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uk news revisited

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·  Women fighters will share rooms with male Royal Marines commandos

·  Head of the navy said that the move would boost 'team cohesion'

Admiral Lord West, former head of the navy, said: 'Hot blooded men and women want to have sex so inevitably there will be the on odd incident. but when they are going off to do their Tarzan course, the last thing that will be on their mind will be sex. If they are going to be part of the Royal Marines, then sharing a room makes sense.'

A Royal Navy spokesman said: 'We continue to consider the policy to determine whether women could be accommodated in the same rooms as men, which includes ways of segregating areas to maintain privacy. No decision has yet been made.'


Holly mackerel ,  makes me wish I was young enough to sign up again, being Tarzan fit back then I could have chewed my way through a partition wall in seconds , indeed me Tarzan  I will call you  woman Jane .

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