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I've been struggling to make him understand and he doesn't believe me, so I need an expert to put this into words he'll understand, before this get's out of control. Okay, he is obsessed with playing games online and that's fine, but we live in a very dense area, with a lot of tourist. So we upgraded to the highest speed they offer and still, when he goes to play my laptop acts retarded, some times it won't even stay connected after I refresh the page. The minute he stops, it speeds up again and he says, that's impossible, we have the highest speed for a whole office.... While that may be true, they're aren't playing games, I've looked up everything and I can't seem to wrap my brain around it either, I only know when he plays, my laptop goes into crazy mood. So could anyone please explain this, and/or give us a solution to anything that may help, other than limiting his hours like a child. I feel really bad when I yell at him over the internet :(

Thank you

Current speed w/o him playing: d7uLecJxm.eUv96TbYw.png

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By the looks of your recent tests, it would appear there are other types of games going on there.


I would suggest there is heavy download / upload activity, which could then suggest that when you yourself see slowdowns and disconnects or time out issues,  someone is torrenting data at that time. ( In other words, downloading and then sharing files / data publicly )


 As normal gaming would most likely not consume ~5Mbps upload , nor effect any normal web browsing on another machine, at the speeds your connection is showing.


I would also suggest he knows quite a bit more than you think.



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