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  1. Keep calling them. Be polite but persistent. Find as many other people with this issue and ask them to call in too.
  2. If you have an Ethernet connection on your device, try running a test with a cable plugged directly into the modem. Which TestMy test server are you using?
  3. Your TestMy data shows your real speeds are far less than the incorrect results that Speedtest gives you. this site can help you troubleshoot your system and internet connection. Do some more testing here using single test servers and do some multi thread testing and post the results.
  4. Run a test with TestMy's tools and find out what your real speed is. isn't telling you what your speed is. your TestMy test data shows a large variation with results between 10 and 40 download.
  5. What TMN test server are you using?
  6. OK. I understand now. It's certainly not right if your ISP's performance is so far below their advertised speed.
  7. Im not sure why you feel that it's not right. It is telling you what's really going on. I understand the not making you feel good part though.
  8. It's telling you what the total path from your system to the test server many miles away is really doing.
  9. Not sure where you are in Canada, or what your closest TestMY server is. If you go go to the TestMy home page under the Extras link near top., you can read all the tabs about why the OOKLA test results aren't worth anything to anyone except ISPs. Testing on TestMy will identify problems and help you investigate the problem(s). Your test results are all over the place. If if you can plug directly into an Ethernet port on your modem and do tests here, you can see if your wireless router is a contributor to the issue.
  10. That wasn't a very good answer they gave you "the exchange doesn't yet have enough capacity,". They've sold you a package at 50. I have a 50/5 plan with Spectrum (Time Warner) here in Cincinnati, OH in the US and I just tested to the Australian TestMy test server and got 25 to 35 Mbps down. When I test to closer servers (New York), I get close to 70. I would keep keep contacting them. Ask for an estimated fix time, and ask them for a huge discount since they apparently sold you a package prematurely and can't deliver the product.
  11. Unless all your devices are doing heavy downloading all at the same time, your test speed shouldn't change much. And that would include the phones operating on Wifi and not 3G or 4G. Seeing a momentary drop in speeds every once in a while is normal, but not from 40 to 6. Dropping down by 10-20% would be more normal every once in while. Keep calling them if the problem doesn't go away. Be polite but be persistent. I assume that your speeds become low on all devices. You could try plugging directly into your modem with an Ethernet cable and see if the erratic behavior is still there. If it's not, then you may have an issue with your your wireless router (if you have one).
  12. Hi Rivera. Welcome. From near Cincinnati, OH in US.
  13. 20 Mbps that your Results show should be fast enough to stream HD video. - as long as the sever at the site you're connecting to isn't overloaded. 20 is fast enough for Netflix and Amazon
  14. The problem is absolutely not saturation of TestMy's bandwidth. The other tools are telling you phony numbers to make ISPs look good to their customers.
  15. Everybody please post speeds and not Speedtest - those are "Fake Speeds"