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Can someone explain in plain english what the results mean other than this % something and that % something.  I am totally not computer literate. My laptop is 10+ years old and a new wireless router was recently installed and since then the laptop seems to have slowed way down.  Thanks in advance.

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Hello @hillycat


Can you elaborate a little more? What part of results are you talking about?

Results of the test usually ends in a number for your speed in mbps or kbps.


The % generally is giving you an idea of your speed being higher or lower than your average once the most recent result is displayed.


Are you referring to something else?

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Your speed results are based on your connection to the outside world.

Your browser may be slow, so cleaning up history and cache (mostly cache) could resolve your issue.


Can you do something simple to speed up your connection? Yeah, pay more of your hard earned cash to your ISP to bump up your package.

But that isn't a solution you were looking for I assume.


Step One: Run a test on TMN

>> This is for you to see how much you are at initially

Step Two: Clear your browser cache (or history and cache) & disable add-ons and extensions

>> This will potentially speed up your browser

Step Three: Run a test on TMN again

>> Did the result change? Did it see any noticeable improvement? If it increased, your browser had way too much stuff bogging it down. if it decreased or stayed the same, then it isn't your browser that's causing the issue.

Step Four: Try a different computer/laptop/tablet/device on TMN.

>> Is the speed roughly the same? If yes, your internet is slow / limited, not your PC. If it is better, then your original PC probably has something slowing it down.


You'll need to troubleshoot! I'm cheap; so I rather not drop cash on a new PC only later to find out my internet connection is the issue.

You can do it! Any trouble, ask! I'm here to help as much as I can. :) 


(I'll try to keep my post short next time lol)

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@hillycat, Chances are the satellite beam is loaded with customers to the max, so each time someone or several customers are using the network for something other than email and browsing, the connection is saturated.


Search around for a DSL provider in your area, then come back to testmy.net before getting a plan, and search for results in your area.


testmy.net has a very large database to query results from.

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On 3/1/2017 at 5:40 PM, hillycat said:

Thanks to all who have replied, I will check on all this and maybe my issues will clear. If not I guess it might be time to go buy a new laptop!!

From the looks of the four speed tests you have performed, your upload speed is a bit low but your download speed is very good for Hughesnet.  I highly doubt that a new laptop would change those results at all.  With that said, only two tests of each doesn't really give a solid idea of your speeds.  


BTW, when testing your Hughesnet speeds use 15MB for the download tests and 2MB for the upload tests.


Also, keep in mind that your speeds are being compared both Hughesnet, and the average speed for ALL providers, with most of the latter being faster than Hughesnet from the start.  With that in mind, your speeds will rarely be on par with national averages, as those include things like FIOS and other high speed providers that Hughesnet can't match.  

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