. Your 658 Kbps result converts to Mbps by dividing 658 by 1000.
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  4. How to change megabits/sec to kilobytes/sec?
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  6. Your spot on there boss, it would be tremendously useful for a better UX through UI to the database.
  7. Note: you can also do this for states. Examples: Arizona download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results. California download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results. Colorado download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results.
  8. Actually @mudmanc4 that lists all the hosts with "za" anywhere in the name. Here's I'm not sure if that functionality is even easy to find here. I'll make sure that it's easier to find soon. For now, here's a URL shortcut to make your own queries. /countryrank (base URL) /us (change this to the two letter country code you'd like to query) /down (if you'd like to rank upload instead change this to /up) /20000 (this is the minimum recent test count... helps filter out the less popular results, which makes for better data. Smaller cities can appear much higher or lower because of the smaller sample size.) In this way you can create the link above for ZA You can also look directly at Bellfordview, ZA -- look at the ISP Rank tab Also look at the Speed Test Log using the button below the graph. Not very many results in Bellfordview so I would look also at the cities nearby. Like Germiston, ZA (I'm not sure of the area, you'd know probably know better [larger] cities to search for in your area. You can search on but personally I just use google and search for "Germiston ZA" or any other city.) Repeat that for some other cities nearby. If you keep seeing Telkom Internet [] on top it can be safe to say they're your best choice in the area, especially if there is as much difference as we've seen in the first two cities. There may be less popular, faster choices so make sure you look at the Speed Test Log and tell TMN ranking to 'Show All' -- this setting will be remembered for subsequent queries. So actually, upon closer inspection... I'd check out Internet Solutions [] first, especially if you see them coming up high on the list allot on the other major cities in the area. Just because the sheep mostly flock to one pasture doesn't mean the grass is actually better. They may not have found the other meadow yet, they may just want to stick with what they know or they may just tend to go where the other sheep go. Sometimes the less popular choice is really the better one.
  9. I would start by checking out the vast database of results at ZA can be found here:
  10. Good question, have her access and run a few speed tests, making sure Dallas is the test server. Mirrors can be found here
  11. I was just wondering if my wife's internet connection is still available there?
  12. Hi we just moved to Bedfordview, ZA. Please can you suggest an ISP to consider in the area that is reliable and tested?
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  14. Make sure the provider guaranteed speed doesn't say "up to XXMbps"
  15. My 4G (LTE) based Internet connection is showing a clear example of this variation this evening. What's very clear when this happens is that the browser download speed (single connection) is a lot slower than what the multi-threaded tests (e.g. show. First tests - TestMy linear and multi-threaded: - Going by the Windows Resource Monitor, it made four simultaneous connections during the speed test. Google Fiber speed test - Going by the Windows Resource Monitor, it made 20 simultaneous connections during the test. Windows Task Manager Ethernet graph while downloading a Linux ISO file from Heanet (Ireland) - I know for certain the bottleneck is not on their end.
  16. If your internet provider to whom you are paying money for a specific "up to speed", and they are not fulfilling that speed, see your lawyer and start a class action law suit for charging you a fee for services you are not getting (a minimum internet speed ALL OF THE TIME unless there is an outage for all of their customers. I'm with a provider to who I pay $65.00 per month for a 100 to 200 Mbps speed. It is rate that I see 140 and average about 66 Mbps at my computer. At the router I see 89 to 203 depending on what second you are looking at and taking a score shot on. I also see it frequently drop below 10 Mbps and even see my TV lock up or simply go blank (no signal) because the Mbps commig in drops to 2 Mbps (which causes all clients receiving internet WiFito simply digit freeze or shut down. I am keeping score of this and printing out the results over the next 90 days. These printout will go to my attorney to show that my provider is cheating me and all of its customers by not, on average, receiving the number of Mbps that I and the rest of their customers are paying for. This would call for a class action suit to refund to all customers the premiums they paid to the provider for services that were not rendered (speed advertised not received on average). This, of course will cause more class action suits to most all providers until they either charge less (since we get less than they advertise in Mbps) or to change their advertising to claim only what we will receive (on average) from their service. For instance, one provider offers one gig service. Said service, when they plugged their stripped test lap top directly into the modem could only fetch 803 Mbps and at my computer through a new 1 gig router and 20 feet of #6 Ethernet cable plugged directly into a new computer with a 1 gig card to receive that signal could only register 324 Mpbs out of dozen tests over one hour. The tech said he has never seen a Gig provided to any customer that he has tested (which are hundreds). Yet, the company offers 1 Gig service for $125.00 per month. Many pay that but only receive 1/3 of that. What's sad is most of these customers don't know they are being cheated out of bytes per second for which they are paying for. To make these providers honest, to stop the advertising hype and lies, and to pay a fair price for what is acdtually received will require these companies be hauled into court in class action suits.
  17. @CA3LE I think that would be useful too.
  18. I need to make a graphing option that groups by hour like that, very useful. How often are you getting results that have spikes that large? I just looked through a whole page of your results and didn't find one quite like that. Share the test ID's of some of those results so we can look closer. Your end goal is to highlight those results so you're able to detect a pattern, exporting just helps you develop your own solution. You'd really rather that TMN visually show you when those anomalies occur (without having to open details on each result) rather than you having to manipulate the information yourself. Right? I can make a 24 hour plot that aggregates by hour, like your first graph. But also plot the aggregate variances. Could also make a highlight option, where you can set the percentage (for middle variance) and TMN will highlight the results over the level you set. I think that should make finding those anomalies and establishing if any patterns exist easier. What do you think?
  19. A large number at once would be preferable. I've built an Excel document to display my speeds during certain times of day but the biggest issue (from individual tests) appears to be the TIP middle variance. I'd like to graph this to see if it is affected during certain times of day and correlates with my speeds. If others find the graph helpful I will post it publicly when I finish!
  20. Did you want to do this on a result by result basis or were you wanting to export a large number of results all at once?
  21. Is it possible to export TIP data from the "My Results" page?
  22. In recent years, the domestic electronics industry at the end of each year there will be a wave of business failures. Not long ago, there are a number of Companies in the industry declared bankruptcy, yesterday, the industry came news that Seagate Suzhou plant officially announced the dissolution. Seagate Suzhou plant officially announced the dissolution According to the announcement of the Seagate Suzhou plant, said, because of the continued optimization of operational efficiency considerations, according to the board of directors decided that Seagate had to make a decision to dissolve the factory in Suzhou, china. The employees will be affected, we regret the early dissolution of Suzhou factory is Seagate to continue to reduce the global adaptation of current and future market demand measures the scale of production, in order to better." In addition, Seagate also said that from January 11th to January 18th will apply for staff leave procedures, and in accordance with the People's Republic of China labor law to pay compensation to employees. On the whole, in January 10, 2017, Seagate officially announced the dissolution of the Suzhou news. According to statistics, Seagate Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2004, operating range of research, development, manufacturing, processing, all kinds of optical disk drive, drive and other parts, all kinds of computer software and storage system and its components, all kinds of computer peripheral products and parts, sales of the products and provide customer service and maintenance service and related technical and consulting services. In fact, Seagate Suzhou factory today announced the collapse is not accidental. As early as in September 2015, Seagate Suzhou factory began to lay off. At the end of June 2016, Seagate once again announced global layoffs of 3%, or about 1600 people. The layoffs seem to be aimed at their factories in china. December 2016 industry sources said the Seagate Suzhou plant is about to close, then also led to the Seagate factory employees gathered in Suzhou protest, is said to be required to compensate employees 2N+1+1. But from the Seagate factory in Suzhou notice, should be gone. Another source said that after the closure of Seagate Suzhou plant, its enterprise class hard drive production line will be moved to Seagate Wuxi plant, other production lines will be closed directly. According to Baidu encyclopedia update in October 2016, Seagate Suzhou factory employs about 3000 people. Before taking into account the network data lag and the Seagate factory in Suzhou, there have been some layoffs, and some employees may be with the enterprise hard line moved to Wuxi, with 1600 Seagate previously announced layoffs, layoffs this seems to be aimed at the Seagate factory in Suzhou. In other words, the dissolution of the Seagate Suzhou plant will lead to nearly 1600 unemployed. Mechanical hard disk market downturn, overcapacity, layoffs In recent years, although the PC market continues to decline, but the storage component PC SSD solid state drive is growing rapidly. From this table we see not hard, 2011-2015 years, SSD shipments from 1460 growth to 102 million, growth of nearly 700%; while shipments of HHD mechanical hard disk has continued to decline, from 621 million 500 thousand to 468 million 900 thousand, fell by 24%, fell to the lowest point in history. HHD traditional mechanical hard disk drive, mainly by mechanical components, read and write data need to rely on physical rotation disk, waiting for the spindle motor, a magnetic head and a magnetic head arm to find the data in the disc position, the whole process is quite complicated, seriously restricts the performance of the whole PC. The SSD does not have any mechanical components, without the need for complex mechanical movement, relying on flash memory chip, can quickly and accurately access any position of the driver. At the same time SSD has excellent random access speed, excellent multi tasking capability and excellent durability and reliability. The only constraint on the development of SSD is the price and storage capacity. But now the development of SSD technology, SSD's mainstream capacity has grown from 32GB to 128\/256GB, and now the maximum capacity of SSD and nearly 10TB, it is predicted that in 2018 the maximum capacity of SSD will be raised to 128TB. At the same time, SSD prices are falling all the way. Although the price of SSD like 1TB\/2TB is still very expensive, but the price of 128\/256GB SSD accepted by the general public, the capacity to meet the basic needs of the system disk or disk. You can see that in just a few years time, the mechanical hard disk has begun to face the situation is eliminated by SSD. In the face of changes in the trend of the environment, as the world's two largest traditional HHD hard drive manufacturers - Western data and Seagate also suffered a dilemma. To this end, WD in 2015 announced the acquisition of one of the world's largest flash chip maker SanDisk for $19 billion to SSD, both arms, has become the second flash resources of traditional hard disk manufacturers will benefit storage products WD and HGST two brands of the west. Plus had flash resources of Toshiba, Seagate is not only in the four hard disk flash production resources. Although Seagate in 2014 to $450 million in cash to acquire Avago's LSI solutions (ASD) and flash memory component (FCD) assets, with the ability to provide a full range of storage solutions. Seagate's lack of flash production line, and other strategic resources lost three hard drive manufacturers competition, especially Seagate early shut down consumer SSD production line (Seagate 600 series SSD), SSD in the consumer field, Seagate's market share is almost negligible. With the sharp decline in the HHD market demand, overcapacity Seagate also had to take layoffs, closing factories and other measures to ease the pressure. January 2015, Seagate has announced 2950 layoffs worldwide, accounting for about 6% of the total number of employees. The same day, chief executive officer and chief operating officer of both class chairman Steve Luczo, CEO of back, and cut 25% salary. In September of the same year, Seagate announced that as part of the global workforce optimization measures, layoffs 1050 people, accounting for about 2% of the total number of employees. Less than a year later, the end of June 2016, Seagate will once again announced layoffs of 3%, or about 1600 people. This also led directly to the closure of Seagate Suzhou factory. Seagate has announced its first quarter fiscal year 2017 earnings, in terms of mechanical hard disk shipments from the lowest point in the last quarter, but still not optimistic. As of the quarter of September 30, 2016, Seagate shipped hard disk 38 million 900 thousand, an increase of 6% over the previous quarter of 36 million 800 thousand, but still far less than the same period last year, 47 million 200 thousand. If you continue to do so, Seagate will be more difficult. However, at present, China is actively promoting the domestic storage industry, if Seagate is willing to cooperate with domestic storage manufacturers, then, may be a new opportunity. Source
  23. It may have been seen as possible spam before. If you're new here and post a link it's put under heavy scrutiny. Thanks for reposting.
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  25. How about this there is plenty of solid information in this link. I thought I posted it here before, not sure what happened.
  26. @merelyanode, I cannot speak for results which i cannot see, as you could image, however have you run tests from a different device or IP location, and could these be the missing tests?
  27. If you go to your Results page (see Results link near top of the home page), right under the plot, there are so buttons to select Avg Max for instance:
  28. Thanks mudmanc4. I created this account mostly just to ask this question, so the 'history' I was referring to is the results I see when I go to the testmy url using the device I've been testing (without logging in). The history I see there, seems to be mine, but with several tests missing. Those are the ones I'm asking about.
  29. The user account is used to fill your personal database, any tests taken while not logged in, are drawn against the device ID You have not taken any tests while logged in to with the same device you have been testing with, this is why there are no tests showing under your account history.
  30. You can download a CSV if you like, or just have a look at your results, check this post out.
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