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    • Compare your Download Speeds!!!
      I see. Here is my result to San Fransisco, CA. And here is the result.
    • Test results not displaying?
      I was unable to reproduce the error and didn't find your IP or anything out of the ordinary in the error logs.  @mudmanc4 is probably right, it's local.    
    • Test results not displaying?
      @Firfoxenator I would try using a different browser, it is possible there is an add on / plugin of some sort causing the issue.   Also if there is a different machine you have access to?
    • Comodo halts it's attempt to trademark Lets Encrypt
      Outside of the fact on how many levels of just plain wrong Comodo [has been] in it's entirety is for it's actions. However so, I'd like to thank Comodo for bringing the attention to Lets Encrypt in order to assist in accelerating the broad usage we are now seeing.   Encryption in the form of basic SSL certificates if at all possible, should be the standard by it's nature, free and open source, again by the nature of the direction. The Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) has thus far found the channels to bring this reality to the masses. Any attempt to thwart, obscure, or obtain in any fashion or copy write basic internet data transmission security, is an act of aggression against the nature of all that is good in the advancements of securing the means which we transmit data.
    • Comodo halts it's attempt to trademark Lets Encrypt
      Some months ago, it came to our attention that Comodo Group, Inc., is attempting to register at least three trademarks for the term “Let’s Encrypt,” for a variety of CA-related services [1][2][3]. These trademark applications were filed long after the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) started using the name Let’s Encrypt publicly in November of 2014, and despite the fact Comodo’s “intent to use” trademark filings acknowledge that it has never used “Let’s Encrypt” as a brand.   We’ve forged relationships with millions of websites and users under the name Let’s Encrypt, furthering our mission to make encryption free, easy, and accessible to everyone. We’ve also worked hard to build our unique identity within the community and to make that identity a reliable indicator of quality. We take it very seriously when we see the potential for our users to be confused, or worse, the potential for a third party to damage the trust our users have placed in us by intentionally creating such confusion. By attempting to register trademarks for our name, Comodo is actively attempting to do just that.   Since March of 2016 we have repeatedly asked Comodo to abandon their “Let’s Encrypt” applications, directly and through our attorneys, but they have refused to do so. We are clearly the first and senior user of “Let’s Encrypt” in relation to Internet security, including SSL/TLS certificates – both in terms of length of use and in terms of the widespread public association of that brand with our organization. Source
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