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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in results   
    Go to My Results .Then click 'Export' below the graph.

    let me know if this helps
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in clear all present data   
    Instead of deleting you can also change the "Date / Days" fields so that it doesn't show your old results.

    In your case most of your older results are taken before you registered, so you could also hide those by scrolling down below the result list (details).  There's an option at the bottom, you'll see that mine is already toggled to only show the results I logged under my username.

    Hope this helps.  I personally prefer altering the query to display what you want vs deleting because I like to look back at my old results over time.  Will especially be true in the future.
    The program deletes the result across all databases, the next major release it will instead hide the result, allowing it to be recoverable.
    For those who have thousands of results or just want help clearing old results I'm happy to do this on request.  Just shoot me a PM.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to markw in Down & Up Combined Score   
    954 Mbps down
    183.5 Mbps up
    now if I just LAG some ports on my firewall together, I should be able to more than double that.

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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from CA3LE in clear all present data   
    You can go to the Results and hit the checkbox ar the right hand top of the table. It will select all in the table. Then hit the checkbox with the red X on it - that will erase-all in the table showing. Set the number of days at the top to cover what you want. 
    Note - I'm not sure that this will erase all the data in the TestMy database, or whether it just erases what data shows in the graphs.
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from Hepick in Is this reason enough to complain to my ISP....   
    Good to hear. Glad they got it worked out. Usually if you hound the ISP, after a while they do something. I'm convinced some of them have policies where they don't do anything for customers with these kind of problems until you call three or more times.
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from JohnBilling in Aussie, Aussie, DOH! My net dropped out, again. :(   
    Hahaha. Hello from SW Ohio in the US.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to deadmaus10 in Down & Up Combined Score   
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Jamey021Mass in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
           $89.99 Cable and TV. Xfinity Massachusetts
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to danielkuk in MAGIC   
    Just been upgraded to the secret VIVID 350 by virgin media; and here are my results; I want to beat the 350 marker soon! Other's have scored 380. 

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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from CA3LE in Is this reason enough to complain to my ISP....   
    Try escalating the problem there. Tell them you want to speak to a supervisor. Stay polite, even though you're not feeling friendly about it. Be persistent.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to PauloHeaven in tell me your country and your speeds and price of the connection   
    I'm in France and I got the Jet Fibre package from Orange, offering 1 Gb/s down, 250 Mb/s + TV with I don't remember how many channels with some in 4K (I don't watch TV but you cannot skip the TV package) + unlimited phone for 43€/month.

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to JohnBilling in Aussie, Aussie, DOH! My net dropped out, again. :(   
    Hello from Australia, the land of droughts, floods, fires, deadly creatures and poor internet speeds! 
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to DarthGod in Hello from India!   
    Right, seems like I'm getting the speeds I pay for then, Thanks for clearing that out. 
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Rustcrew in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    $49.95 a month  Money well spent.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Grandpaw Grizzly in Arthritic Internet   
    Okay. I'll take that as an educated answer from a knowledgeable person. I will decline Comcast's offer to send a tech out to my home (at blank check cost to me) who will just give me the same bad news: it can't be fixed. I wish I could change to one of those "better" ISPs but I have the misfortune of living in an apartment complex that was wired by Comcast at construction in exchange for a monopoly agreement with the landlord. It seems this situation was very common for a long time. Don't know if it is still legal or not but even telephone companies won't give me potentially higher speed DSL internet because of Comcast' monopoly. Thanks for replying. I actually browsed your forum and quickly found much relevant information; all of it seems to add up to my being stuck with Comcast and poor internet speeds. My Roku movie streams keep re-buffering and other bears in the cave (especially the cubs) are growling at me dangerously....
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from Grandpaw Grizzly in Arthritic Internet   
    There's more than likely wording in fine print somewhere that says "up to" 100 Mbps. Some ISPs are a lot better than others at proving good solid service at or near that max.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to TexasmadeJ in Post your speed and how much you pay monthly   
    Spectrum 100 Mbps↓, 10 Mbps↑ $40.00 per month/ No Data Cap
    :::.. Internet Speed Test Result Details ..:::
    Download Connection Speed:: 112269 kbps or 112.3 Mbps 
    Download Speed Test Size:: 89 MB or 91136 kB or 93323264 bytes
    Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 14034 kB/s or 14 MB/s
    Upload Connection Speed:: 9035 kbps or 9 Mbps 
    Upload Speed Test Size:: 6.2 MB or 6304 kB or 6455296 bytes
    Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 1129 kB/s or 1.1 MB/s
    Timed:: Download: 6.65 seconds | Upload: 5.716 seconds
    Tested At:: http://TestMy.net
    Test Time:: 2017-07-26 15:12:34 Local Time
    Client Location:: 
    Target:: Dallas, TX http://dallas.testmy.net
    Validation:: http://testmy.net/db/z9h7cr4ns.Cu2VIK5x3
    TiP Measurement Summary (Download):: Min 100.76 Mbps | Middle Avg 113.39 Mbps | Max 127.1 Mbps | 21% Variance
    TiP Data Points:: 107.72 Mbps, 114.52 Mbps, 121.57 Mbps, 127.1 Mbps, 115.11 Mbps, 105.19 Mbps, 111.11 Mbps, 112.6 Mbps, 120.92 Mbps, 114.72 Mbps, 106.86 Mbps, 117.53 Mbps, 103.24 Mbps, 106.86 Mbps, 114.72 Mbps, 112.03 Mbps, 116.71 Mbps, 106.86 Mbps, 100.76 Mbps
    Client Stats:: http://testmy.net/quickstats/TexasmadeJ http://testmy.net/compID/22483708363669
    User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.125 Safari/537.36 [!]
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from Sean in New Router helped my speeds   
    I'm on a Spectrum 100 Mbps down load, 10 Mbps upload plan. I replaced my 100 Mbps wired router with a used $57 5th gen Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (gigabit Ethernet)
    my speeds improved from 80 Mbps average upload to about 116 Mbps. The first pic shows the before and after plot. The second pic is the latest average.
    the 3rd pic is one test plot with the old router. 4th pic is one test with plot the new router. 
    TestMy helped me identify the potential limitation of the 100 Mbps wired router (it was trying very hard), and testing here documents the improvement. Great site.

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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to ronjoc in another new guy here   
    Hello guys and gals! New here so thought I'd post an intro. My name is Jeron. Cheers!
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Nicholskr in Boosted my signal   
    My net was slower than the speed of a snail,so I tool the liberty of reposisioning my net. sat.and extended the pole 3 ft. And boom! Got 3.9 mbps was 239kbps nice!
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Hinze in Funny Stuff   

    This one made me lol.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to Peter B in Improve member location and search on location   
    It would help if when joining members had to enter more postal details on location so that it is possible to search and group on the area where I live. My location on Testmy.net is taken as Andover, Hampshire, GB(UK) but I live a long way off in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.
    So any grouping of speed tests in my area is impossible as you only appear to group by the ISP.
    I know that my problems are upload related and probably between the exchange and the ISP so grouping results at the location where the ISP links to the network does not help me with identifying users in my area who I would like to group together. This is because the issue may be telecoms carrier related (British Telecom Openreach) rather than the ISP. I know its not the line as this has been changed all the way to the exchange.
    If there is a search already that would help me identify members close to me it would be great but I can not see how to do this.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Improve member location and search on location   
    Thank you for the suggestion.  In the next version I may have a 'refine location' function, where you can manually select alternate cities within 100 miles of your detected city.  Hopefully this helps in those situations.  It may also ask you on your first visit, "Is this location correct?  Do you want to correct it?" 
    I aim to make the database a a whole much higher resolution with many new ways of cross referencing and aggregating the data TMN has amassed.  I hope you stick around to see the development.
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    Pgoodwin1 reacted to CA3LE in Improve member location and search on location   
    I could do that for some countries but would have to ask users to enter that information.  I think only a fraction of users would participate unless it were forced on them.  But there still may be an option in the future to refine.  If I were to do it on the detail of postal codes, I'd probably opt of GPS and map selection instead.  Options I've already worked with in development.  If postal codes were more standardized across the world it would be different.
    The 100 Miles I was talking about would just limit the user to selecting a more refined location within that area.  So that someone outside of that area doesn't come in and skew the data.  Because most likely, the IP location detection TMN uses now has placed you pretty close to the general area... just not pinpointed. 
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    Pgoodwin1 got a reaction from Roaldan in Low Velocity   
    I'm not sure what your plan speeds are. I see from your test data that you had a test point around 25 Mbps, and the rest of your points are only about 1/10 of that. That's a sign of a problem. I don't know what they mean by exchange congestion. One of your slow points was at around 5 AM, so there shouldn't have been any congestion.
    i suggest you keep calling them until they get it corrected. Stay patient, polite, but be persistent. 
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