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  1. Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    WIFI SPEED on my MBPr Mid 2012, Melbourne, Australia
  2. DON'T switch to NBN just yet!

    I also forgot to mention Pgoodwin1 that the NBN Australia bought up our two biggest ISP’s first being Telstra and Optus. However they have jumped on any person with cable even outside of the NBN rollout installation. I’m in one of those area’s and with Optus for my ISP. I still don’t understand how the government are actually allowed to take over the entire countries internet service? You just get a notice in the mail telling you when the NBN will be arriving to switch you over and the date your original service will be cut off if you don’t join. Pretty freaky and I think other countries should know because I get the feeling that we’re a test case. Anyhoo, without sounding crazy I am very happy now
  3. DON'T switch to NBN just yet!

    We also had OPTUS Cable and now you do not get a choice. You have to switch over to the NBN, they took our old cable 100/2MB/s and replaced it with 25/5MB/s for the same price. I’ve called them 4 times and they keep telling me they’ll switch it over. So if I plugged into the older router via ethernet I’d get about 105MB/s down but always 1.5MB’s up Now on NBN it’s supposed to be 25/5 and I was getting readings of 15/3MB’s so I’m terrified that they’ve done the same to us and will not admit it. They said it’s been switched to 100/40MB’s now and I’m getting an average of 21/9MB's Something is seriously wrong and I’ve had a lot of different ISP’s over the years being a renter but OPTUS have been fantastic here for the last 6-7 years. Now they’re absolutely shocking. It’s such a shame, I get faster speeds on my mobile on 4G which is OPTUS too. How sad is that.
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