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    • Oh man, you nailed it. We have an internal web filtering server and all traffic from our sites route through that. I bet that's why so many of the compid's are the same.   Here's the official request then: API that accepts a custom site identifier we can set in the rest call.     And while you're at it. Charge people money for an enterprise solution...
    • Okay, so in your case you're not able to select an identifier.   I'm wondering why all of these come up with the same CompID.  If that's true, they should all have the same public IP.  You can reverse query and get the CompID from the IP address using IP Tools.  So do they all have the same IP or is it possible that you're only pulling stats on one of these connections?    
    •   I'm not doing a good job explaining my shenanigans. Some backstory. I manage PCs in different locations around the world. I'm interested in seeing what kind of speeds they are getting through their broadband connectors.   To do this, I use your fabulous site, and run a silent command from the console (powershell script run as scheduled task through system), that starts up firefox against the site, and kicks off the test automatically with zero interaction or visibility from the end computer. It just logs the results to a text file that I look up later.   The issue i'm facing is, when I tell 5 pcs at totally different sites to test right now, they all go do their thing, but they each get the same CompID (bc they're AT&T) and the results back up here are not granular enough for me to know which test pertained for which location.
    • I will be getting Fibre when EE/BT can get space in the Street cabinet. I am interested what anyone is using that needs such high speed down/upload? Lots of devices all streaming at once? I am not a high bandwidth user, use BBC iplayer etc for catch up tv, but mainly email and general web surfing and I have for a long time been happy with 6Mb down and 0.8Mb up. EE are swapping me to fibre because they/BT  cannot fix the packet loss on my service which has been a nightmare for 3 moths. If the service was still reliable I would not be moving. .    
    • You can use identifiers.  Next time, give each of the machines a different identifier.   You'll see this option on the homepage or on the download, upload or auto speed test pages.     You'll then be able to determine which is which in the results at a glance. (notice the little icon next to the "Dallas" star - can be moused over for more details)     If you wanted to group together results from a bunch of different CompID's you can create a group and have the participants join the group before they test.
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