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    • Where are you located (city)?
    •   Hi Nick,   Have you tried TestMy.net in your devices web browser?  Using HTML5, server-side programming and native browser technology TMN is designed to work on all devices without additional software.  Just visit testmy.net in your browser and depending on the device you may see the lite version or the desktop version.  Both versions use the same resources.  The lite version isn't a different program, it's just modified to conform to smaller screens.     At the bottom of all the pages there is a link to toggle between versions.  I often use the full version on my iPhone instead of the default lite version.  Because I don't mind having to pinch and zoom around the page and would rather see all of the design elements in full form.  But then the lite version has advantages too... like one handed operation.   Let me know if this helps, Happy Testing! - Damon - TestMy.net       Hi Nick,   I'm sorry I don't have a native app for you.  All of TMN is developed by one person... if I focused my programming on apps the core website wouldn't be what it is.  Instead I focus on making one site that works for everyone.  I don't want to over complicate and already complicated situation.   TestMy.net will work anywhere in the world.  If you're in Europe, Africa or the Middle East you'll be defaulted to my server in the UK.  If you're in Asia you'll default to China.. Australia, Pacific Islands and New Zealand will test against Melbourne, AU by default.   I've tested people in Vatican City and North Korea.  If you have Internet and a browser TMN will work anywhere.   I hope it works out for you and helps you understand your true speed.     I'm always open to suggestions if you think I can do anything better let me know.  You won't hurt my feelings... keep in mind that I build TMN for you.   - Damon - TestMy.net  
    • Re TestMy.net Automatic Speed Test     Hi Dean,   Just close it.  If it's not running in your browser... it's not running.  If you minimized it when you started find it and close it, or close your browser completely and re-open it.   To save bandwidth you can specify the test size (force it to start right at the correct size), tell it to test less frequently or turn it on for only a certain number of cycles.   The test was never intended to run constantly.  I think that some people feel like you're supposed to run it all the time... I'm not here to waste your bandwidth, or my own.  I have to pay for bandwidth too and TMN can burn through Terabytes in a single day.  I encourage you to use it as much as you need but I also encourage you to only use it as much as you need.   Thank you for your patronage and support.  If you like what I'm building help me by spreading the word.   - Damon - TestMy.net
    •   Hi Chris,   You can see results for Time Warner as they come in at https://testmy.net/host-history/time_warner_cable - Time Warners page is at https://testmy.net/hoststats/time_warner_cable   Currently ISP's are ranked within cities but you can't search for an ISP and see a ranking of the cities the ISP operates in.  This will be addressed in an upcoming version giving my users much deeper insight.  As well as much more useful and informational way of aggregating and complaining the data.    Right now you're able to pull results by any location.  Within those results there's a ranking of the ISPs for the area queried.  For instance, for the US, Time Warner is ranking #7 right now.  https://testmy.net/country/us ... the city Austin, TX has you ranking #2 https://testmy.net/city/austin_tx   I hope this helps.  TestMy.net is designed, build and maintained by one person.  I'm under constant development.  I welcome your input and criticism.  If you have any ideas how I can better display my information please share so I can make TestMy.net work better for you.   - Happy Testing! - Damon - TestMy.net     Chris,   TestMy.net is HTML5 and javascript.  I can't speak for the technology behind flash or java tests out there.  TestMy.net has always worked on natively without the need for third party plugins.  Since I started developing in 1996 I've never considered using them, ever.  The main benefit is that it's optimal.  Requiring less to get the same job done is always better.  Another benefit is a test who's results don't need adjusting.  Ookla themselves admitted years ago to adjusting their results, adjusting for unknown variables.  If the result is adjusted, it can't be trusted.   https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/28902-why-do-my-results-differ-from-speedtestnet-ookla-speed-tests/   The real beauty of TestMy.net isn't in the client-side code that you see.  Most of the action takes place on the server-side.  The backend doing the hard work while the front end serves the minimum to get the job done is what makes TMN what it is.   There are no cons.  If there were, I'd do it differently.   Let me know if I can help Time Warner.  If you like my test you'll be interested in the stuff on my drawing table.   - Happy Testing! - Damon - TestMy.net     Chris,   There are quite a few areas I'm developing.  One thing in particular is a way to implement TestMy.net within any website.  A simple cut and paste and all of TestMy.net can be housed within any website.  Using TestMy.net's server resources but appearing as if it's hosted on your domain.  I plan on offering it completely free, with no ads.  I see it as a way to promote my ad supported site and am more than willing to foot the bill on servers and bandwidth to organically draw more users.   The icons you mentioned, if you hover over them you'll see a tooltip.  The star stands for Dallas, TX... meaning that the user tested against the main server in Dallas, TX.  Apple logo is for iPads, Android logo is for all Android devices and the cellphone looking icon is for iPhone.  Various icons show you the test type, detected device, server tested against and user selectable identifier.  It helps you visually reference results faster.   The two numbers in your results offer two different ways of interpreting the results.  Some people want to know the connection speed, which is shown in Mbps or Megabits per second.  Others want to know the transfer speed of files.  So the result is also shown in MB/s or Megabytes per second.  Please read https://testmy.net/understand-bandwidth for details on the difference.   Hope you have a great weekend too.  I look forward to helping more of your customers in the future.   - Damon - TestMy.net
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