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  1. Was wondering if there was a way to change an Identifier on previous test results? Looking back, I used several Identifiers for the same thing.
  2. WOWWAY as a Provider

    Thanks, wide open west is what I was looking for. Now I just need to find a map like mudmanc4 displayed, but for Wide Open West's fiber. When I talked with them, they said they won't share a fiber map for security reasons. However I did read an article in the news that they are running fiber in the adjacent city. So, maybe there is hope. I also saw a recent article that AT&T is installing fiber in Detroit now. I guess since Google started, they all have to start. Competition is good...darn that big current merger going on
  3. In browsing North America ISP's, I noticed that WOW is missing. I am wondering if that is due to low volume of users (customer base) or general lack of interest. For the past 8 years I have been on U-verse 50/6 and over the past 10 months worth of testing on this site I average 31/4.5. TV is through DirecTV and no VoIP so there is nothing but Internet activity on the line. Backups to my service take forever. YouTube can be good one minute and then have a spinning clock the next. Netflix can have a great picture and then a grainy one. Short story, I am shopping for a new ISP in zip code 48236. We have Comcast, U-verse and WOW. Comcast has 60Mbps and claims to have fiber at the pole, but, upon looking at the cable at the pole, it appears to be the same old stuff I had 8 years ago. WOW has up to 300 and 600Mbps service but can that service be run over coax or does it need fiber at the pole...and how can I tell if it is fiber? I have tons of data to backup then, the process of scanning a lifetime of pictures to post to our family website. Most of TV is Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and OnDemand from DirecTV. All of DirectTV's OnDemand is downloaded from the Internet, not the Satelitte, so I have plan ahead if I don't want buffering issues. All the cabling in the house is CAT5e. The NVG589 router has been replaced several times. The Techs tell me my bonded pair can handle up 75Mbps and are clean and all the wiring in the house is clean. So that just leaves bad U-verse service, which AT&T tells me there are no upgrade plans for the VRAD in my area. Thoughts or ideas on WOW's service? Thanks, John
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