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  1. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by Hinze in Funny Stuff   

    This one made me lol.
  2. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by Peter B in Improve member location and search on location   
    It would help if when joining members had to enter more postal details on location so that it is possible to search and group on the area where I live. My location on is taken as Andover, Hampshire, GB(UK) but I live a long way off in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.
    So any grouping of speed tests in my area is impossible as you only appear to group by the ISP.
    I know that my problems are upload related and probably between the exchange and the ISP so grouping results at the location where the ISP links to the network does not help me with identifying users in my area who I would like to group together. This is because the issue may be telecoms carrier related (British Telecom Openreach) rather than the ISP. I know its not the line as this has been changed all the way to the exchange.
    If there is a search already that would help me identify members close to me it would be great but I can not see how to do this.
  3. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Improve member location and search on location   
    Thank you for the suggestion.  In the next version I may have a 'refine location' function, where you can manually select alternate cities within 100 miles of your detected city.  Hopefully this helps in those situations.  It may also ask you on your first visit, "Is this location correct?  Do you want to correct it?" 
    I aim to make the database a a whole much higher resolution with many new ways of cross referencing and aggregating the data TMN has amassed.  I hope you stick around to see the development.
  4. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Improve member location and search on location   
    I could do that for some countries but would have to ask users to enter that information.  I think only a fraction of users would participate unless it were forced on them.  But there still may be an option in the future to refine.  If I were to do it on the detail of postal codes, I'd probably opt of GPS and map selection instead.  Options I've already worked with in development.  If postal codes were more standardized across the world it would be different.
    The 100 Miles I was talking about would just limit the user to selecting a more refined location within that area.  So that someone outside of that area doesn't come in and skew the data.  Because most likely, the IP location detection TMN uses now has placed you pretty close to the general area... just not pinpointed. 
  5. Roaldan liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Low Velocity   
    I'm not sure what your plan speeds are. I see from your test data that you had a test point around 25 Mbps, and the rest of your points are only about 1/10 of that. That's a sign of a problem. I don't know what they mean by exchange congestion. One of your slow points was at around 5 AM, so there shouldn't have been any congestion.
    i suggest you keep calling them until they get it corrected. Stay patient, polite, but be persistent. 
  6. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by DarTanyan in Hello   
    Hello all I am new and I just wanted to say that I am happy to be here.
  7. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Up/Down Load Speed   
    Dhaka to Tokyo is roughly ~4800KM as well as an underseas cable, I would visit and test a few other locations for good measure. Not that you will not have a long way to go, but you could find a better route than what you have while testing.
  8. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Result not what expected   
    I highly recommend thoroughly testing across the mirrors and multithread for more comprehensive conclusion.
    Being so heavily invested in only testing to that NY server could give you unrealistic numbers.  If they're backed up by more results other servers it's better and even better if that's also backed up by multiple devices/computers on the same network.
    Despite the lack of additional data I'd like to see, I think you're right.  Especially since you've proven over 400-600 Mbps on occasion.
    Even the best bandwidth is not perfect.  No such thing, that's why we test.  Don't ever forget, the same is true on my end.  I'm picky with my providers and I put them under heavy scrutiny but networks can and do become congested on both ends.  On my end, I keep only the best performers.  Providers that don't make the grade are dropped before the public even knows I was thinking about looking into the company.  Only providers who consistently make the grade across key areas are allowed to maintain here.  By the way, for anyone who doesn't know, all of TMN's testing servers are consumer grade, 1000 Mbps.  The servers are constantly monitored... if one locale requires more bandwidth, more servers are brought online automatically.  All with 1000 Mbps connections.  You're always going to have resources here.  As soon as 10+ Gbps becomes more of a standard, TMN will have it server-side across the network.  Some of my servers are already connected well above 1000 Mbps, I just don't advertise it until it's across the entire network.  Funny thing is, the people I buy them from don't advertise them that fast either.  Probably for the same reason as TMN.
    Just because I have mad bandwidth doesn't mean that it can necessarily all be utilized at any time, I probably have a better chance than many average consumers but still, it's not perfect.  The day it's prefect is the day I'm out of business.   --- and truthfully if it betters our Internet, I'm all for it.
    If I had your results I'd see the 400-600+ Mbps and wonder if those moments were my true baseline.  If that's true, everything else is subpar.  If you hadn't seen those speeds then you might be able to say that maybe your computer or network were incapable.  Can't really say that after seeing those numbers... and it's was in a large string of tests.  You were pretty damn capable when those tests happened.
    At any rate, in my opinion your speed is pretty awesome.  You pay $90 for all 3 services?  At those speeds!  Dude.  Lucky.   --- although, that doesn't excuse false advertising.
    Again, it's best to test across more servers and multithread before drawing a complete conclusion.  I'd never blame my ISP until checking those boxes.  Keep in mind, TMN is hosted across many networks, it would be extremely odd if they all happened to fail or be degraded simultaneously.  If they perform similarly across many servers, it's probably your ISP, network or computer to blame.
    It's gets even more complicated when you factor in that some routes to some servers can become congested while others to the same server at the same moment, aren't.  What most often matters is who your provider is peering with and who my providers are peering with.  If those coincide we're going to have a better chance of making that GREAT connection that we wish would always happen. 
    Finally saw the video to this song.  What the...  lol
  9. CA3LE liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Result not what expected   
    TestMy has tons of bandwidth. I remember the owner telling someone it would handle many times more than the highest peak load  of users he's ever seen.
    im not a PC guy, so I couldn't tell you if the computer or browser you have has any impact.
  10. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by Brendan Lynch in Just Joined.   
    Hi, just came across this site a little while ago.I find it very interesting and informative, so I decided to join and here I am. Delighted to be part of your community.
  11. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by trix5842 in Compare your Download Speeds!!!   
    WIFI SPEED on my MBPr Mid 2012, Melbourne, Australia

  12. Duane Carlisle liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Ken Mills   
    You could try hooking directly to your modem with Ethernet and see if it behaves the same as when you're using all your other equipment. If you're using wireless and it's slower than the Ethernet connection, try testing right next to your wireless unit. If it's faster, then you are likely too far from the wireless base station.
    The ISP should be able to help you determine if the problem is inside your house or not
  13. Duane Carlisle liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Ken Mills   
    There are a variety of things that could be affecting your speed - at your place or externally (local connections, at your ISP, or on other legs of where your traffic is coming and going).
    Give your ISP a call. Be polite, patient, and persistent. They should be able to help out. It may take more than one call.
  14. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by Roco in Hi TMN folk   
    My internet has a problem lol , my ISP is BT , (Brit Telecom )
  15. Troyshunt liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in My Detected Info   
    ill let you answer this. In general I know what it means.
  16. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Switch off users while testing?   
    If the other people on the network are currently downloading or uploading it will affect the result for sure.  Most of the time however it's not necessary to disconnect anyone.  Chances are, they're pretty much idle in the grand scheme of your connection, even if they're hitting webpages at the time.
    Now, if you suspect that one of the users is eating up bandwidth it may help to test first to get a baseline with everything connected normally, then remove the other connections one in order to determine which machine is at fault.  It can be a quick, easy way to troubleshoot.
    It's always accurate.  It's just not going to give you favorable results if other people on your network are using a significant portion of the connection.  That lends to the accuracy.  If you add the speed of what they're doing and your result... then run an identical test without the variable of the other users, unless there are other variables at work, you'll always find that it matches.
    No, you shouldn't.  I never do.  But if my result is way lower than expected... I'll start looking at the other connected machines... and then the internal network before I ever assume it's my providers fault.  9 times out of 10, it's my end.  Something needs a routine reboot, I forget about a file transfer on another machine.. etc.  But the variation in my normal result shows me that there's something not right and helps me track down the culprit every time.  Someone told me about how it helped them figure out that their neighbor was leeching their connection, torrenting.
    Although like mudmanc4 said, there's a definite benefit to isolating variables.  When you're at the end of your rope.  First, get your baseline hooked up normally.  Then if you're on wifi, test directly connected to the router.  No improvement?  Then test directly wired to the modem (if your modem is separate from the router).  If you still have the same issue, connecting a different computer to the same direct connection will prove that it's not isolated to the one machine.  Remember, the modem will need to be power cycled between connecting and disconnecting the modem from anything.  It must be assigned to the new mac address of the device it's plugged into.
  17. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by zbuckone in Speed UP NET   
    Thank you for the reply!.....No bullcrap.
  18. zbuckone liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in Speed UP NET   
    zbuckone - My apologies. I skimmed over your post too quickly, and failed to notice that the image wasn't yours. I only do this very part time. And LOL on "I'm working on my meaningless bullcrap"
  19. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Effect of non-static ip address on test records   
    @carref43 , I've added a graph of all tests taken from you connection ID logged in or not.
    I see you've just recently joined however. Make sure you are logged in while testing.
    Nice, steady test results by the way
    No does not require a static IP to log results, however members have their own database. Since you were likely not a member since running the tests you did, therefore not logged in, the tests are not saved in your database.
    There could possible be means to recover older results, @CA3LE would be the guy to discuss this with.
  20. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by Wiseguy_ in Download and speed Pausing/Hanging   
    Hi all,
    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    I performed a fresh install of windows 10 and that seems to have cleared the problem.
    2.5Mb steady speed with 18% middle variance now.
  21. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by trix5842 in DON'T switch to NBN just yet!   
    I also forgot to mention Pgoodwin1 that the NBN Australia bought up our two biggest ISP’s first being Telstra and Optus. However they have jumped on any person with cable even outside of the NBN rollout installation.
    I’m in one of those area’s and with Optus for my ISP. I still don’t understand how the government are actually allowed to take over the entire countries internet service? You just get a notice in the mail telling you when the NBN will be arriving to switch you over and the date your original service will be cut off if you don’t join. Pretty freaky and I think other countries should know because I get the feeling that we’re a test case. 
    Anyhoo, without sounding crazy I am very happy now 
  22. trix5842 liked a post in a topic by Pgoodwin1 in DON'T switch to NBN just yet!   
    Keep calling them. Be polite but persistent. Find as many other people with this issue and ask them to call in too.
  23. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by jct21 in various speeds, different browsers   
    apparently ive found the issue.  since upgrading to windows 10 1607 - anniversary update,  speed tests using ie11 and edge are cut in half.  transfer rates when downloading large files such as drivers from NVidia are half what they should be when using ie and edge.  using firefox all speed tests and download transfer rates are what they should be.
    that is why while using windows 8.1 all browsers on all speed sites worked fine. 
    ive tried all the anniversary update internet fix suggestions for windows 10 but none of them work.  rolling back the update to a previous version fixes the problem in windows 10 and all browsers and download rates are as they should be.  MS needs to fix this.