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Olds, AB

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Information Alert for October 15th, 2009.

Olds, Alberta is getting 3.5 today hopefully, and once the burn-in is done on the equipment we'll be switching people over. This is also including the fact that the tower is no longer on the agricor building. It isn't much further away, but we did get a notice that they're guestimating that when it does switch over, that 10% is projected to need repointing. That's their guess, I hope it's not because there's a LOT of people on that tower.

If in the next day or two (when they do this) your internet is suddenly gone and you haven't had any problems, it's probably that. They'll send us out, and we'll be out asap.

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Alrighty, it was (as usual) worse than they foresaw.

We are hearing numbers of 80 but it's probably more like 100. Those are the # of people affected. If you are on a really extreme angle to the original tower (90/180/270/360 degrees), and you are fairly close (5 miles?) to the tower, your system is probably not working like it used to or is totally off.

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Lets get this straight. So they moved the whole array off of a building, to possibly 20 feet away to a dedicated tower and then thought only a few people(the closest) would be affected with 'signal loss'?

They really need to get some of these suits that think these things up, out in the field to see what happens when they make decisions 2,000 miles away.

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Hehe, ya I agree. There is about 350 odd people on the olds tower total. They made a guess at about 10% of the customers would need switching. That's 30-40 people. Now they're at 80+.

Good math for them guys. I would think they would have thought it through. But that's not the worst thing that happened. It was the fact they didn't tell anyone (even the dealers didn't know until the day before). And not everyone uses the xplornet email service. Most people just use it for the net for their hotmail/gmail/etc. emails. Some even still retained their dialup email service because of business needs and the hassle of changing their advertising/cards etc.

So not only did they not realize the extent of the re-points, but they didn't tell anyone (business using the service) that it was going to happen so they could prepare. We had customers who rely on internet connections to do daily business (like stock brokers and cattle sales people) who just were without internet for like a week.

We were hoping they'd learn from their mistakes of switchovers from the Pathcom customers, but alas, that's expecting too much I guess.  :cry2: :cry2: :sad3: :sad3: :evil2: :evil2:

Edit: Oh and of course, the dealers get yelled at because we installed their system, and it's our fault. A lot of angry customers and I don't blame them. Starting to get really fed-up with the management capabilities and organization inside the company.

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