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    • Port 8080 speed test
      Thanks for that - Indeed there's still a clear difference between http and port 8080 on the Irish Three network, at least on a Smartphone.   Three 4G vs Meteor 3G - Linear test with 6MB block:     Three 4G vs Meteor 3G - Repeat test over port 8080:     Three 4G vs Meteor 3G - Multithread test with 50MB block over port 8080:     I've a video recording captured.  If it recorded fine, I'll trying editing something to post.  I also tested with Ookla Speedtest and Leaseweb's test download and got similar results, i.e. Speedtest was considerably quicker on Three as expected but Leaseweb's test file downloaded far quicker on Meteor 3G.
    • Upload speed inconsistency
      Hi, I've done a basic test of 5 minutes interval x 50 times, 10MB for download/upload data. The result came 4 hours later like this:     Download speed are correct at Avg 6.6/ Max 8.6, but the upload is way off at Avg 1.2 / Max 9.6, as up never exceeded 1Mbps.   If I signout, and use the share link I got this:     Same download stat, and upload now displayed correctly.   Why?   Christian
    • Port 8080 speed test
      Some automatic action must have rewritten http.conf on the main server.  This has been corrected and 8080 should now work for you again.  Let us know what you find.
    • Port 8080 speed test
      Over the past week or so, I'm no longer able to access TestMy over port 8080.  HTTPS works fine.   As of the 30th April 2016, the EU rules on net neutrality came into force.  This means that all that traffic must be treated equally regardless of the source and destination and that ISPs are no longer permitted to block and throttle traffic.    In previous tests I carried out on the Irish Three mobile network (mobile data on Smartphones) and the UK ISP Pulse8 broadband, there was a vast difference between the throughput I got over normal HTTP compared with port 8080 that Ookla's Speedtest uses.    If port 8080 can be enabled again on TestMy, I'll have a go at making a video capture of running tests on TestMy compared to accessing it over port 8008 as well as two third party tests on my phone with the Three network, e.g. Leaseweb test file (normal HTTP download) against running (which uses port 8080).  If there's a clear variation, I'll put it on YouTube. 
    • Linux vs. Windows speed
      To add for whoever may come across this in the future, please never rush into updating the kernel for your needs / requirements, you could end up with a completely broken system, or at the least unable to boot.
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