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Upload speed issue

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Try to run two upload tests at the same time.  Open two tabs (or a second browser) and paste in...


...try to start both at nearly the same time,  the quicker you are.. the better the result in this test.  Let me know when you're done and I'll check your results.  I'm curious to see if you're limited on a single thread but actually have more bandwidth available.

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Here's my results in that test.




The two 25MB tests were done in unison, then the 50MB test was performed after.  You can see that performing two tests, on my connection, splits the performance.  Pretty much right down the middle.  Any variance can be accounted for by the fact that I can't perfectly initiate both tests at the exact same time.


Add them together to get a rough estimate.  If your connection has more capability but is limiting single threads you'll achieve a higher combined score with two upload tests at once.   If you end up with two similar results at that 20 Mbps mark then you may have to do 3 upload tests at once to see your full capability.

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Looks to me like you actually do have more available upload bandwidth than you can push in a single upload.  I'd pretty much bet if you tried 3 at a time you'd still get similar results.  What that means is that you have more bandwidth available, you just aren't able to utilize it all in one upload.  You must have multiple uploads simultaneously running to achieve full speed.


In the future I'll release a multithread upload test so you'll have an easier way to see the difference between single and multithread.  Download test already has a multithread option.

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