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  1. ninjageek added a post in a topic Did I pay to much?   

    Yea, no scratches, it is nice and clean. Wanna get a new charger, mine it takes forever, A micro sd card, and a usb micro sd card so I can take files from my desk top and put them on it. 
    Thing is, can you really play games on it??? I mean I dont want any thing super complicated, just thought some simple like racing games such be fun to have. 
  2. ninjageek added a topic in General Discussion   

    Did I pay to much?
    So for the last year or so I have so wanted to buy a tablet. Keep in mind I have never even owned a smart phone, I just carry a flip phone. 
    I wanted a windows based tablet because I have a super cool ebook reading program called "Ice Book Reader Pro" I read ALLOT!!!
    So I saw one on sale, It only has a 30 gig hard drive, Windows 8, 2 gig of ddr3 ram, a quad core intel processor, Z7340.  Its the Asus Transformer Book T100 With the 10.1 touch screen.
    The guy wanted 150, but we agreed on 125 bucks. It comes with the detachable key board, and he threw in a wireless mouse with it. 
    The main thing I will use it for is a book reader, and once I figure it out, I think I can use it to video chat with my grand children. I know it has a camera, I am thinking firefox to do that. 
    So I am wondering if I paid to much????  I mean I am happy with the price, and it being my first one I did not wanna pay a ton for something I may not use as much as I think I will. Appreciate any input. 
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  3. ninjageek added a topic in General Discussion   

    utorrent behind vpn, this is a tough one........
    Ok, I am using utorrent 2.2.1. I am also using a paid VPN. NOW, the big debate, Tek Support at  the vpn site say this......"In utorrent make sure to disable UPNP and NAT PMP and bandwidth management (uTP).   Enable DHT and Peer Exchange"  Changing them settings REALLY show down utorrent. 
    Leaving the settings at default brings the speeds back up. Question is, does that put me at risk for a slap on the hand from big brother??? One poster swore he got a notice using utorrent and the paid vpn. That was just one person, and they could of been trolling. 
    Seems like no one can agree. Thought you guys may know???
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  4. ninjageek added a topic in General Discussion   

    Have you guys seen this?
    Would be a nice little test feature for  Just something to test to see if your cable provider is messing with your connection speeds. 

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  5. ninjageek added a post in a topic Best free backup software?   

    By far the best I found, IMHO, is Macrium Reflect. Has saved my behind lots of time. 
  6. ninjageek added a topic in General Discussion   

    VPN issues with
    So I been messing around with a VPN. My local provider seems to enjoy messing with the connection speeds. So first I test With out the VPN, Horrid Speeds, Fire Up the VPN, I got one test done, and my browser and connection is faster, So I went to try one more connection, and Now I get a page that says "
    Sorry, you don't have permission for that!"  
    So I disconnect from the VPN, and all is fine. I am testing a "West" connection. Seems like the "mid west", where I live is not really quick.
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  7. ninjageek added a post in a topic Hey TriRyan........   

    No, Did not overclock the ram. Just baffles me how two different motherboards, eat two sticks of the same ram. If it happens again, I have a idea or two. Just a very odd behavior. Just glad ram is cheep. Kinda wonder if the CPU could be causing the issue. Or maybe it is just a weird thing that will never be explained.
  8. ninjageek added a topic in General Discussion   

    Hey TriRyan........
    Not sure you remember me, but you helped me learn how to over clock the AMD processor. HOPE you or someone else can help with a couple of issues.
    1.The UEFI Bios I have, Would LOVE to figure out how to get the darn thing to boot from DVD without having to go in and manually change the settings. I use a DVD to clone my hard drive.
    2. While I am using the BIOS Default Settings, My motherboard has eaten a couple of Sticks of Cosair Vengence Ram. Replaced the motherboard, I checked the RAM voltage settings, It shows 1.5, I wonder if the Ram is undervolted.
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  9. ninjageek added a post in a topic Got me a new monitor....   

    The T.V. I have is a sanyo. I dont know, I sit about 2 or 3 foot from it. I paid 250 dollars that includes tax for mine. Nice thing about ol wall mart, You can try it, if always take it back. I know guild wars runs about 50 fps. No lag, not sutter. Both bat mans, not sure about the fps, but ran smooth looked amazing.
    IMHO, games are like a big screen T.V. The big screen T.V. at first, well its just HUGE, then after you get used to it, you really don't notice it. Games are kinda the same way, at first, oh look at all the pretty cool stuff, then you spend your time running, jumping and trying to keep your cartoon alive you really don't have time to stop and look at the pretty stuff. If that makes sense. 
    LOL, My T.V. runs 1360 by 768.
    For the price, and So far the gaming experience, Super Impressed. Just played a bit of Nitro stunt racing. OMG, that was fun.
    If gaming or whatever becomes a issue, I will replace it. I just find I am starting to game less and less, Reading more and more. 
  10. ninjageek added a post in a topic Got me a new monitor....   

    While just being a casual gamer, I have seen others say the same thing. Games don't look as good. With this T.V. I simply don't find that to be true. Not sure why. 
    Could be that the looks of the game are simply not that big of deal?? Guild Wars 2 looks great, Outlast is fine. Even Tried Bat Man, Just stunning.  Could be as simple as a matter of perception. With me, things look great on this T.V. With others, they may prefer a monitor. 
    I will say this T.V. it has a connection for a Computer, maybe thats why. No idea. I just think imho, that the space it saves, how big it is, and it turns my puter into a truly entertainment center, I can over look small details. 
  11. ninjageek added a topic in General Discussion   

    Got me a new monitor....
    My old PC monitor died, and thought why not try a t.v. for a monitor?? Sure wish I would of done this long ago. Games look great, No issues there, and with having a small place, I found it to be a nice space saver. 
    I hooked it up through HDMI, and my T.V. connection has HDMI, so a simple push of a button I can go from PC to T.V. with ease. 
    I had seen that games were a issue with using a T.V. as a monitor, I simply don't find that to be a problem. And reading a ebook on this 32 inch, WOW!!! I can burn through a book. 
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  12. ninjageek added a post in a topic so I got a smart phone   

    While a smart phone is cool for people that utilize it for work, I have noticed that, and it sure seems to me people have stopped talking and use text. Funny and sad at the same time, see a group of people standing around talking, and sure as heck, they whip out there smart phones like they are a gun slinger. 
    Smart phones have replace human interaction. Instead of picking up a phone to "hey, how ya doing" now you pick up a phone and its "hey where you at". Kinda sad. 
  13. ninjageek added a post in a topic So I am trying a VPN..........   

    I wanted to try the vpn for a few different reasons. Privacy, who wants there internet provider to have access to what "legal" torrents they may wanna download ??
    The Second reason, See if my inertent provider was throttling the connection, Some claim that does happen, With mine, not so much. 
    Just something I always wanted to try. Its super cheep, and something I wanted to mess around with and see if it worked for me nor not. Some claim it made there connection faster. 
  14. ninjageek added a topic in General Discussion   

    So I am trying a VPN..........
    Just got it a few days ago. Wonder if there is any thing special I need to do to get it set up right on windows 7????
    My speeds with out vpn........25.9.........With VPN.......Right around 17.3.Connecting through midwest server, I live in the midwest. 
    Here is the vpn service I use.
    Apreciate any imput. 
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  15. ninjageek added a post in a topic so I got a smart phone   

    I am giving serious thoughts to going back to the flip phone. I hate this smart phone so bad. I don't need the computer part of it, Just wanna make some calls and text. Everyone says give it time, I will get used to it. I am not so sure, Considering I really don't use the net on it, don't think the anti virus is so important, I do thank you for the reply's.
    The phone itself, Weill I only paid 40 bucks for it, I could not see paying a big chunk of cash for something I was unsure of. Now that I have it, glad I didn't.  I REALLY want my flip phone back.