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  1. Introducing myself

    Welcome to TMN! Hope you learn a lot! Try multiple types of test to better understand your results. Compare it to your package you pay for and also don't forget that speed from your ISP will vary during preak and off-peak hours... at least it has variants in my area. Cheers!
  2. results explanation

    Sounds good! Good luck!
  3. results explanation

    Hello @hillycat Depending on your browser it has different steps. Normally its under menu/settings > history > clear history > Cache option or some sort of variation. hope that helps!
  4. guide to choosing servers

    You select the farthest server to kid yourself. haha - I would cry to see my results. @mudmanc4 made a very clear explanation. couldn't say it better myself (which is why I didn't say it at all). Well said mudmanc4!
  5. If your test isn't loading, I would suspect your are losing packets or or altogether connection drop? I assume it would be your modem. If your modem is a rental, usually your ISP can swap it without cost. Hopefully you didn't buy your modem. Power cycling is a good troubleshooting step to reset any hiccups or what not. Power cycling multiple times just to get a connection is almost always the modem or your outside connection line providing you a weak signal.
  6. results explanation

    Neither. Your speed results are based on your connection to the outside world. Your browser may be slow, so cleaning up history and cache (mostly cache) could resolve your issue. Can you do something simple to speed up your connection? Yeah, pay more of your hard earned cash to your ISP to bump up your package. But that isn't a solution you were looking for I assume. Step One: Run a test on TMN >> This is for you to see how much you are at initially Step Two: Clear your browser cache (or history and cache) & disable add-ons and extensions >> This will potentially speed up your browser Step Three: Run a test on TMN again >> Did the result change? Did it see any noticeable improvement? If it increased, your browser had way too much stuff bogging it down. if it decreased or stayed the same, then it isn't your browser that's causing the issue. Step Four: Try a different computer/laptop/tablet/device on TMN. >> Is the speed roughly the same? If yes, your internet is slow / limited, not your PC. If it is better, then your original PC probably has something slowing it down. You'll need to troubleshoot! I'm cheap; so I rather not drop cash on a new PC only later to find out my internet connection is the issue. You can do it! Any trouble, ask! I'm here to help as much as I can. (I'll try to keep my post short next time lol)
  7. Hello I am going to be setting up a monitor to my PC rather than TV I se. Currently run a 47" HDTV 1080p as my display for my PC. I am planning to get a 4K 28" Monitor as my Primary display. I want to be able to run both. TV for my Videos/Shows I watch. Monitor for everything else; surfing, gaming, por-- err research.... yeah. Just finding that reading things is bad for my eyes on the TV, have to quint if text are small (its about 2 meters away roughly). I have 970 running as my GFX; so output ports aren't the issue. I am planning to utilize the Display port for the Monitor and HDMI for the TV. How is the PC going to handle 4K gaming or videos on my monitor while running 1080p on my TV as second display? Is this just auto detected? is it going to cause major issues? or pretty straight forward? Never tried this set up so don't know, so I thought I'd ask. Side note: the TV and Monitor are not side by side, opposite walls actually. So I can be on my desk and watch videos on TV while working or playing game on the monitor (Since I route gaming audio to my headphones/usb speakers). Any advise or warnings? Any better suggestion? Thanks for reading!
  8. Glad to hear that. General rule of thumb for me, modems now a days don't last more than 1.5 years before they start to die on you. (Funny how I just finished power cycling my modem before reading this). It just dies. No reason. (I assume heating up... since its now warmer than when I originally got it). Eitherway, Glad to hear everything got resolved!
  9. results explanation

    Hello @hillycat Can you elaborate a little more? What part of results are you talking about? Results of the test usually ends in a number for your speed in mbps or kbps. The % generally is giving you an idea of your speed being higher or lower than your average once the most recent result is displayed. Are you referring to something else?
  10. Inaccurate speed results?

    I personally see the other test guys as bloated fluffy and sprinkled with glitter to make your speed look good. TMN currently is my top source for actual answers. So trying Frankfurt servers with Ookla and getting average 300+, to me is false and completely not possible. I LIVE IN CANADA. My speed SHOULD be lower if I am testing against Europe. I expect that at least some latency or speed drop. Have you attempted to connect via Ethernet and speed test again this way? Do the results change? Are you getting completely different numbers altogether? Side note: Just to clarify, as it may be called something different here or maybe I am not understanding. is WLAN sticks just another name for USB WiFi Adaptors for laptops / desktops that don't have network card with WiFi capability built in or is WLAN sticks the 3G/4G Cellular Network USB sticks? (I assume the former, hence why I suggested Ethernet test, since you would have a modem/router hopefully nearby)
  11. New but not new... ish

    Thank you @mudmanc4
  12. Hey @jrtcjrjr, I personally doubt Ookla the dead cat has any new tricks. Though I'm sure Ca3le would know more technical knowledge. Also I love the Sean's analogy as well! Who cares about "Ideal Situation Results". I'm not testing to see what my internet can give me at "Ideal" connection. I am testing to see with all variables, what is going on with my connection.
  13. Inaccurate speed results?

    I'm in Ontario, Canada Connected to those servers got me these results: London: 290.5mbps Frankfurt: 21.3mbps I normally get 300+ if connect to any USA servers. (usually Dallas, Tx or NewYork, NY servers) Ran multiple test on Frankfurt to see if it increases: 22.99mbps 21.94mbps 13.37mbps It actually went lower lol Ookla states I get 254.90mbps. Tried again 293.51mbps. Another server in Frankfurt gave me 326.30mbps.
  14. There is no way I can hit 400mbps or higher. I hover around high 200s to mid-low 300s d/l speed. o__o I don't even know what to do with these speeds. Besides gaming and streaming.
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