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    That's not surprising. I'm seeing the same at my data-center. They're running several 100Gbit connections, but they also host a bunch of infrastructure for Netflix and Hulu, and they told me that "due to the significant amount of traffic to several of our customers, you may see bandwidth impacts." I got another ticket this week that said they're recarving up their bandwidth to limit those two in particular. Going to be interesting to see how that goes.
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    Fun Times

    So, I upgraded my computer a little and the new motherboard had a realtek card. Been a long time since I've had anything but intel. It was sooo bad. I've been messing with it since yesterday trying each setting and go back and check again when I find something that changes things... I'm sure many of you know how slow and painstaking that can be lol But I finally got it! if you look at my profile my slowest and and my fastest speeds are today lol
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    I eventually got a hold of a supervisor. He reluctantly admitted that with everyone on quarantine and at home streaming Netflix and whatnot, that my area is legitimately out of bandwidth. Once this is all over with, we;ll see if that's true. 😷
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    Hi Cable i'm actually quite surprised. Its been around for many many years I thought you would have tried it for sure. I installed it yesterday, around noonish (not sure where you are, but I'm in EST) it feels to me like its slightly slower, but it seems a little more stable if that makes sense. So the overall is slower, I don't think its more then 30-50mbps but there is less moderation.. And again, maybe its all in my freakin head LOL Its so hard to get accurate test results on such things just due to variances that exist regardless. So, I've been running it since yesterday, I'll uninstall it now and run it for about 24 hours and run regular speed tests/latency tests and post them here, I'll post my slowest, and my fastest and a couple of latency tests at different times to try and give some sort of baseline, then reinstall it and run it for 24 hours. The only problem is it has to be "calibrated" so the first few speed tests with it will be to calibrate, and I won't include those. EDIT: Actually since its already calibrated, I'll just leave it and run it for run a few tests with, uninstall run a few without. make it lots quicker and I can do that a few times over the next day or 2. Fastest WITH Slowest WITH https://testmy.net/db/500d7rtHn
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    So some know I run 2 cars in a League and have TMN Logos on them as what a better place to spread the word then some place where your internet speed and latency is equal if not more important to success. Our league Broadcasted our races last year on a smaller company which this year purchased the rites and merged with two huge broadcasting companies so now on Mondays and Thursdays were on on LSRTV which is livesimracing.com. I do not get anything from this but a cool truck and cup looking car and just thought I would remind everyone in case anyone is interested in watching Sim racing some time. I will update this post prior to the Monday race and Thursday race at Milwaukie Speedway with the links One last sort a off topic question?? I see I started using TMN back in 2009 ( I thought it was earlier could be wrong) When did TMN officially start anyway For some reason I was thinking 2001-2003 possibly no idea where I came up with that year just was in my head.
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    Skewed test results...

    Hey Gabe, made a little update to that. There's a copy button now. Before it was set to select the entire textarea when you clicked it. Now you can make your own selection and copy like you normally do. Or click 'copy' and it will copy the entire text area to your clipboard.
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    Given that the FIA and IMSA have postponed and rescheduled the seasons, I may have to start watching this to get my racing fix in. Granted, my team stands no chance in F1 this year, but I still want to watch them lose lol
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    Ya I seen the way did not do a very good job of showing my car or the Logos on it, Though I guess I can expect that as I have missed some of the cup races , the truck though I have not missed any. I'm sorry I thought I posted my car is the #333 I'm also the #333 in truck. It is kinda Ironic how I had to give up positions as to not wreck the #40 car 5-6 different times for his driving tactics then he ends up winning and I get 7th. Thing is that kind of stuff is what i'll remember next time and maybe won't be so giving, It just takes a Minor bump at Corner entrance to cause the car in front to push wide allowing to to easily pass underneath without wrecking them. Ill work on getting some better pics, Just realized I usually save the replays and upload to you tube but rarely get a 360° set of pictures of car or truck sitting still.
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    But still... you're getting 50% of that. Over the years I've stated in general that you should get at least 80% before complaining. Which is 20/2.4 Mbps... right about where your speed was before. Interesting how much I have forgotten over the years I remember this you said oMG back when I started using Testmy.net. SO even when I was at my best connections (pre Pandemic) I was just hovering around the 78-80% range. What IRKS me most is the blatant way Xfinity, and im sure others to push their speed tests and recommend you test to the closest server to your location (Then try to blame the suns position, the Ethernet cable, my Gaming desktop with mega RAM, best NIC must be the problem I was so mad on time I asked the tech if next he was going to say since my cat was orangish colored that was the problem)as network traffic over distance will degrade or (Turn SLUG-ISH) When we all know every thing we search for download, stream, etc. is always located as close to your location as possible correct? I mean I must of been insane thinking I needed good speed and low latency to the servers in Boston since they are far from me I am being super sarcastic BTW to those who may not realize this
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    Time discrepancy of 1 hour

    Thank you very much for your help. The date-time-stamp in the exported spreadsheet now match the date and time shown in the test results. I will work with graphs tomorrow. Good night! Marcel VH
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    Time discrepancy of 1 hour

    I notice that the time shown in My Results shows the correct time (for my location) of the individual tests. When I export the result (to .CSV and then as .xlsx) the generated timestamp in Column A shows the time as one hour later. This must be some bug to do with daylight saving? I do not need to know the reason, but I would like you to fix it. I have attached relevant screen shots. Thank you. MarcelVH. 2020-05-07-Time-Discrepancy-in TestMyNet.docx
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    ... well, looks like you kinda did tell them that. How did they respond to that? I don't see a response yet... continuing down the topic now.
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    No problem, this is going to take a little time to fully catch up on all that's written. You have quite the case here. Right now (after cleaning out the responses that hughesnet people posted on this topic for some reason) I'm reading into your communication logs with your ISP. At this part, Uhhhhhh... that person is a moron. 35GB, over 24 hours... off the top of my head, you don't need very much to do that. Let's do some basic math (a subject apparently unknown to that rep) for fun. 35 * 1024 = 35840 MB 35840 / 24 = 1493 MB per hour 1493 / 60 = 25 MB per minute (rounding up) 25 / 60 = 0.42 MB per second 0.42 * 8 = 3.36 Mbps consistently is all it takes to push 35 GB per day in bandwidth. So early on I'm getting an idea of who you're dealing with on the other end. Frustrating. ... getting back to it.
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    "My Results" are not mine

    Thank you @Pgoodwin1 for the heads up @dnjSerran I changed your username. The issue was with the "&" symbol in your username. This character is actually disallowed in registration... not sure how it got through so I'm going to have to do a check up on that part of the registration process. Sorry my response took longer than normal. If you'd like a different username please let me know what you'd like me to change it to. I'm happy to help. What was happening is when you were visiting your stats it was encountering that illegal character... it looks like it was using what it could up to the point of that illegal character. So you were pulling stats for the member "David" instead of "David & J...". For your own privacy this username is better anyways. When I notice usernames that have real people's names I usually contact the member to ask if they'd like it changed. A reminder for anyone who needs a username change. Simply send me a private message saying "I'd like to change my username." with the new username. These requests are usually fulfilled within 24H.
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    "My Results" are not mine

    @CA3LE you may have to answer this one. His results are 2005-2006
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    That does look incredibly similar... But wouldn't that also show up on a test within the ISP's network? Because my issues only show up as soon as the data leaves the Buckeye network - which is why they're refusing to so much as acknowledge there is an issue, much less do anything about it. For example, my most recent tests. These were performed at the same time - one here: (https://testmy.net/db/qqsHYdzLe) and one on Buckeye's network: (http://buckeyebroadband.speedtestcustom.com/result/4793d4b0-7b42-11ea-a918-afd21c61947b). If it was a signal noise issue, wouldn't it show up at least intermittently on the intranet test as well? Also, my cabling hasn't been touched in a decade (and the router has already been replaced in the hopes of fixing the issue), so if it was anything to do with my wiring, wouldn't it have shown up even longer ago than this? As far as I'm aware, coax cable doesn't degrade over time - or am I mistaken? Also, how would that square with the issue that brought me here in the first place, where my speeds had initially been sustained for hours at a time at low speeds, then hours at a time at high speeds? If it were signal noise, that couldn't have happened, am I right? This, for example: Thank you for your response, @nanobot!
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    You might want to have a tech come out with a signaling meter. I had Spectrum send one out Tuesday morning, and my tests went from all-over-the-place to consistent 90-120Mbps. (I pay for 100Mbps and was seeing around that before.) I was getting the same thing you are right now: some tests would come back at 2-10Mbps, some at 100Mbps+. Latencies did the same weird spikes. It turned out that the way they ran my cabling introduced a lot of noise, two bad junctions, and cost me huge signaling levels. The thresholds were red-red-red on his meter when he got here, then after doing a couple quick mods it was blue-blue-blue. I was seeing 10-20% packet loss Monday, now I see <1% packet loss. (It also didn't help that my modem was old-old and one of those "combination" / modem+router+wifi units...the new modem is just a modem.) Here are my results for the last week. That last drop was just before he showed up. This also doesn't include the tests I aborted because things just hung.
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    Totally Unacceptable

    I totally agree, I too am very disgusted with Hughs. The slow speed is just ridiculous and not just now due to COVID 19 its always slow and now its almost non existent. No way this should be a constant! I dont live that far in the woods in fact I dont at all! Shame the lines for fast internet service stop 1/2 a mile from my house!
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    It’s a pain to have to go thru this stuff I know. I suggest you call them instead of emailing. Be polite but persistent. If you don’t get satisfaction from talking to their first level support person, ask to speak to a supervisor. I assume you have some kind of problem ticket number that your emails are posting to.
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    The first few hops of your Trace Routes appear to rule out the connection between your router and the ISP, so it does not appear to be an issue with your home network, router or its link. Besides the excessive ping times, your ISP appears to have very high packet loss going by the number of individual stars. Three stars in a row just means the gateway at that hop does not respond to ping requests, so you can ignore those. For comparison, these are trace routes to and from my end, which is over a 4G cellular connection: Try a "ping -n 100". Ideally this should finish with a "0% loss" and no more than 1%. High packet loss (3% or higher) will cause a drop in throughput as your connection will spend much of its time re-requesting packets that did not arrive.
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    jeff cogeco TORONTO

    jeff cogeco toronto

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    Skewed test results...

    Well guys, it appears that Kaspersky may very well be the problem. Though my speeds are pretty bad tonight, when I had Kaspersky disabled the issue wasn't there, and when I re-enabled it the issue was back. So, now I know what's causing it. Thanks for the help! I certainly appreciate it. BTW, CA3LE, an odd thing. When you click on Copy URLs on a share results page, both URLs copy. I can't copy just one or the other. When I try to, both are included. It's odd. When I try to copy just one or the other, this happens automatically...
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    I’m not very tech savvy person so I have to admit that I’m Completely confused and I’m to be honest, I vaguely understand what is really being talked about.
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    Who testmy.net is

    I'll work on a page that cites examples for you. They're here, just not compiled nicely for you. I just go off of what many people tell me. There are hundreds of stories (just that I've heard) of people who test perfectly fine using other speed tests and testmy.net reports the correct... much lower number. They email me, often by starting out BLAMING testmy.net. I tell them to trust the results and they usually email me back later, "testmy.net was right." I get blamed whenever someone is slow. The other speed tests misrepresent the numbers so people think I'M the one who's wrong because I'm the outlier. Just because the majority comes to the same answer doesn't mean they do it right. --- testmy.net is often an outlier because it's a real test. And instead of focusing on what they're not doing right... how about we all just use TestMy.net and call it a day?!?! ? I just posted one from the other day to a topic with some other examples I've shared in the past. There are some in other topics in the FAQ / Ask TMN forum When you're having issues and REALLY need testmy.net... that's when it works best and shows how it's truly proprietary. Why anyone uses anything other than TMN with evidence that the others fail when needed the most... makes no sense. Fact is, people just don't know. I try not to be all in your face with the ads. Large portions of the site are purposely ad free (like the forum) and I'm also showing no ads to mobile users.
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