Multithreaded test seems to be using some dead hosts

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Lately when I have been trying any multi-threaded test, it has been quite erratic.  It generally jumps straight to 25-50% the instant I start the test and it quite often gets stuck around the 80-90% mark.  This is based on picking the UK option and testing on various devices (phone, laptop, desktop, etc.) and connections (home, work, LTE, etc.).


As the test in progress screen shows the list of hosts it tests with, I took a screenshot of it and pinged all the hosts it showed.  The culprit appears to be the UK2 tests:




The hosts starting with 'uk.', i.e.,,, and all pinged with an average of 23ms, so these seem to be fine.


The and both pinged with an average of 141ms, so these seem to be pointing to US or other long distance hosts.


The, and hosts all fail to resolve the host name.  This probably explains why the test skips the first 25-50% as the script probably detects the failed host lookups as these pieces completing their download. 


The timed out, even when I tried this in my web browser.  This probably explains why it gets stuck around the 80-90% mark.


Update: An example from Fiddler showing the host issues while a multi-threaded test takes place:



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I just want to check if anyone had a chance to look at this issue over the past month.


From a quick check, the UK server with the multithread test is still picking unresolvable hosts in each test:




The Frankfurt (Germany) one seems to be fine, i.e. not one 502 error after running multiple tests:



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Thank you Sean!


This has been corrected and it now checks the availability of the server as it should.  Was only affecting the UK selection when you specifically targeted UK by itself.  


Great catch!



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No problem - Multithreaded test with UK server now working fine here... B)




This now brings up the expected ~3.9Mbps for my DSL connection.



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