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    • Where do we post videos
    • Here is an updated chat response to my inquiries.  I hope I am not crossing any boundaries, as I am still new to forum etiquette.  Wish me luck, as it really pi***s me off when they send someone even less qualified than me to troubleshoot my network, and then try to make me out to be the a**h***e, just because the chat rep insisted on sending one out.  I am going to try to get an audio of the tech rep and supervisor when they come out.  The only problem is, this is Virginia, and I have to inform them that they are being recorded, and then hope there isn't some loophole letting them out of honoring the appointment.  Please message or email me if anyone else has been having similar issues, as I will need to gather other data from other sources besides myself in order to include "unbiased" data in my report. Oh... and just for your enjoyment I made this screenshot along with a text file of the chat: Comcast_Chat_6-22-2017.txt
    • I would like to suggest Web Hosting company for hosting your website with various features-  visit
    •   What would be an acceptable limit? 1 test every X minutes? X MB downloaded every Y minutes?
    • not with VPN but I do have times where my connection speed Id say goes in the toilet but actually it goes much worse. Plus the fact they brag about how the Blast Pro is now 250 Mbps Down but when using wireless I am lucky to get 100 Mbps and I have a 300/300 Mbps wireless connection using 5 Ghz I will keep more tabs on my speed and see if they are doing anything funny. I do run a Pro Weather station that uploads its data to 3 sites every 5 minutes and one is set to upload every 5 seconds  Sorry I am not more help.
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