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  1. results

    Go to My Results .Then click 'Export' below the graph. let me know if this helps
  2. Hughesnet & Exede installer

    Hey Larry the Satellite Guy! Welcome to TestMy.net. On Android (or any device with a web browser) simply visit TestMy.net and test normally. Depending on the device you may see the lite version, keep in mind it uses the same core as the desktop version it's just made to fit your screen better. Hope this helps, please spread the word if you like TMN.
  3. Download Test Size

    You must be getting faster bursts on smaller downloads, it's causing the system to think it needs to test your connection longer than necessary. I see this myself time to time on LTE and will be improving the algorithm in the future. As well as offer a settings page where you'll have the ability to input a max test size to give users greater flexibility. Try going to the Download Speed Test, then select your test size manually from the drop down. Sizes greater than 12MB are set to not forward, so if you select 13MB it will produce a result even if it thinks you should test with a larger size. Look down in more sizes to get right at 13MB. You actually should, at your speed, be able to select 6MB from the list and it shouldn't forward you. But if that doesn't work keep in mind the tip on sizes 13MB and larger. Thank you for reporting this, I'll use your results to simulate the past tests you've ran to help make it better for you in the future.
  4. Where does all this data go?

    Hey James, first off welcome to TestMy.net! The data, which is randomly generated for each individual speed test, is first cached... then ordered to be purged from your cache. Nothing should be left over in your memory by the time you arrive at the results page. ... it should at least be in the process of deletion when you arrive at results. You can monitor your cache folder during the process and see that the size increases while the test is running... then sharply drops off once completed. I'm not perfect so as with everything here I encourage people with the ability to test this and report any discrepancy. When I get good feedback it makes TMN stronger, more accurate and in this instance more efficient. I do test for remnant cache in development. When you visit TestMy.net, keep this in your mind: The creator doesn't want a bunch of garbage on his own computer and always minds the Golden Rule.
  5. The upload test can use some improvement for speeds as fast as yours. 150-200 Mbps is topping it out. The download test is a different story. Keep in mind that the upload result here is single thread, others out there are multithreadding the test (opening more than one stream at once). The speed you're achieving... http://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&y=u&l=25&q=markw shows that your connection is performing awesome, that's a good baseline to work from. If you test later and find that it's significantly lower than your baseline it help you just the same. Just don't expect to see 1000 Mbps out of this version. Other upload speed tests may show you an aggregate result of multiple streams. Example: Using TestMy.net's upload test you've shown that your connection is capable of streaming a single stream of video at 22.8 MB/s ... safe to say that you're faster than that because you're on the top of the scale. Some people will see a much larger difference, within the current testing limitations. TestMy.net will show < 0.25 MB/s while speedtest.net shows over 3 MB/s (just one example), the same people say that the whole reason they're testing in the first place is because they can't stream video without issues. If they truly had the higher speed... they wouldn't have any issues. Personally, at the end of the day I don't care about how the connection can aggregate a BUNCH of streams, I want to know how fast can it send... for real! Without splitting the task in a way that doesn't represent how most people upload things. ...don't get me wrong, testing the other way is important too. Unless you're topping the scale out like you are, usually a large difference in upload speed between TestMy.net and speedtest.net is worth looking into. We have countless reports of people saying that TMN was the only speed test reporting speeds that represented how the connection was truly performing. All other tests show the clients speed to be right around the package speed they for. TestMy.net's purpose isn't to show you your maximum speed, whatever the consequences... I don't feel like that helps people. ... unless those people are the Internet service providers.
  6. clear all present data

    Instead of deleting you can also change the "Date / Days" fields so that it doesn't show your old results. In your case most of your older results are taken before you registered, so you could also hide those by scrolling down below the result list (details). There's an option at the bottom, you'll see that mine is already toggled to only show the results I logged under my username. Hope this helps. I personally prefer altering the query to display what you want vs deleting because I like to look back at my old results over time. Will especially be true in the future. The program deletes the result across all databases, the next major release it will instead hide the result, allowing it to be recoverable. For those who have thousands of results or just want help clearing old results I'm happy to do this on request. Just shoot me a PM.
  7. Newcomer

  8. Hi from Shelley From Down Under S.A

    So now they have you afraid to call them out again. Don't you just love that tactic they have now. "I'm not charging you this time but if you make me come out here again..." -- and the customer feels like, "Oh thank you so much for not charging me SIR!" --- the issue your describing doesn't necessarily have to be combined with poor signal quality or any other outward signs. Intermittent issues can be difficult to source. I want to tell you, you pay them monthly - don't fear calling them! They owe you the service you pay for. ...but let's first establish that it's outside of your control before calling them back out. http://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&l=50&q=shelley Since you're testing on an iPad I assume you're using wifi. Is your laptop also on the wifi? Is your wifi built into your cable modem? Is your cable modem rented from Telstra? How far is the modem from where your laptop and iPad are? Are there other electronics around the wifi router? Is the router in a confined space? If at all possible, wire directly into the modem or router with cat-5. If your modem is separate then go direct from the modem to the computer. You want to eliminate wifi as a variable and if possible eliminate the router as a variable. (if you disconnect the modem from the router you need to reset the modem power for 10 seconds so the modem will work from your computer's MAC address, repeat this step when you return it to the router.) If you do those steps and are still displaying the issue... then we've established that wifi and your home network are most likely not at fault. It places the fault more on the ISP. Especially if this is proven on multiple devices. If you can only test on wireless then take a picture of where your router is located and give us an idea of the relation of where that is in your home. It could be that another device nearby is causing interference. We can help you deal with that. I recommend reading and practicing Wireless Feng Shui. -- anything with a motor near the router especially can cause issues. Maybe you have a fan on top of it and this happens when your cat steps on the button. Or it's on top of a microwave and your connection gets cut out every time someone reheats a slice of pizza. Imagine a bubble radiating around your router... no other electronics are allowed in that bubble. I see people put them under their TV's in a mess of wires, stuffed inside their TV console. The signal bounces around in there, echoing off the walls and there's a mess of electrical interference. If that's your case, get that router OUT and away from other objects so it can communicate. Situations like that may cause intermittent issues because one of those outside forces may be turning on and off. That's awesome that you work from home doing something you love and are great at. Doesn't sound sad at all.
  9. Now that's a great deal. People pay $6 for airplane wifi and it's nowhere near as fast. -- especially the upload. Is that unlimited data?
  10. Originally when I turned https on it was because you wanted to test on SSL and port 8080... I didn't necessarily want the search engines spidering what we hadn't even tested. I think Google is going to weigh https sites heavier in the future so I'm moving the site over to https. They already are but I expect it's going to be even more so. I didn't realize the noindex was still in there... it's now controlled correctly with a separate robots.txt using mod_rewrite to switch the file. RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} ^443$ RewriteRule ^robots\.txt$ robots_ssl.txt [L] ...but I've already disabled that in preparation. I'll make sure to include a toggle in the new settings with the option to switch between http and https. But the site itself will completely run on SSL, regardless of the option selected. And visiting https://testmy.net will no longer trigger that option. It's really already done, I just want to make sure before I flip it over that I'm not missing anything that will affect pagerank negatively. I don't think the noindex on the https version was causing the issue though. TestMy.net is showing up on Google again, before I removed that line. Could have been one or a combination of the issues we previously talked about. I'll keep working to find my mistakes. :-/ -- one constant is human error.
  11. Yeah, I don't know what's going on. I'd expect a message in the webmaster console if there was something wrong. Performance could have been cloudflare. I disabled them last night, had only been running them since that recent net neutrality deadline... to run that plugin. Wondering if enabling that had anything to do with it. Maybe cloudflare passed the expires header off differently and it made Google think I didn't want the pages cached. I submitted for reindexing. Hopefully it's fixed soon. -- Come on Google! I hope it's just an issue with those other servers redirecting to testmy.net. The redirects should have included 301 header and also the canonical meta. If you can find anything I'm doing wrong from Google's perspective please let me know. I'm just trying to help people over here by providing a free and hopefully useful service. Between stuff like this, ad spammers and people trying to hack me constantly --- it makes it real difficult to do for the Internet what I really want.
  12. That was the first place I looked. No messages. No issues coming up. that's definitely a strong possibility, I edited the robots.txt on those servers to disallow. Just did the canonical header, great suggestion. expires header is set to nocache and even though I changed session.cache_limiter to public in php.ini it's still showing Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00 GMT Maybe a setting in nginx I'm missing.
  13. Why do you say that?
  14. Some pages are there but many are not and most importantly the index isn't showing up.
  15. Things sure have changed........

    Hey ninjageek, glad to see you again... of course we remember you. Crazy, you've been a member here for almost 11 years! Personally I'm still big into my desktop and laptop. I feel handicapped on tablets and mobile devices. I'm not a big fan of the input right now, never have been a fan of touching the screen. Excited to see it in the early days (80's early 90's), I like how far it's come but I can't wait for a better way. As a society right now we're wasting too much of our time with the input between our minds and our devices. I imagine it will get better but for now a mouse, keyboard and monitor still connect me to my digital life in a way that a tablet can't. I imagine a future where people won't have to have their faces in their phones all day. It bugs me how impersonal people are becoming as a result of technology. You check out at a store and the clerk doesn't even make eye contact, it didn't used to be that way. You can tell who the tech addicts are in society. In the future I believe we'll get that back as people have less need to be burred because the input will be so much more seamless and fluid. You'll be able to express what you want to much quicker, without touching anything. For some this will dig them in deeper but I think for most it will be a freeing transition. I hear you on the gaming. The only gaming I've done in a couple years is playing NES Mario with my 5 yo daughter. -- Already not enough hours in the day and then on top of it the games I like to play are extremely violent FPS war games... my kids are always with me and I'd rather take them to the zoo or park to be honest. One day I'll play again.
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