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    Ken Mills

    Ken Mills

    Hooked up to Belong NBN provider,at rated speed 25Mbps speed Fibre optic to node 100 metre copper to residence router Gateway access, and Wifi to multiple devices. Max download speed about 24Mbps falls off to less than 1Mbps at times. what is going on to cause such a drop in download service.
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    Ken Mills

    You could try hooking directly to your modem with Ethernet and see if it behaves the same as when you're using all your other equipment. If you're using wireless and it's slower than the Ethernet connection, try testing right next to your wireless unit. If it's faster, then you are likely too far from the wireless base station. The ISP should be able to help you determine if the problem is inside your house or not
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    Ken Mills

    There are a variety of things that could be affecting your speed - at your place or externally (local connections, at your ISP, or on other legs of where your traffic is coming and going). Give your ISP a call. Be polite, patient, and persistent. They should be able to help out. It may take more than one call.
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    i usually see very different results than here, when my internet is having issues speedtest.net doesn't usually detect them at all it will show my full 50/5 where as here i can see my service is really suffering and only receiving half that i actually get better results from here then i see on speedtest.net maybe that's just me...
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