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    Happy Birthday!

    Okay, so I was just going through forums topics and profiles, and just realized,.. It's @CA3LE's birthday today! Happy Birthday Damon! Hope you have a good one, I don't know if you celebrate or not but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and show some gratitude! It's on a Friday, so this might be a fun weekend for you, if not ... MAKE IT ONE! Wohoo!
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    Happy Birthday!

    The fact that I have realized the power of GIF here... I am going to be having fun. Trolololo Haha yea I read the PM first, habit of reading PMs before Posts on Forums Wait. I JUST realized YOU MADE MY LABEL "this guy's cool" LOL
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    Change the display name

    @29930130 but what if the offense was given in a form of a cake?
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    Yeah still around , just waiting for the resurrection , or any sort of re-erection ,seems like the old pic's are long gone , so manyyears later my latest pic
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    I'm checking on different companies in the area of Cottonwood AZ and someone said stay away from Hughes Network System. They will rip you off and won't let you out of the contract even if your speeds are so bad. Need advice. Thanks.
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    Posting image on the interwebz is scary.
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    ISP Comcast Xfinity at $64/mo before taxes. BTW I'm in Houston, Tx. I own my modem so I dont have to pay them for equipment rental which is $10/mo.
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    Sorting Posts

    The top posts in many forums may be "sticky" which forces them to the top even if they're old. Look for the little pin next to the topic. After you're used to that you'll glance at those and automatically move your eyes down a few topics to see the new content for the forum you're looking at. see the green pins Some of the topics that are sticky (pinned) right now don't need to be. When I get a moment I'll go through, revisit the topics and see what's relevant right now. With less of them pinned will be less confusing.
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    I pay Virgin Media £140 a month for TV VIP , including 2 X V6 boxes; land line and Broadband. My headline download speed is 300Mb but I always get well over that. With Speedtest.net I get 380Mb.
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    Wow! Those are the almost exact speeds I was getting with AT&T here in Florida paying $46 a month. Pretty slow & pretty expensive. I switched to Comcast & now pay $49 a month and have been getting 66.9/5.6 consistently with spikes of 75(depending on time of day). Hopefully the merger you speak of will make a big difference. Good Luck!
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    I pay 680 czk (= 32 usd = £24 )
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    Comcast Blast - 45.00 (promo)
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    No .csv Results

    Until yesterday I could Download my results (all results from the beginning of my membership) to Excel. Starting yesterday I started getting: I can see the Data and take Screen shots by cannot DL the data for use in Excel. I have attached a current and Prev Excel file. Any help appreciated 20171111 TestMy Data.xlsx Joesolstice-testmy.net-stats(8).xlsx
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    No .csv Results

    It was working for me because it was pulling up old results. I may have my search field expanded to earlier dates on top of that.
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    No .csv Results

    Works now, thanks!
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    No .csv Results

    I see now, it was linking to a backup database that isn't updated. Try now, it will work for you. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
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    No .csv Results

    Same problem here!
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    No .csv Results

    @CA3LE mine doesnt work either - on an iPad or a Mac.
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    Speed test wrong?

    Great to hear, Cheers to the owner!
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    Happy Birthday!

    Thank you ShakTib! by the way, the PM I just sent you... where I literally said "you're cool" ---that was before I noticed this message. See, trust you're gut... "This guy's cool." ...tyg 2018
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    $89.99 Cable and TV. Xfinity Massachusetts
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    cleaning a pc with air compressor

    As ridiculous as it sounds, most computer components such as the motherboard, PSU and certain expansion cards can survive a full dishwasher cycle. Obviously that's not how I recommend cleaning a PC. The following 8-year old video is an example. The internals were covered in cigarette smoke residue, so he decided to dismantle the components and put them through the dish washer, with the exception of the case, battery and the hard disk. I also enjoy watching videos on old hardware such as restoration videos. I have come ones where such hobbyists put components through a dishwasher cycle to clean extensive debris build-up from being left for 10+ years in storage such as a dusty shed. As long as no moisture remains when the PC is powered up, it should be fine. I generally clean my PC with an air duster, which is basically an aerosol can filled with propellant gas. Here in Ireland, humidity is usually on the high side, e.g. I run a dehumidifier to keep the indoor level below 60%. The only component I may wash is the keyboard. I have a Corsair Cherry Red Mechanical keyboard that I accidentally knocked a glass of cider on. I immediately unplugged it, tried wiping off what I could and let it dry. Once dry, many of the letters were sticking. When I started removing the keys to try cleaning below, I realised the mechanical switches were jamming. With what appeared to be a ruined keyboard that I only purchased a few months before the incident, I figured I'll try giving it a bath as we don't have a dishwasher. I partially filled a wide container with water from our dehumidifier (since it's effectively distilled), soaked the keyboard and pushed each key multiples times to force water through the switches. I left it to dry for about a week. It's fully functional again, all keys work and no sticking or other issue since.
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