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  1. Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    ............ AT&T Uverse.. 18 up.. 1.. down.. internet only.. testing single pipe dns against AT&T.
  2. HDD Light Flashing?

    Well, it flashed for about a month,(Dell M5030, Win-7-sp1, Home Premium), then I got tired of it, So.. took out some software I was playing with, and no, it still flashed. flashing about 60 times per minute, and yet the computer didn't have any problems at all, worked like it always has. Did all I could think of (scans, regedit, files), and was about to do a recovery, when I noticed the little icon on the tool bar, 'ACTION CENTER', so I went into the action center and it says you have 'one' issue to resolve..Run- BACK-UP-, which I haven't done in several months.. So that's what I did, and backed it up on an external HDD, without any problems. Guess what, the light STOPPED blinking 60 times a minute, and now the HDD light is quiet and only works when it's suppose too.. NOW.. the QUESTION is.. Why would this cause the problem.. I have no idea, I'm not a computer technician. Maybe you can resolve this question, thanks for your time, and expertise.............
  3. Mud...I'll give you 35 bucks for an unopened copy.. what a deal...?
  4. Down & Up Combined Score

    AT&T Uverse.. 18Mb down.. 1Mb up..
  5. Mud.. you'er doing the right thing getting rid of XP. A 12 year old XP, who drives a 12 year old car anymore (except me, but it only has 54,000 miles on it).. and about that 53%, it's more like 33% world-wide for all users of XP. Systems come and they go, XP is gone. How many Mac Os's have met their demise,(Mac people call it revision), and there all named after some animal living in the zoo. Lets move-on, nothing here to see. Have a PC day.
  6. Down & Up Combined Score

    AT&T Uverse...working great...!
  7. Some Of The Best Direct Internet?

    This is a 'BURST", christian, something to do with build-up in ram cache...it happens once in awhile. but not enough, as you can check my speed results.. maybe someone can start a conversation on the subject.
  8. Domain/Domain Name Sale List

    Mud, sounds like you have some money tied up in the internet... I only have one and keep renewing every five years..hoping someday the name will sell for millions, when space travel and colonies on other planets are as common, as driving to the 7-11 store. It's gonna be a long, long, time.
  9. Some Of The Best Direct Internet?

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<< he CHEATED!................................
  10. Dell Website Linked To Porn

    Dell website; Dell provides Porn through it's members. could this be true???? UPDATE......LOOKS LIKE DELL HAS CLEANED UP THEIR SITE... http://en.community.dell.com/members/hotjoan1217/default.aspx Watch Free Porn Movies in HD Online!
  11. Dell Website Linked To Porn

    In Dells terms of Use.. Links. The Site may include links to third-party sites, which are not under Dell's control. You access them at your own risk. In order to use certain features of the Site, you may be required to install or use equipment and software. You do so entirely at your own risk. Dell can't control it's own website links... pornography and what else..? Called this morning, the Dell representatives didn't seem to be bothered by the porno, nor did they seem interested to get rid of or discourage porno from Dells site. NO HELP FROM DELL..
  12. Dell Website Linked To Porn

    When I visit the Dell computer website and input the word 'free' on their site search, the drop-down has several choices related to computers. But...the last choice is 'PORN" and carries over to another Dell page, with links to hardcore porn. Personally I don't think this should be on Dell computer's site. Called Dell and a Technician said he would notify a higher authority. As of today the 'porn' is still there. Maybe it's been there a long time, but i have just noticed it lately. Porn has it's place,but not on Dell/s website, even in the form of a link, or forum, in my opinion, and everybody has one.. thanks for your time, have a good day. Dell Community will be performing site maintenance August 21st through August 23rd. During this time the Community will be search and read only. Users will not be able to login or post to the Community. For more information regarding the upcoming site enhancements see our blog. Thank you for your patience. UPDATE..............Dell has cleaned the porn off their site....for now. free downloads free drivers free fall sensor driver freefall sensor free fall sensor free fall driver free driver updates free fall free porn
  13. Compare your Download Speeds!!!

    Multi thread readings...Washington, DC and Texas.. don't know why Global Multithread doen't show up in the upload results..?
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