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  1. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Access TIP data for CSV export   
    I need to make a graphing option that groups by hour like that, very useful.
    How often are you getting results that have spikes that large?  I just looked through a whole page of your results and didn't find one quite like that.
    Share the test ID's of some of those results so we can look closer.
    Your end goal is to highlight those results so you're able to detect a pattern, exporting just helps you develop your own solution.  You'd really rather that TMN visually show you when those anomalies occur (without having to open details on each result) rather than you having to manipulate the information yourself.  Right?
    I can make a 24 hour plot that aggregates by hour, like your first graph.  But also plot the aggregate variances.  Could also make a highlight option, where you can set the percentage (for middle variance) and TMN will highlight the results over the level you set.  I think that should make finding those anomalies and establishing if any patterns exist easier.
    What do you think?
  2. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Speed stuck during the test   
    (I saw your reply just now while I was typing this... you already did this but I'm leaving this part in case it can help someone else.)
    I agree, this can easily be the router.  If you haven't already, power cycle the router.  At the same time I'd do the same for the cable modem.  If you're still having issues directly connect the modem to your best machine, power cycle it (so that it will grab the MAC address of the computer instead of the router's), then test directly connected.  If we can establish that you have the same issue on more than one machine and you've eliminated your internal network variables (your router and cables between) then you may have a case for Rogers Cable.
    So... again... more proof of showing results in line with the real world when others fail to.  If it takes you about 2 minutes to download 1 GB then that's 8.53 MB/s or 68.26 Mbps... pretty far off from the 900+ Mbps the other speed tests tell you.  Your TMN average right now is 84.9 Mbps.  I assume when you download a file the speed during the transfer is fluctuating like it does when you run a TMN speed test.
    It's lame that most ISPs no longer recognize the results here... especially since their techs used to send much more people here.  In some cases was a main step in company training manuals.  Before they had alternatives that made them look better.
    Patrick07, I feel your love for the site.  I sense that you already understand how it works around here.  This is just general information for others reading.
    Note: When you're running perfectly on 1000 Mbps... you'll still never see the the full speed here.  Under the most ideal circumstance I'll see 990 Mbps but you'd never get those conditions in the real world, ever.  The quoted speed that your ISP gives you is irrelevant to this test.  You should use yourself (your best machine) as a baseline instead of what you think you should have.  Like in your case, you used to consistently get over 400 Mbps then all of a sudden you see a huge difference.  It didn't need to originally show you 900 Mbps to determine that there's a HUGE difference there.  People get hung up sometimes because the results don't tell them the number they expect.  They have 1000 Mbps and expect to see that, especially since every other tests tells them that's what they're getting.  My goal is to give you a more realistic picture, including the variables you can expect to run into out in the real world.  ... back to your own words.  "Before, it (a 1GB download) would take less than 30secs." --- again, that puts you right at the 400 Mbps that was telling you.  400 Mbps or 50 MB/s... puts you at 20 seconds for 1 GB.  
    I'm telling you, demand that they take notice.  Their speed test is obviously BS.  If you feel like you've done everything in your power to make sure the issue is not on your end... force them to come out.  They'll threaten to charge you but if it ends up being their issue... it's on them (make sure you get the tech to agree to no charge in writing, especially if they send a contractor).  If you can't download from any source faster than results suggest, especially if it's confirmed on multiple computers AND you've eliminated additional variables like your router...  AND you've gone through 3 different modems.  They owe you a visit.
  3. CA3LE liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Speed stuck during the test   
    I had a problem similar to this once and it turned out to be an intermittently bad router. I got similar high and low speeds during each test. Over a period of a month it was about the same - widely varying speeds. After that it got progressively worse, then the unit finally stopped working.
    There are a lot of possibilities for what the problem is. Try plugging an Ethernet cable directly from your computer to your modem. If the results are consistently good, then your problem is between the modem and your computer..
  4. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Manual download testing   
    The manual file sizes have a restriction.  Below 12MB, if you download the information too quickly, TMN will send you to larger size.
    Judging from the speed of your connection 1 MB should be sufficient... but you may be getting bursts that cause the program to want to throw you a larger size.  See this result...

    I'm surprised that one didn't forward, you must have been right on the edge.
    If you were to run 2.5 or 3MB tests I think you'd avoid any forwarding, I think that should stretch it out enough without going overboard.  Manually select 3 MB from the download test or use this URL (the "&nfw=1" is the key to tell it not to forward... but it still may if the size is 12 MB or lower.)
    Is 3 MB still more than you care to test with?  Let me know how that works.
    Happy Testing!  ... and Happy New Year!
    - Damon
  5. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by tuscan in Manual download testing   
    Happy New Year to you too !
    Thanks for your reply.
    I tested both my standard and mobile broadband connections using the 3MB test URL you provided.
    The tests confirmed that the 4G connection is much faster than the standard broadband connection - we are in a rural location where the standard broadband links are not good !
    Time to purchase some pre-loaded SIM cards !!
    Thanks again for your help with this.
  6. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Suddently TMN showes different results   
    Are you on your iPad again?
    The star is Dallas and the flag in his tests are Denmark Germany = I was incorrect, when I stated "when you test in your country" , when it was actually Frankfurt
  7. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by psyber in my current speed with sky (uk) before i go fttc tomorrow   
    Ok so the i frame thing didn't work and i cant edit presumably because im new here so here is a pic of the graphical jump from adsl to fttc for me

  8. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by psyber in my current speed with sky (uk) before i go fttc tomorrow   
    well fibre is officially live and im quite impressed with the new speeds






    and here is a little graph to show the jump from adsl to fttc that i achieved.
    im 1.7km from exchange and 400m from the street box thing

    . buzzin!
  9. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by Setti1k in Speed difference 10am and 8pm   
    Hi all,

    Here is my result when I check my d/l speed between 10a.m and 12 a.m
    10am : 43,4Mbps  
  10. jb847 liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    What are your speed measured here on TestMy?
  11. jb847 liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Why Do My Results Differ From / Ookla Speed Tests?   
    CA3LE. And you should also mention that most of the OOKLA based test sites' speed tests won't run on an iOS device because the tests require Flash (the memory and battery hog technology that's not allowed on iOS devices). So kudos for you having iOS compatible testing. And although now supports iOS/Safari, the results are way off. They even have a disclaimer:

    For best testing experience and accuracy, Broadband Speed Checker requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client by clicking here."

    And when you try the support Contact Us on, you get:
    "Not Found. The requested URL /contact/ was not found on this server."

    Plus you can't choose a server like you can on TestMy.

    There is an OOKLA Speedtest app for iOS that allows you to pick servers, and the results trend kind of like the results I get here on TestMy, but the UI and the results displays and overall functionality of the app is orders of magnitude less than this site.

    For iOS device users, nobody else that I've found is even in the same universe as TestMy.
  12. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by Doug Sinnott in Do routers get old or outdated?   
    I had my old Virgin Media wireless router replaced with the latest version,following low internet speeds,and it has vastly improved my download speeds.
    The adviser at the Help Desk suggested  it,as I was only averaging about 8MBS download speeds,while I was paying for "up to" 100MBS!
    Now I have been averaging nearly 70MBS,much better!
  13. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Do routers get old or outdated?   
    First, tell everyone the specifics of what you have right now.  What's the max speed of your connection?  Do you do a lot of transfer within your home network or do you stick to the Internet?  How many computers do you have.. and how many other devices do you have.  ... also, what is the distance from your preferred location of the modem and router from the main areas of your house?  Is the router located centrally in the home or in a corner?  
    As you can see there are many variables.  Give us a better picture of what you have going on, it will help our recommendations.
    Personally, I shoot for overkill.  But my needs may be different from your own.  Depending on the details of your needs, you can save a lot of money by getting what you'll really use rather than just going for the ultimate.
  14. Laser liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in My internet is soo slow   
    Your English is OK. I can understand you fine.
    maybe the best thing to do would be to see what other people in the village are getting for speeds on
    if their speeds are as slow as yours, maybe all of you can approach the ISP with the problem.
  15. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Need option to set upload directory and files   
    My upload test isn't perfect... no program ever is.  But I think it may be your presumptions and conceptions that are flawed.
    Why do you need to be able to select your own files?  Why would I ask users to select a file when I can essentially generate a fake one for them that does the same thing?  In development, I've seen no discernible difference in using real files vs the ones I generate.
    There is no seek time variation.  The data is generated and stored in your RAM, you can't access it any faster than that.  Immediately after the information is generated in your memory the upload is initiated.  The time it takes generating and sending you the information (you then send back to TMN) is not calculated into your final result.  The clock doesn't start until your computer initiates the upload.  And after it's all done the information does not persist in your memory.
  16. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by traveller1959 in What nodes am I testing?   
    Thank you. This helps to explain the volatility of results across devices in this home. If one person is running the test from a Windows laptop (WIFI), another from a MAC (WIFI) and a third from a hard wired Windows PC …all in different rooms …in a large house with concrete walls ….we're going to get different results/experiences when the max capacity from the ISP is 10Mbps and their best router is a 6 year old Thomson router. I'm trying to put pressure on the ISP, but they will continue to blame my devices until I can prove that the the bottleneck is from the router out through their nodes to the internet and back. Any suggestions?
  17. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by knight240 in Dramatically Varying Speeds on Comcast   
    Thanks, will do and I'll report back on any success or lack thereof. 
  18. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by Sean in Why Do My Results Differ From / Ookla Speed Tests?   
    I have the same experience with 4G (cellular LTE) based broadband connections, such as when positioning a directional antenna.  When the network is quiet (e.g. early on a weekend morning), there can be a large variation between what SpeedTest and TestMy reports if the antenna is not aimed correctly.  Once the antenna is carefully aimed, the TestMy results climb up towards what Speedtest reports.  It's similar also if there are swaying branches in line of sight as Speedtest will again ignore the brief dips as if the bandwidth is sustained. 
    If Speedtest measured road trip speeds, their speed test methodology would eliminate traffic lights, construction zones, slow vehicles, busy junctions and everything else that accounted for the slowest 30% of the journey.
    If TestMy measured road trips, it would run a stopwatch from the moment of departure to the moment of arrival.
    Of course like the Speedtest fanatics, there would be those that would argue the same for road trip measurements - "What if that construction zone was not there, those traffic lights were green, no accident on the route, ..." 
  19. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by tdawnaz in Why Do My Results Differ From / Ookla Speed Tests?   
    my results there are always out of this world...great vanity sizing...but if i really wanna know if these jeans make my butt big tmn is the looking glass i believe...not always the numbers i wanna see...but hey sometimes the truth hurts...

    like right now i'm having an issue that began in early april...most likely my modem...testing here toldl me something is wrong...i called cox and they wanted me to do a test using speedtest inside their network...i said i wouldn't go by that (first off i don't go to any websites or dl anything off their network that i know of)..i told her .that i could already tell her that what it was gonna lately i'm getting 8 or just for the hell of it i took a test there...yep...34...if i went by them i'd never know i have a problem at yes these jeans right now do make my butt look big...but they lied to me

    i love tmn

  20. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Why Do My Results Differ From / Ookla Speed Tests?   
    The most common question that people ask us is why their results here differ from I want to explain something that may help you understand why this is.

    According to the Ookla Wiki the following is true about your tests taken at
    The fastest 10% and slowest 30% of your results are DISCARDED The remaining data is averaged together to determine the final result Throwing away the fastest 10% and slowest 30% of the results in my opinion does not make for an accurate test. Isn't THAT the data that you're here to see?

    Also note this isn't only true for Ookla is huge, most of the speed tests online run their software.


    Multithreading makes your connection look better
    Ookla speed tests are also multithreaded. Meaning that they open more than one connection to the host and combine the speeds. This often can mask congestion issues. For instance, imagine that you have a pipe along your route that's limiting you to 10 Mbps. If you open more than one connection through that pipe you'll be able to achieve a faster speed... but testing that way will not clue you in that there is actually a problem along the route. Remember, you shouldn't have to multithread your connection to pull your full speed.  
    Multithreaded speed tests, like the majority out there, are designed to benefit the Internet provider not the consumer.  They often display your maximum throughput not your throughput over the course of an entire upload or download.  Omitting the worst portion of your test resulting in inflated scores that may make you feel warm and fuzzy but aren't going to help you see and resolve connection issues.
    Multithreading can show that you're able to max out your connection by combining the speed of concurrent connections but a great connection can max out without having to multithread.

    So, if you have to multithread your connection to get your full speed, you should be asking why that is.  With it's instantly apparent if there is a congested route. Your speed here reflects the actual loading time of data within your browser... not the combined efforts of multiple threads being altered (dropping the top 10% and bottom 30% of the results) and added together, all through a plugin that isn't suited for the task.
    :: EDIT ::
    If you'd like to multithread with TMN, I offer that as well.  Try the multithread speed test.  TMN's multithread test gives you the option to select from an array of servers.  Allowing you to test across multiple routes, to more than one server at a time. is the only Internet speed test with this ability.

    So THAT'S why your results differ.   -- is a harder test to ace and a lot less forgiving than other speed tests.  But isn't that what a benchmark should be?

    :: EDIT ::
    Another thing to consider is if you're running windows, particularly if it's older than Windows 7 you may need to tune your TCP stack to see your full speeds. Windows doesn't always come out of the box optimized for fast connections. Flash based speed tests fail to detect this problem.

    To make this change for free I recommend TCP Optimizer. This makes changing those settings very easy and nearly fool proof. Just open it, slide the bar over to your speed that you're supposed to have, check "modify all adapters" ...apply the settings and reboot. You should have faster speeds after your re-test if that was the problem.

    Here's an outside source talking about exactly this issue, I'll hunt down more examples. >> Download Speed Test - Something fishy?

    A few related topics ::
    Accuracy.. Slow upload, drastically different from other speed tests Resuts Vs. Actual Download speeds? shows different results than other speed tests TestMy v Ookla Difference Between Speed Test Sites? Satellite Service Testing Locking at around 14Mbps Questioning resolved with  
    Outside Sources ::
    Internet providers caught inflating speed test results [] Use or else!! NO MORE posts will be allowed!!! by the Admin on [] Accurate Speeds Or Speed Test Error? on []
  21. deborah carson liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Distance issues?   
    You could give that info to your ISP. It's possible that they have some way to route you differently than what it's doing now.
    with good routing, you might sustain > 75% of your plan max. Maybe a little higher. My experience has been about 80% to the west coast from Cincinnati.
  22. deborah carson liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Distance issues?   
    You could give that info to your ISP. It's possible that they have some way to route you differently than what it's doing now.
    with good routing, you might sustain > 75% of your plan max. Maybe a little higher. My experience has been about 80% to the west coast from Cincinnati.
  23. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by deborah carson in Distance issues?   
    Thank you, your reply is appreciated.  I conducted a 'tracert' to IP address in Seattle which took 11 hops, with a consistent requested time out on number 10.  I ran three times, totals:  68ms, 125ms, and 110ms.  How does one interpret this to a loss in receiving a downloadable speed?