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yah mon

xplornet speed issues

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not sure if it is posted here as I did not read the threads.

xplornet has been having issues with motorola canopy system on public frequencies.

Just recently they started implementing the 3.5ghz (private frequency)nextnet boxes which work a lot better than the motorola ones.

Actually motorola bought nexnet out.

I was having the same issues as a lot of people have been describing which has mostly to do with signal interference on the public frequencies and nothing else.

The 3.5 GHZ is now for the first time giving me the advertised speeds except during peak hours where I experience a bit of slowdown.

I had to repeatedly call xplornet on the issue and proof to them I was losing my connection and have packet loss.

Finally they send somebody and all is well(for now)

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Ya, the fun part is, in Springbank in Calgary and around there, where Pathcom was... they sent out over 200 work orders to my dealer before the towers were up. We're still getting some of them done because people went "missing" and Xplornet told us to forget about that initial 200 orders we got, so we did. Now we're pulling out names in that list that we "should have kept" (Good thing I thought ahead to keep them), but ya... I think it's finally done. And yes 3.5 works awesome compared to the old canopy systems.

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