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    • I have HFC (cable) and I pay $79/m for 120Mb downstream and 40Mb upstream.

      And with that I also get unlimited quota.

    • You probably don't have Utorrent setup right, as thus get poor speeds.

      Below is a step by step guide to ensure utorrent is set up right.

      Utorrent tweaks.
        For starters, get rid of the latest Utorrent (that you probably have), it's slow and bloated and a POS in my opinion.
      Download 2.2.1, it's the best version in my opinion. (I have tested a lot) You can get it from here. (see link below)
      Once installed, follow these settings.
      1/ Open up Utorrent and go to Preferences.
      2/ Go to Connections in the list.
      3/ In connections check these settings. Port used for incoming connection 45682
      Enable UDnP port mapping
      Enable NAT-PMP port mapping
      Add Windows Firewall exception.
      4/ Go to Bandwidth and pop in these settings. Maximum upload rate – 1 (best speeds) or 22 (legally best speeds)
      Maximum download rate – 0
      Apply rate limit to transport overhead – Uncheck
      Apply rate limit to uTP connections – Uncheck
      Stop transfers on user interation – Uncheck Global maximum number of conection – 1890
      Max number of connected peers per torrent – 2329
      Number of upload slots per torrent – 14
      Use additional upload slots – Check
      5/ Go to BitTorrent and check all these settings: Check everything except limit local peer bandwidth.
      Outgoing: Enabled
      Allow incoming legacy connections – Check
      6/ go to Queuing and pop in these settings: Maximum number of active torrents – 60
      Maximum number of active downloads – 63 Seeding Goal minimum ratio – 100%
      Minimum seeding time – 0
      7/ Go to Advanced -> Disk Cache and pop in these settings: Check everything in this section. Override automatic cache size – 500
      8/ Go to Advanced and pop/change these settings: bt.allow_same_ip – True
      bt.connect_speed – 20
      bt.enable_tracker – True
      bt.no_connect_to_services – False
      bt.send_have_to_seed – False
      dht,rate – 2
      gui.bypass_search_redirect – True
      gui.delete_to_trash – False
      ipfilter.enable – False
      net.outgoing_port – 50
      net.wsaevents – 150
      peer.disconnect_inactive_interval – 900
      queue.dont_count_slow_dl – False
      queue.dont_count_slow_ul – False
      rss.update_interval – 20
      Click Apply and restart Utorrent.

      Good luck with it all and let me know how your speeds are afterwards.
    • Your ISP must over provision so as in congestion/peak time, customers will still get advertised speed.

      My ISP does the same.
    • My area got the CMTS upgraded from CISCO to ARRIS.

      Went from 8 channels to 16 channels in the downstream.

      The speed is the same, but reaches peak speed quicker.

      I pay for 100Mb plan and I get 120Mb. 

      Of course, my ISP over provisions to 120Mb to make sure that customers get full speed in congestion/peak times.
    • My upload test isn't perfect... no program ever is.  But I think it may be your presumptions and conceptions that are flawed.   Why do you need to be able to select your own files?  Why would I ask users to select a file when I can essentially generate a fake one for them that does the same thing?  In development, I've seen no discernible difference in using real files vs the ones I generate.   There is no seek time variation.  The data is generated and stored in your RAM, you can't access it any faster than that.  Immediately after the information is generated in your memory the upload is initiated.  The time it takes generating and sending you the information (you then send back to TMN) is not calculated into your final result.  The clock doesn't start until your computer initiates the upload.  And after it's all done the information does not persist in your memory.    
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