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  1. Hi Sean Thanks for your detailed response. As suggested, I tried moving one of the antennas to horizontal, turned the router 30 degrees a few times and I did obtain a 75% signal strength. I performed another download test and the speed was about the same as with the 50% strength. Given these test results coupled with I am now getting 30Mbps on 4G vs 0.6Mbps on DSL, I am very happy with the increased performance and won't be trying an external antenna. Thanks again for all your help with this.
  2. Hi By means of an update, I am now obtaining approx. 30Mbps download using 4G from EE. I have a further question .... The TP-LINK MR200 router I am using is reporting a 50% signal strength - if I use an antenna to try to increase the signal strength, is it likely I would I obtain a further increase in download speeds and, if so, by approx. how much ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Sean Thanks for this - I will definitely try testing using different providers. I initially obtained approx. 16Mbps (off-peak) from O2 using 4G vs 0.6Mbps (most times of the day) using DSL which was a great increase to start with.
  4. Happy New Year to you too ! Thanks for your reply. I tested both my standard and mobile broadband connections using the 3MB test URL you provided. The tests confirmed that the 4G connection is much faster than the standard broadband connection - we are in a rural location where the standard broadband links are not good ! Time to purchase some pre-loaded SIM cards !! Thanks again for your help with this.
  5. Hi Is it possible to perform a single download file transfer test using a small file (eg 1MB) as I would like to test the speed across a 4G mobile link using a TP-Link router ? I have tried the manual test option but the file size automatically ramps-up - I would ideally like to perform this test without using too much of the data allowance on the SIM card. Thanks in advance.