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    10G FTTH - Wightfibre Limited

    Hi there, I'm a Telecoms Engineer for Wightfibre, based on the Isle of Wight. We have been rolling out our own fibre optic network for the past two years. I'm currently testing 10G to my home, which was installed with fibre not long ago. This is the fastest test I could do until it told me it was fake! (Rate limiting) I can provide further proof if you require
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    Hi! Thank you both for your help. I solved this issue 2 days ago, I had a problem in my Windows 10 desktop and I investigated it for a few days till I found this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10694244/sending-data-from-windows-is-slow-over-any-network-with-high-latency-but-linux-i I wrote this on my CMD: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal And it worked! Now if I run the test on my desktop pc I have more than 30Mbps and before I had 3. I don't know why Windows was configured in that way. Have a nice day and thank you for your time!
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    Is your laptop also Windows 10? I'm trying to differentiate your results. If you go to https://testmy.net/mysettings you can select an identifier. Do this on your laptop and desktop to help sort the results. Unless your problem has been resolved I'm going to guess that this is your laptop... TestMy.net Test ID : Qdf6F52b4 ... and this is your desktop... TestMy.net Test ID : otO225XBt Looks like you're in Buenos Aires, is that correct? How old is that desktop computer? Similar in age to the laptop? Have you seen connection speeds that you'd expect to see using that computer in the past? You mention antivirus... have you tried disabling all of that stuff to see if maybe that's the thing holding you back? When all else fails you can try a refresh, reset or restore. [Please read and understand what you're doing first.] I would suspect software issues before I'd look to the controller, cables port or router. (based on the info you expertly provided) Personally, I like to do a complete re-install of windows every 6 months to a year... even if I don't have issues. As windows takes on some of the changes slated into the future I don't see this being necessary moving forward. But right now... it still benefits from a fresh install. Especially if you use that machine a lot. Windows just becomes a steaming garbage pile after enough use...... again, I don't see this being an issue in the future with the changes windows has in the works. But we aren't in the future, yet. ... OSX and linux don't have that issue. 100% of my OSX fleet have never had the OS re-installed. Some still working perfectly snappy for well over a decade. My windows machines are constantly being re-installed, otherwise I feel it. And I'm not anti-windows or pro-mac... in fact I have a big fat bar of black tape covering the glowing Apple logo on the laptop I'm using right now. I'm just pro-having a computer that works correctly. Windows has done that for me in the past, Apple does that for me in the present but I have no allegiance to either into the future. If the SchwettyBalls Pro (or whatever) came out and made my job/life easier I wouldn't care what the name is... as long as it does exactly what I tell it to do better than the others. Please let us know if this helps.
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    I used to post as OldHippieDude, but can't find that account. 😎
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