Dramatically Varying Speeds on Comcast

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For about 6 months, we've been dealing with terrible internet speeds. Speeds are very inconsistent, and I will randomly get the speed that im paying for, 25 down, but most of the time, its 1.5mbps up and down. Netflix stutters, our iphones will drop calls when they try to use the wifi connection. We have called Comcast several times, had techs out, etc, etc, and it is always a huge waste of time with no results, typical "it appears to be working fine for me" sort of stuff. I am convinced that either a) our neighborhood loop is way over subscribed hence the variability, or b ) something is wrong with the connection to my house (or both).  We are at the end of the line in a fairly dense neighborhood in Memphis, TN. I have tried connecting the modem directly to the demarcation point on the back of the house to eliminate potential wiring issues, no luck.


Is there anything else I can do to force or convince Comcast to take a real look at my issue? See recent results below. 



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Keep calling them. It's a pain yes, but eventually you (and probably others) will get the issue recognized at Comcast. Be polite and friendly (hard to do when frustrated). After the second call, ask to speak to a supervisor. They'll eventually do something. If it is a neighborhood issue, then surely others will be complaining. If it's not, then eventually they send a tech out that has the experience and savvy to solve the problem

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