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  3. I'm in Ontario, Canada Connected to those servers got me these results: London: 290.5mbps Frankfurt: 21.3mbps I normally get 300+ if connect to any USA servers. (usually Dallas, Tx or NewYork, NY servers) Ran multiple test on Frankfurt to see if it increases: 22.99mbps 21.94mbps 13.37mbps It actually went lower lol Ookla states I get 254.90mbps. Tried again 293.51mbps. Another server in Frankfurt gave me 326.30mbps.
  4. Frontier Communications (aka verizon fios) Fiber connection in Orange County, California. This is over WiFi on my laptop connected to Ubiquiti Unifi 802.11ac PRO Access Point model no. UAP‑AC‑PRO. My upload speed is on average 20Mbps faster than my download for some reason that I'm not complaining about.
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  6. Before Link Dot Net was very good but after it is sold to Mobinil service became worse. Again after Mobinil sold to ORANGE the service in every respect is hopeless. The orange DSL is one of the worst service in world. The speed is extremely poor. After you subscribe even for high speed the speed drops gradually. There is no one to listen customer complaint. I don't know what other customer feels about ORANGE DSL?????? Is there any way to deal with problem. Whom to contact????
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  8. I honestly have no idea what my real speed is. I do think it's slow even thought it's GOOGLE FIBER. I'm quit pissed off acutally. I was getting faster speed on Time Warner Cable with 350Mbps wired and WiFi. On Fiber I seem to be around the 200Mbps mark wired and 50Mbps on WiFi. And I'm paying more! seriousy? I don't trust going to the Google Fiber Speed Test using Google Fiber. I feel it will give be biased speeds but it's in the pic down below.
  9. There is no way I can hit 400mbps or higher. I hover around high 200s to mid-low 300s d/l speed. o__o I don't even know what to do with these speeds. Besides gaming and streaming.
  10. Okay, I am probably blind and can't find it in FAQs or maybe the answer is so simple i'm completely overlooking it. Simplest question: What do the red lines / red highlight indicate? Can't seem to find a legend of any sort for Test results. (I seriously missed something, didn't I?) (snap shot added for clarification) Any help / quick answer would be great. Thanks!
  11. Hey fellow TMN users! I am new to the TMN forums (Completely failed to realize such a place exist), but not new to TMN at all; as it is my to-go testing site. Just wanted to say hello and I'll be posting around and commenting here and there... Hope everyone is having or had an awesome day! Cheers!
  12. Everybody please post speeds and not Speedtest - those are "Fake Speeds"
  13. Something's up with your speedtest, or it's an extremely long way away from me. Thu Feb 16 2017 @ 12:38:43 am GB 50 MB 110.73 Mbps 13.84 MB/s Wario Thu Feb 16 2017 @ 12:41:31 am GB 200 MB 333.41 Mbps 41.68 MB/s Wario I wish there was a reliable way of fully testing a 1Gb connection.
  14. I tried the London and Frankfurt servers. Get 55-60 London, 40-45 Frankfurt. I go one really slow test of 8.7 on Frankfurt. I'm near Cincinnati OH, so a long way from Frankfurt.
  15. Well, if your ISP plan is for 6 Mbps download, and even the modem connection speed is telling you it's only 1/2 that, I thinks it's worth some phone calls to your provider. Be patient and polite, but be persistent. It may take multiple calls from you before they get it resolved.
  16. Hi. I've been using TMN for a while now, but as of recently, it's showing me an unbelievably low download speed of 3Mbps, as opposed to my usual 50Mbps, which is the result TMN has given me constantly for months now. When I watch a 4K YouTube video, however, and oberserve the download speed from my W-Lan stick, I get the usual 50Mbps result. And the video isn't loading any slower than usual. I know that would be tough to tell under normal circumstances, but I think a 94% difference in performance would be notable. The result of 50Mbps is also given to me by any other test site. Now I know that TMN is generally considered to be more accurate than any other test, but what about the performance my W-Lan stick is showing me? Which result is more trust-worthy? After all we're talking about a difference of 47Mbps here. Thank you Edit: Update I've tested a different test server, switching from Frankfurt, Germany (this is where I live) to London, UK. The London test server got me the usual result of 50Mbps while the Frankfurt test server remains to be stuck at 3Mbps at best. Why is that? Thank you.
  17. It's a Quest PK5000 from Centurylink. The best I can get is about 5.0 internet speed. The area is approved for up to 10 DSL speed they say, but I'm programmed by Centurylink to 5.888. I'm so-called set at a 6.0. My problem is the speed is not constant and drops down to .9 sometimes. Right now I'm getting a 4.8 speed which I can live with since we live in the country where we want to live. I'm not looking to run at 20-30Kbs, just enough and constant enough for the my wife and myself to use two separate PC's at the same time. My question is sometimes when the speed drops I check the connections results inside the Quest modem at random times just to keep up with Centurylink's actions. Usually the connection results inside the modem is 5.888 which Centurylink says I'm programmed at, and I get a results at between 4.8-5.1kbs and that's OK with me. When I notice the internet seems slow I go to and they say I''m downloading at a rate of only 2.49. Then I go inside the modem to get the connection results and it's says I'm connecting at 3.232kbs. My main question is, Is the connection results reading inside the modem, the internet speed Centurylink is sending at that moment? I'm not asking for my download speed, I'm asking about the connection results inside the modem. Thanks
  18. I pay £40 a month for the broadband component of my Virgin Media account, i.e. 300mb/20Mb. Because VM allow for overheads, my modem config gives me a max traffic rate of 335Mb .
  19. You'll have to give us more info about the modem. Brand, model number.
  20. new average should be good for high score ??
  21. Got my new modem from xfinity today. Fixed my speed problems.$49.95 for blast plus.I was grandfathered from 2014
  22. That's like the perfect speed Zipferm. Good price Too.
  23. problem solved. I waited to call dish network until my speeds were showing very low, and the lady finally said she saw a problem on their end. The technician came out and the first thing he did was replace the HT1000 modem with a HT1100 modem. He said Dish is telling them to do that on every service call they get. After that, the download speed is 15mbps and the upload is 1.5mbps and that is through my router.
  24. There are speed reading when you look inside the modem that I'm trying to understand. Last week the reading were 5.888/576 tonight they are 4.928/576 Doing a modem status test is different than a speedtest online. Where do the modem ststus test come from? Is that the speed leaving the internet provider?
  25. Here's a couple more multithread tests on different servers in Sao Paulo. If you perform better on these then it may be that the peering to that server I just threw online for you isn't very good. Like I said, they were untested. These are two examples taken from's public list and entered into Mercury Speed Test. By taking any of the URL's listed you can reference the files used by to test... but use for the actual testing. <server url="" lat="-23.5000" lon="-46.6167" name="Sao Paulo" country="Brazil" cc="BR" sponsor="Vivo" id="6696" url2="" host=""/> So you find the base URL Files used random350x350.jpg 240K random500x500.jpg 494K random750x750.jpg 1.1M random1000x1000.jpg 1.9M random1500x1500.jpg 4.3M random2000x2000.jpg 7.5M random2500x2500.jpg 12M random3000x3000.jpg 17M random3500x3500.jpg 23M random4000x4000.jpg 30M So if you paste... ...into the Mercury Test, it will create a multithread download speed test using that 240 kB test file. Faster connections benefit from larger test files, as these are repeated to meet the final test size. I do see other people testing at high speeds on that server but it may be that those specific people's ISPs peer better with the providers that host uses. I need to see more data before I look for a different solution.
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