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Got Malware ???

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U.S. Ranks 9th in Global PC Infection Report, According to PandaLabs

- Average number of worldwide infections grew 15 percent over last month - Global infection ratio hits all time high this year at nearly 60 percent

GLENDALE, Calif., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- PandaLabs, Panda Security's malware analysis and detection laboratory, today announced that it has detected a 15 percent increase in the total number of malware-infected computers in September in comparison to the previous month of August. According to data gathered from users that scanned and disinfected their computers with the free Panda ActiveScan online antivirus, the average infection ratio rose to 59 percent, the highest rate this year.

In comparison to the infection rates of 29 countries, the U.S. ranks ninth with an infection ratio of 58.25 percent, just below the worldwide average. Taiwan has the most infected PCs, with a 69.10 percent corruption, followed by Russia and China at 67.99 percent and 61.97 percent, respectively. The country with the least infections is Norway at 39.60 percent. To view a table that outlines the percentage of infected computers by country, please visit: %PCs infected

According to Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs, "There is a false sense of security, as users perceive there to be no real danger at the moment. When their computers get infected, they rarely notice any symptoms."

Panda's study revealed that U.S. computers are infected by the most dangerous malware strains: Trojans, followed by adware, worms and viruses. To see the number and types of malware on infected computers in the U.S., please visit: Number and Types of Malware in U.S.

"This is a clear sign that hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated," explains Corrons. "Cybercriminals have found news ways to spread their creations, frequently exploiting the latest news stories to launch attacks through social networks, videos, and email. The huge amount of Trojans in circulation is due to the spectacular increase in the number of banker Trojans aimed at stealing user data."  

So heres my list of free cleaners for infections. Who's got more?

All free....Download, install, update,scan........ Start with one at a time in safe mode and proceed from there.

MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware


SuperAntiSpyware. Anti-Malware


Ad-Aware. Anti-spyware


SpyBot. Anti-Spyware


Avast Anti-Virus


Pick one Firewall( stops outgoing bug traffic).. Note that with Comodo, you can install only the firewall portion, and make sure to read the installer and uncheck about three things of crapware(Toolbars and search preferences).

Comodo. Firewall


ZoneAlarm. Firewall



FireFox browser.


A-Squared . Crapware scanner


Download link.


Then there is the free HijackThis to see whats running on your system that is rotten.


And an automated online analyzer for the output of the scan.


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And before I forget.

If you have a popup on your system that says you have an infection and you never installed that program that popped up? You are already infected. The name is something like "Anti-Virus 2008/2009" Or "XP anti-virus" or other names that make it look like Microsoft preinstalled it in your system.

The next stage after the 'FAKE' scan, is the program will ask for money to remove the infections. But even if you pay the ransom, you will still be infected.

Sometimes you will hit a webpage that will suddenly start a webpage based malware scanner, That is also FAKE. Some will minimize your browser to put up a fake system notice(little gray box).  *Note that with this method, you are NOT infected. It is a little trick via Java Script.*  But if you try to get the program to remove all the FAKE found items, you may get infected with the FAKE cure.

And keep your Windows patches updated.

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