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    Hello i am new on this forum From Miami, Florida. look forward to getting help as well as ready to help when I can.
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  2. Hi mudmanc4, The latency is running at 667 - half a second basically - but the overall speed is not to bad. Not much good if you are trying to bid on Ebay ! Your bid gets there way after the auction closed ! The company selling the package offer 20mb down and 6mb up - I've yet to find a test site that even gets anywhere near that figure. The testmy.net tester is returning a down speed of between 1.8 and 2.2mbps and an upload of 200-227mbps - pretty rubbish really considering the costs involved with installation etc.. I'll keep you updated
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  3. CA3LE

    Propigation Delay

    I'm working on it. I've wanted to add ping to the results forever. Every time I start to program that I get sidetracked into something else. I'll try to get latency included with the upcoming database upgrade. ... just like the upload progress bar, it's eluded me... but it's mostly because there are so many aspects to this program, it can be hard to get to everything. But yes, trust me... I want to add ping to the results.
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