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    •   Originally when I turned https on it was because you wanted to test on SSL and port 8080... I didn't necessarily want the search engines spidering what we hadn't even tested.  I think Google is going to weigh https sites heavier in the future so I'm moving the site over to https.  They already are but I expect it's going to be even more so.  I didn't realize the noindex was still in there... it's now controlled correctly with a separate robots.txt using mod_rewrite to switch the file.   RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} ^443$ RewriteRule ^robots\.txt$ robots_ssl.txt [L]   ...but I've already disabled that in preparation.   I'll make sure to include a toggle in the new settings with the option to switch between http and https.  But the site itself will completely run on SSL, regardless of the option selected.  And visiting https://testmy.net will no longer trigger that option.  It's really already done, I just want to make sure before I flip it over that I'm not missing anything that will affect pagerank negatively.   I don't think the noindex on the https version was causing the issue though.  TestMy.net is showing up on Google again, before I removed that line.  Could have been one or a combination of the issues we previously talked about.  I'll keep working to find my mistakes. :-/ -- one constant is human error.
    • I just noticed on the https version of the site that the homepage robots meta tag has a 'noindex':     I'm not entirely sure how Google indexes a duplicate URL path if a https version has 'noindex' in the page's robots meta tag, but not the other.  What I suspect is that when Googlebot sees the 'noindex' in the robots meta tag of the https page, it drops the corresponding http URL page.    The canonical meta tag to the http version you added should be sufficient to index the http version in preference over the https version. 
    • Hello Everyone, New member here. I recently had a new land tower based, unthrottled, uncapped, moneys-worth internet installed. Still also using my (modern) 2 years old slower, throttled, and expensive satellite based system , until the new one is proven...
    • Yeah, I don't know what's going on.  I'd expect a message in the webmaster console if there was something wrong.   Performance could have been cloudflare.  I disabled them last night, had only been running them since that recent net neutrality deadline... to run that plugin.  Wondering if enabling that had anything to do with it.  Maybe cloudflare passed the expires header off differently and it made Google think I didn't want the pages cached.   I submitted for reindexing.  Hopefully it's fixed soon.  -- Come on Google!   I hope it's just an issue with those other servers redirecting to testmy.net.  The redirects should have included 301 header and also the canonical meta.   If you can find anything I'm doing wrong from Google's perspective please let me know.   I'm just trying to help people over here by providing a free and hopefully useful service.  Between stuff like this, ad spammers and people trying to hack me constantly --- it makes it real difficult to do for the Internet what I really want.
    • I wonder if it could potentially be a performance issue? A basic network test in Chrome shows a lot of traffic loading past the 0.5s - 1.0s mark, Google puts a weight on performance as well.   I have noticed the past few days that it has feel somewhat laggy here - on my phone it takes 10-15s to do a full refresh over LTE or WIFI.   I also know the canonical tag issue mentioned by @Sean can have a negative effect if it's not properly set - Google may be indexing all the different variants, but the main page is not shown as it sees it as a "duplicate" of the uk.testmy.net page. Also, the EPOCH time for that expires is `375007920`.   I also wonder if there aren't bigger issues - my search results (attached) for even `testmy.net` only have TMN as the top 6 results, which makes me think Google doesn't have a bigger problem with something.   Thanks, EBrown
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