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    Intermittent Drop Out

    @Hypopyon, If this were myself, I would run the auto test, example for a two hour movie scenario: This test will run for 125 minutes, once every five minutes, testing upload and download minimum 1MB per test run, 'nfw' is selected to reserve bandwidth as were simply getting as close to a connectivity test as we can. (This means the tests will not forward to a larger test size until the test takes seven seconds. Although I'm not up on the TTL (how long the test server will wait for a response before giving up) therefore the two hour test every five minutes, if your getting eight droputs per movie, you should catch several, in theory. Though in your case, I might be running wireshark , (packet capture) to view the responses during the loss, which can be a bit overwhelming to learn.
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    Australian Servers?

    TestMy.net is based in the USA but has servers across the globe. You've been automatically testing against an array of servers closer to you in Sidney, AU. See the little flag in your result details. You can also hover over that for more details. The number of hops to display the results in irrelevant. By the time that's happening... the test is already completed and the result is only waiting for final calculations. Results are only sent back to TestMy.net's home for processing and logging to databases. Switch to a US speed test mirror and you'll see the difference. Bottomline, your ISP is either blowing smoke or they're just ignorant. In our experience here... most ISPs would love for you to dismiss TMN results. For 100 Mbps, you're not doing bad at all.
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    Australian Servers?

    @barney79, Welcome to testmy.net forum. If your testing to a specific server such as the testmy.net Australian server, and the test is originated from the same continent, that is where the test is run. Full stop. The reporting server has no bearing on the test results. The test has already been completed before results are sent anywhere, the Australian test server simply reports findings to the main testmy.net server, records them into the database, and reports back to you, after the test has been taken. If you were to run the multi threaded test ( selecting more than one server, then yes there would obviously be more variables involved) but that is not your question or case it seems. Not sure where the provider is getting this information, but generally speaking, that theory would not be viable in any test environment. As you may well already be aware of.
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    Thank you!! Now I see the download test packets payload with alphanumeric characters and no-transform directive in the http response.
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    Very good point. When I was having issues a little while back I had commented out a few lines and never reverted. Can you please confirm that it's working properly for you now? ... that would definitely explain some other emails I've recently received.
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