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  1. Streaming in the Philippines, quality attainable ?

    I don't know how to do that. Some other smart people might know. Post a separate question about that and see if you get some responses
  2. Streaming in the Philippines, quality attainable ?

    Not sure which Actiontech router you have, but if it has "n" wireless it's plenty fast. 10/100 Ethernet is also plenty fast. I still use "n" wireless, and before I upgraded my router from 10/100 to 10/100/1000, I was getting 80 Mbps on both wireless and Ethernet on a 100 Mbps ISP plan. as far as what your speed problem is, ask friends with your same ISP to test with TestMy and see what their results are. That way you could isolate the problem to your side or the ISP side. if the issue is with the ISP, then I would suggest trying to get as many people as you can to complain to them.
  3. Streaming in the Philippines, quality attainable ?

    I have an iPad 2 and it'll do about 35 Mbps, so it's not the speed limiting item. In the past, on an ISP plan of 25 Mbps max, I used to get decent streaming on a Roku 2.My TestMy speeds back then ranged from 15-25 Mbps depending on time of day. It might be challenging for you if you only get 4-7 Mbps. I don't have any streaming experience at that low of a speed, so I couldn't really say what your experience would be like.
  4. speed up my internet

    Sometimes polite persistence is the only way to get people to own a problem.
  5. Deplorable service and speeds

    See if you can find others close to you with your same service. Ask them to run tests on TestMy to compare to. Also, if possible, run your computer at their place if theirs is working well.
  6. Arthritic Internet

    The DCM-301 modem should be plenty fast enough. i think I saw where you live in Oregon, and your test scores are to the TestMy Dallas server. You could try testing to a closer test server, like San Francisco or Colorado Springs - go to the Test Servers link at the far right top of the home page. You might get better test results, however, that will only give you a little more realistic view of what your system is doing. It won't change anything about your buffering issue. You might find some insight on a Roku support site about buffering problems. Searching on TestMy and there for Roku TV buffering might give you some more ideas.
  7. Arthritic Internet

    I forgot to ask where you're located.
  8. Arthritic Internet

    And LOL on the bears in the cave
  9. Arthritic Internet

    If you know anyone else in the complex that has the same plan as you (100/10), get them to run theirs on TesyMy, and hook up your laptop in their apartment and run the TesMy tests. You'd like to be able to say that everyone in the apartment bldg is getting significantly less than your ISP plan speed. If that's the case, you can approach the landlord as a group and tell him that things aren't quite up to snuff, and perhaps Comcast will address his equipment because of the number of customers with your issue. Maybe you could put a request in people's mailbox or post a flyer with simple direction to run TestMy tests and report the results to you. Even if only 10% of the people actually do anything, you might get enough info to start working on the landlord, and/or Comcast. I'm assuming you have an Ethernet connection to a Comcast modem used by others in the complex. Is that the case? Or do you have your own cable modem? See if you can get the cable modem/router brand and model number. It's possible that the apartment complex equipment is 10/100 Ethernet and you'd never reach an average 100 Mbps. The best you might ever do is 80 avg. Not sure how much Ethernet traffic you have in that complex, but if there's a lot, the apt complex equipment may be the bottleneck. i agree that for now, don't pay to have a tech come out yet. There's a few things we can try before going that route.
  10. Arthritic Internet

    There's more than likely wording in fine print somewhere that says "up to" 100 Mbps. Some ISPs are a lot better than others at proving good solid service at or near that max.
  11. @TexasmadeJ those are are very similar to what I'm getting with Spectrum Cincinnati.
  12. I'm on a Spectrum 100 Mbps down load, 10 Mbps upload plan. I replaced my 100 Mbps wired router with a used $57 5th gen Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (gigabit Ethernet) my speeds improved from 80 Mbps average upload to about 116 Mbps. The first pic shows the before and after plot. The second pic is the latest average. the 3rd pic is one test plot with the old router. 4th pic is one test with plot the new router. TestMy helped me identify the potential limitation of the 100 Mbps wired router (it was trying very hard), and testing here documents the improvement. Great site.
  13. Question about the test

    Picking test sizes larger than what the automatic test sizing picks will increase your test time to larger than about 5 sec. During the extra time your larger manually selected test file sizes run, it will be more likely that you'll have periods of congestion.
  14. another new guy here

    Welcome from SW Ohio
  15. I see only three results. Perhaps you ran a couple of tests before logging in?
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