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what's the best anti virus program for vista...

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what do you recommend...for vista...

what about a program for spyware/malware...


inquiring minds wanna know :) ...that would be me and someone else that i can't mention...cuz i like to be mysterious

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AVG Free works with Vista.


Edit: Spyware


Both will work with Vista

Depends on how you want to load it up. Besides what coknuck has, I also have AVG aniti spyware, windows defender, ad-aware, superantispyware free, vcleaner, and spyware blaster. And I run the 64 bit edition. And yes it all works together fine.  :grin2:

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Im running Avira AntiV with Webroot SpySweaper. Also I got NoScript and FlashBlock for FF3, so yea im all set on my end. NOD32 is great just not very user friendly with the UI. AVG is good as well just that for some reason looking at the new version kinda irritates me, dunno why.

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