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    checkout this amazing result

    Wow... look at this test result. I pay for 400 Down and my Avg Down is around 448. I snuck one by their speed throttle mechanism. At least now I know my neighborhood and facility wiring etc. can handle 1 gig. How this happened I don't know, but here is my theory. Based on the last thing I did, which was manipulating my so called router to grab it's Ip address from the host's DHCP but ignore everything else that comes from the Host's DHCP -- my router finally picked up DNS from I proved my so called router was using the new DNS server via the cool tool on this site (DNS lookup or something similar, under Misc --> tools). So, the very first time I ran the test without the extra DHCP baggage - my Down test hit 1 gig+, but their clever infrastructure caught on real fast. At first it over-corrected, then settled down in at the speed I usually get in my test results. So, no, benchmarking is not my hobby. I just want to be well prepared for my inevitable conversation with my dear old ISP.
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    That's not surprising. I'm seeing the same at my data-center. They're running several 100Gbit connections, but they also host a bunch of infrastructure for Netflix and Hulu, and they told me that "due to the significant amount of traffic to several of our customers, you may see bandwidth impacts." I got another ticket this week that said they're recarving up their bandwidth to limit those two in particular. Going to be interesting to see how that goes.
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    Fast Very Very Fast

    I am getting as fast as 31 Mbps uploading speed is feels great!
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    Alex Trebek, "Little black boxes maybe 4-5 in square and an inch thick." Me, "What is, apple tv?!" Damn. For reals though, it's exactly what your title says, "little black box that replaces my tower" --- it IS the tower, just smaller. I'd only refer to this as a node if the computer itself isn't doing the processing. Then it would basically be just a medium for i/o (input/output... keyboard, mouse, monitor, usb). Your company may be doing it like that but more likely your computer is still running the software physically. A notable example of this type of computer is the Intel Nuc They can be spec'd as low as $250 (with a Celeron J4005 - 2 threads) and go all the way up to north of $1600 with (a Xeon E-2286M - 16 threads!) -- you can also get kits that have no memory and drive for like $135. -- can make for some pretty dense computing. There are all kinds of mini PCs like this. Search Amazon for "mini PC" and watch some youtube reviews to find a good one at a good price. It's ever changing. In 2015 I may have said that this could replace your tower with something like this for lighter workloads like general browsing. Today... you can get a lot done in a much smaller package. Having said that, if you spec'd a full tower at the same price you'd have WAY more power. ...can't really fit an RTX in one of these. -- also I feel it's a huge waste of a processor if you aren't going to take advantage it's extra PCIe lanes. But there's something to be said for such a nice form factor. There are many use cases where this is a much better solution.
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    I feel like people often mention their ISP by name. But you have to admit... you just made your first post here and haven't told us who you're with. 😝 We can see you're on Comcast with a little research... https://testmy.net/compID/160108503386 I'm with Comcast too. But we have vastly different results. Please name them by name. I encourage everyone to speak freely. If you don't like what your ISP is doing, we want to hear about it so that it might help others in the future. We also want to hear about positive stories as well, those help consumers make informed decisions just as much. "Earning Trust" is for members who haven't made enough posts to rank up yet. There is also post moderation for the first few posts you make. After that you're more free here. You can thank the spam robot plague for that one. That moderation is really only for that reason. Humans tend to follow the rules here. So anyone here with over 2 posts (since about 2012) has gone through the human approval process. Forums that don't take these precautions are flooded with junk. Your ISP might monitor these forums. They're freely available to everyone. They especially might read it if it contains their name. I hope they're listening like that. That would show that they really care. But this is the only speed test I can guarantee you is not in the pocket of any ISP. I'm just a consumer, not a conspiracy. I started the predecessor to what would become TestMy.net when I was 15 in 1996 as a tool just for myself. It was actually an accident that it ever got out in the wild. I was afraid to open it to the public because of the cost of bandwidth... and then it became too popular too early and I had to shut down. Later to re-open as TestMy.net. They definitely have a monopoly. 🤣 I also think that they are in agreement with their "competition". The monopoly is more because of the technology used. Cable is better. Hughes performed worse for you because --- it's worse. Your connecting out to a satellite and the roundtrip distance is much further than you're getting with Comcast. Even if the two connections were performing at the same exact download and upload speed it would feel much snappier on the land based connection. You'll rarely see two cable companies in the same territory but you'll often find DSL. Cable companies gobble up other cable companies because they want the infrastructure and they don't want to eventually be gobbled up by the other company. I believe they allow DSL providers to exist so they aren't technically viewed as a monopoly. Coaxial cable is capable of amazing bandwidth, we actually don't know the real limit because we keep improving the technology on the end of the cables. But unless the DSL provider is connecting you with direct fiber to the home (FTTH) like Fios... they can't truly compete with cable. In my experience trying to get FTTH, it's never available wherever I'm looking to move. The screename FI3ER would confuse people even more than CA3LE so I guess it's for the best. SpaceX is developing Starlink, a low Earth orbit satellite network that I think is going to change the entire game and redefine how we view satellite connections. Because light travels faster in a vacuum than it does through fiber and Starlink can make much shorter routes to get to the same location... I imagine it will be (one of) Elon's real money makers in the end. Please make it affordable -- for everyone! The only thing I'd improve on is to have you spell my domain name correctly. Let's see if we can improve your situation. If we can't then I will advise you to call and demand credit until the situation is remedied. And you will get a credit. In fact, I'm still getting monthly donations from someone who told me proof provided by TestMy.net got them $420 credit (credited to them over a 12 month period). I've had to do it myself numerous times. If you're only getting 500 Kbps, that's patently absurd and you're definitely due credit for the broadband service you didn't receive. I've received credit in the past for way less disparity. But you need to prove (first to yourself) that it's not your own fault in any way. We can guide you through that process. Tell us a little more about your setup. Let's start with ... how many computers/devices do you have and are you testing on wifi? Tell me more details about your computers, do you have ethernet?
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    I was once a Hughesnet customer and had the same problems from time to time. It is shared bandwidth; therefore, the more devices added, the less bandwidth you receive. It's a normal practice for Hughesnet to "oversell" available bandwidth. I've also known quite a few people with the service and they all report the same problems. Once their 30 day trial period ends and their contracts are locked in, the service they receive after that point is poor to say the least. It's as if they give new customers "PRIORITY" access until the trial ends, and then, BAM, customers find out exactly what they're paying for. You are not alone! There are thousands upon thousands of complaints filed against Hughesnet for their business practices.
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    Fun Times

    So, I upgraded my computer a little and the new motherboard had a realtek card. Been a long time since I've had anything but intel. It was sooo bad. I've been messing with it since yesterday trying each setting and go back and check again when I find something that changes things... I'm sure many of you know how slow and painstaking that can be lol But I finally got it! if you look at my profile my slowest and and my fastest speeds are today lol
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    I eventually got a hold of a supervisor. He reluctantly admitted that with everyone on quarantine and at home streaming Netflix and whatnot, that my area is legitimately out of bandwidth. Once this is all over with, we;ll see if that's true. 😷
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    testmy.net [email protected] team

    @php Like @mudmanc4 said, I had to add 'client-type' 'advanced' to the expert options. This allows you to get the beta WU's. Estimated production for just my desktop is ~1.3 million PPD, just kicked everything off last night so I'm curious how it'll look over the weekend.
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    testmy.net [email protected] team

    So, yeah. There have been so many people folding that it's really hard to get work units. I suppose that's a good problem? If you leave it running, you'll get something occasionally. The retry algorithm backs off exponentially, so it can take a while. This is a pretty common sight:
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    testmy.net [email protected] team

    php here, guest posting until I can figure out how to get back into my account 😅 There have been so many people folding that it's really hard to get work units. I suppose that's a good problem? If you leave it running, you'll get something occasionally.
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    Speed differences

    OOOHHH, you're not just using DNS, you're using Cloudflare's premium offering WARP+ -- which uses a feature called Argo Smart Routing. Sorry I didn't realize that at first. In that case... yeah, you're speed is genuinely affected. You're going to get better speed because Cloudflare is making your connection take a better, less congested and more direct route to the hosts you connect to. Please point out which result you're talking about. I didn't see any of your recent results with a variance that high. note: There's a setting in advanced settings to switch that number from variance to standard deviation. Might be the default soon, I like it better.
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    If they continue to bill you for service that is not provided, it can get their attention if you file a complaint with the FCC: https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us Some states have consumer protection bureaus that you can use as well, but mine refers broadband issues to the FCC. In the past filing complaints seems to have attracted some attention.
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    Possible typo?

    I think there is a typo on this page. The tab says, "Top 20 Member Rank" but results for 50 members are shown. I really like your site, so I consider this message to be a contribution (however tiny) for what it's worth. By no means is this meant to be a dig (those are always much wordier). I wouldn't expect to see the rankings of every last member, but I was hoping that the "Search" tab would give my results with its ranking. If this isn't already a feature that I'm simply overlooking, could you consider this as a feature request? Thanks, and my compliments to your site.
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    Fast Very Very Fast

    great upload that is
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    Change / Update Display Name (2020)

    Yes... and no. You still need to shoot me a PM, just say, "I'd like to change my username to ___________". I have a program on my end that queries the database and outputs manual SQL commands that I then run against the database server. I input two (before / after) usernames and it gives me all the commands to run to make the change... cut 'n paste from there. It's a much quicker process than before but I'd still like to make it automated. At most a few people a month request name changes, if I get more requests it will justify the time expense it will take me to make it fully automated. So shoot me a PM if you'd like your username changed.
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    Over the past few years, the Irish Three mobile network has prioritised certain types of traffic on its network. This includes the likes of Google services (e.g. YouTube), CloudFlare, some Microsoft services and certain hosts. In the past, this included traffic over certain port #s such as port 8080 that Ookla's Speedtest traffic runs over. This also made it possible to exploit the traffic prioritisaton by making a VPN connection over port 8080, however, they (and Vodafone Ireland) stopped traffic shaping by port # shortly after I posted about it. With Cloudflare recently launching a privacy App for Android, it made me wonder if I could exploit Cloudflare's traffic prioritisation with its WARP+ service. I purchased the Unlimited subscription to try, but quickly ran into a problem. While the service worked over Wi-Fi, I could not browse the web over Three's mobile data and Apps had no connectivity. After doing some diagnostics, I found that WARP+'s DNS queries were not getting through, but TCP connectivity was working. This is surprising giving than the App is supposed to securely encrypt DNS queries back to Cloudflare. Since connectivity by IP address was working, this gave me an idea - Enable DNS over HTTPS on Firefox for Android: Enter the address: about:config Change network.trr.bootstrapAddress to Change network.trr.mode to 3 This gave me Internet connectivity in the Firefox App until I disconnected WARP+. I had to change network.trr.mode to 2 for Firefox to work once I disconnected WARP+. While the other Apps still had no connectivity with WARP+ enabled, I was mainly interested in running speed tests. In Ballybofey with a good 4G+ signal on Three, I ran TestMy on every server with a linear 50MB block size with WARP+ disconnected. I then enabled WARP+ and reran the tests. Here are the download speeds in Mbps: While Cloudflare's made a substantial difference, I believe this is mainly down to Three's traffic shaping of Cloudflare traffic. It's interesting to see that even Sydney at the opposite side of the globe to me got nearly a 10x speed boost. The Los Angeles TestMy server appears to be on a server that Three prioritises as repeat tests consistently deliver around 70Mbps when even Ookla's speed test with local servers couldn't achieve anything higher than the 30s. From testing Three's masts in different areas, it appears that most (if not all) Three's 3G masts and certain 4G masts are not affected by traffic shaping. For example, in Donegal town I get much better speed with a direct connection than over WARP+. London,GB - Direct connection vs WARP+: Frankfurt, DE - Direct connection vs WARP+: Sydney, AU - Direct connection vs WARP+: I didn't have enough time to test all the servers, but it's clear that WARP+ was actually slowing down my connection in this location. Based on the London speed test, it's quite possible Three don't apply traffic shaping to masts fed directly into the fibre network. Whenever Cloudflare releases this service for the desktop, I will carry out some testing over a tethered / Hotspot connection as Android bypasses any VPN connection when tethering is enabled.
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    Skewed test results...

    Well guys, it appears that Kaspersky may very well be the problem. Though my speeds are pretty bad tonight, when I had Kaspersky disabled the issue wasn't there, and when I re-enabled it the issue was back. So, now I know what's causing it. Thanks for the help! I certainly appreciate it. BTW, CA3LE, an odd thing. When you click on Copy URLs on a share results page, both URLs copy. I can't copy just one or the other. When I try to, both are included. It's odd. When I try to copy just one or the other, this happens automatically...
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    Skewed test results...

    Which virus checker are you using? I have seen this before with Kaspersky, including its free version. It appears to hold on to the incoming data as it analyses it, so when it releases it to the browser, this causes a spike like what you show.
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    I just to try out right now, and just working right now! Thank you so much too.
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    I have been a customer since November 2019. They are horrible, honestly. I have called twice a week or more since installed. I have had my modem replaced( which they wanted me to pay for shipping and I absolutely refused. Why would I pay more for service I'm not getting.) because they said I had data leaks. I would have nothing connected, and was losing .5-1gig in a 24 hour period. While on the phone with tech support, he saw me loose .3gb in an hour on the phone. During bonus time...we are good to get 1mb and maybe 3mb at best...because we download at that time. At 2am we can have 14mbps and a soon as we start downloading content, BOOM they throttle us back to 1-3mbps. When we are in our regular data usage time period...we usually get 9-10mbps at best. Usually it is less than 1mbps. I spend more time with tech support than I do actually using the internet. The screwy thing is...I have speed tests here clocked at 151mps and 70mps plus at times. Soo...they can supply you with more speed. They choose not to. We cannot get cable internet, our neighbors have it, but our driveway is over 1 mile long and we live In the sticks. So it was this or the other satellite provider. I just get tired of the excuses, and the tokens. Plus they tried to upsale me on a bigger plan lmfao. Because I really wanna pay them more.. for what we Already aren't getting. I wish I knew a fix, and the latency is ugh. I wanna know where my "Lightning Fast internet Speeds" are that they advertise. And there is that 2yr contract..got ya
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    Before (DSL Modulation set to ADSL2+) https://testmy.net/db/9EYvOW8ap After (DSL Modulation set to G.dmt) https://testmy.net/db/wzZbGM_zC
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    No internet? — hughesnet

    Update; my modem took a dump and they had to replace it.
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    I don't have Hughes but we get a lot of complaints about their speed and latency here. Do you have any other ISP options where you live?
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    If you're 2.5 miles from the "home office" (typically an MDF/IDF - main / intermediary data facility), you are outside the "sweet-zone" of ADSL. Typically, (A)DSL sees maximum throughput at 2 miles or less from a MDF/IDF. Basically, the distance between your demarcation point (modem) and your ISP's closet. You're only half-a-mile outside the sweet-zone, so I would still expect you to see reasonable speeds. That said, you might never see a stable 6Mbps, due to ADSL typically using older, buried phone / Cat3 lines. (Unless CenturyLink ran shielded coax/twinax copper or fiber, which I highly, highly doubt.) The burst you see with TMN is likely because the lines are cool, so there's no electromagnetic field around them. Because ADSL is typically Cat3, it's often minimally (if at all) twisted, unshielded, and poor-cabling, so it's easy for the cabling to build an electromagnetic field that interferes with signal transmission. This field won't exist at an idle, it will only exist when data is being transmitted. Once the field has built up (often as quick as 50-2500ns) it starts creating cross-talk and signaling interference, slowing the throughput you can achieve. (Basically, error-rates go up, and as a result more of your bandwidth is spent on handling those errors.) Unfortunately, without replacing the cabling, your speeds probably can't be improved much. All that said, does CenturyLink offer 5Mbps? If so, I would downgrade to that and run some more testing. If their signaling is wonky, you'll see a similar drop (I would expect either 1Mbps or 833kbps drop when you switch if they have a signaling calculation incorrect). If you don't see a drop, save yourself the money and keep the 5Mbps connection. If you see a drop, document it (now, the 5 vs. 6, and then, the x vs. 5). If you still have a drop, call CenturyLink and explain the situation. I have no idea how well they'll assist you, but they should be able to make other accommodations (provide 6Mbps but bill at 5Mbps, for example).
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    You may have to unplug your modem for like 10 seconds and plug it back in to get it to assign to the MAC address of the newly connected device. Once it pairs to the new device you'll have to do it again if you want to switch it back or try a different directly connected device.
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    So last nights race at ISM in my league was awesome, got some great coverage and mentioning of the Testmy.net site. No I am not officially sponsored by the site, but due to the great tools and time I have been a a member of Testmy.net and watched the site expand I could think of no better way to say thanks not to mention a better tool for those who run the Simulation as it needs great internet reliability and there is none better to use to ensure you are in top shape. I added a link stating from where race starts, I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you for all the help you have provided to allow me to keep Xfinity honest and tools to know my internet is up to snuff. iRacing ISM race in the Testmy.net Tundra
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    ISP (Host) average

    Hi, this is just a small thing .. but since you asked.... After a test, there is comparison data at top. Things like % > than my average, % greater than whole world, etc. One of them is % > than Host. Hmmm. I would have to think about this longer to know what to recommend. For now I will just submit what I am pondering. The average numbers on Host have a lot to do with the subscription. (e.g. I pay for 5Mbps, and so 5Mbps is what I get.) Lots of people are running tests, and we don't know what speed they are paying for in their subscription. I think it may drive assumptions in peoples minds that could give the ISP a bad rap. As in, it may not be true that XYZ ISP can only go 5 Mbps Up, but it is certainly true that the majority of people here running tests have paid for that specific rate. Like I said, its a small thing, but does mean that particular comparison statement might could use an asterisk or something to clarify the fact that the Host results are sensitive to more than just the capability of their infrastructure. It is not an issue for individuals running tests since we already know the specifics of our own subscriptions.
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    A couple of router settings that matter

    Hi all, just passing along my experience - your mileage may vary. I think its worth submitting since I was able to double both my UP and DOWN test speeds with these small changes. These observations were made with an ASUS AC-3100 Router, from a hardwired 8p 24 gig (mem) server with a 1 gig Ethernet card. Firewall off I understand this is religious, but I set the devices to protect themselves as best I can. After all, I had no firewall rules in place anyway. So the firewall was just kind of a big piece of code in the router that had to do work on the packets - slowing the router down significantly. IMO that protection can be done elsewhere for much less expense in speed. Again, broad stroke firewall (even with no rules set) does protect against certain attacks - so turning it of is a choice I gamble on since I'm not the department of defense and nobody is trying to prove anything by screwing me over. AND, my server firewall does the same stuff regarding DoS attacks and what not. ( all these fear factors we live with ) NAT Acceleration (cut through) on NAT is a confusing thing to investigate. Devices, L3 switches, routers all have settings. I'm still reading about it. However for today, I can tell you that NAT acceleration ON allows a bunch of stuff to bypass the processor in the router and it makes a HUGE difference in Download speed. Turning it on or off did not make any difference in Upload speed. DNS Settings Talking about DNS settings arrives at a discussion of DHCP settings. That is because DHCP does you the kind favor of loading up the address of it's favorite DNS values when you do not tell it otherwise. This is the setting that allowed me to get from about 5Mbps Upload to 20Mbps Upload instantly. I was initially using the ISPs DNS server, and had my router set to allow DHCP pass through so my devices were becoming contaminated with the ISPs DNS address. This is a tricky topic but it makes a big difference. Consult your manuals carefully. Bottom line, do what is needed to get a good DNS server working for you. --john
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    TestMy Latency... to anywhere.

    I opened up TestMy Latency for public testing about 2 weeks ago. Thousands of tests have been performed daily, thank you for the data and insight. It's really helped to button down the program. It wouldn't be able to test the way it does today without you just simply running those early tests and logging that information to my database. Today I was in the shower and thought, "Why not make it able to test anywhere..." --- cut myself shaving because I wanted to get to my computer so fast. So I added an ability that's hidden right now and I would love for you to test it. https://testmy.net/latency?internal=1&fa=1&addr=google.com https://testmy.net/latency?internal=1&fa=1&addr=facebook.com https://testmy.net/latency?internal=1&fa=1&addr=msn.com ... any address you want. It's going to show as "My Network" right now because it's barely built in there. If you query TML like this and it returns a result then you're testing against the host at addr=. From what I've seen it doesn't matter if the host is behind a CDN like cloudflare, it will punch right through that and get the real time to the host. For instance, a website I know is hosted in Australia, who's users have linked to TMN for decades >> forums.whirlpool.net.au I ping that using ICMP ping and I get Damons-5K-iMac:~ CA3LE$ ping forums.whirlpool.net.au PING forums.whirlpool.net.au ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=57 time=9.928 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=9.410 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=57 time=9.819 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=57 time=9.808 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=57 time=11.445 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=57 time=9.191 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=6 ttl=57 time=9.319 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=57 time=9.396 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=8 ttl=57 time=9.357 ms ^C --- forums.whirlpool.net.au ping statistics --- 9 packets transmitted, 9 packets received, 0.0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 9.191/9.741/11.445/0.650 ms Damons-5K-iMac:~ CA3LE$ (I can tell by the 104. address, don't even have to look it up, most likely cloudflare) That's the ping to the cloudflare proxy... not the actual forums.whirlpool.net.au server. but then I run that address with TML and get about 1 second delay. (sorry, can't share this like normal because it's not logging it to the database... again, this is a hidden function and I have to develop it further. There are blocks in the program preventing certain actions when it's outside of the scope it expects to see. Screenshots will have to do.) https://testmy.net/latency?internal=1&fa=1&https=1&addr=forums.whirlpool.net.au I do the same test to domains known to resolve in the US... Oops, I realize now that you need to add the &https=1 if the website is https. However, most will resolve both. https://testmy.net/latency?internal=1&fa=1&https=1&addr=google.com https://testmy.net/latency?internal=1&fa=1&https=1&addr=facebook.com https://testmy.net/latency?internal=1&fa=1&https=1&addr=msn.com by the way, facebook started responding slower on http also, wasn't just https. It's like it switched me to a different location. Actually, sharing does work as long as the address has less than 3 parts to it. "forums.whirlpool.net.au" won't save just because it has 4 parts to the address... I'll fix that. example embedded share https://testmy.net/latency?q=CA3LE&n=100&internal=1&fa=1&addr=testmy.net&stats=1 Help me understand what this can do, I'm figuring it out with you. Please run more tests and let me know what you find.
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    upload test when using waterfox

    just updated my waterfox to version 56.3, or as their new version scheme calls it, 2019.10 and the test works correctly now using new version of test whether signed in or not. isn't there a way to mark topic solved?
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    How much speed variation is acceptable?

    Oh I see, it means variance. I probably should've played around with the numbers more n figured it out for myself. Yes, standard deviation is more readable (especially when its expressed in mbps and not a percentage) so thanks for that! Also, what is 'My Host Avg?' Is that like my ISP's average speed or something? I absolutely love this site, so thanks for that as well as the detailed explanation above!
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    Will A Better Router Help?

    A better router may help you with range and internal network speed but your wifi right now probably isn't the bottleneck... it's the connection. To see if you might benefit from a faster router connect your modem directly to your best computer. Then run TestMy.net. Connect it back up to wifi and test the same computer again. You'll probably need to unplug the power from modem each time when you switch back and fourth, they usually need to boot up and get the MAC address of the device it's connected to. If you do that test and find your speed is much faster wired... then you might want to think about getting a newer router. If the speeds are about the same... you can probably hold off unless you're having other issues with wifi. I personally use Netgear. A used Nighthawk R7000 for ~$70 would blow away whatever they gave you. I also would never use a router or modem from my ISP and prefer to have them as two separate units. Better for future upgradability, cheaper if something fails too. I need to upgrade routers far more often than modems so having them separate is better. Also better for interference. When I've tested even the supposed best ISP routers... they always under perform vs retail counterparts. When it comes to wifi, testing right on top of the router isn't optimal. You want to be a little away from it. Maybe like 10 ft. Here's an article about wireless best practices -- may help you get the most out of what you're working with. - wireless feng shui
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    I like this best... No, it's full alphanumeric which makes it more random. @ramasaig does this help make it more clear?
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    With all the hype over data privacy laws here in Europe (GDPR, which stands for General Data Protection Regulation), I can see where non-technical people get confused over using data to refer to integrated circuit data instead of personal data. The best replacement word I can think of would be "bytes", e.g. "Uploading 12 MB of random bytes..." To a non-technical person, they will more likely see the word "bytes" as technical jargon than personal data. Even if they Google (or Bing) the keyword "Bytes", the search results will not be about organisations collecting data, privacy, regulations, etc.
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    Let it all hang out

    I'm with you on this. And I should have thought to come up with it, never crossed my mind. Back some years ago, I did a lot of jobs in the middle of no where. New construction, no bath, no porta, nothing. So I'd dig a small hole somewhere inconspicuous and have at it. never went so smooth and easy. And never put one thought to it as to why.
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    iRacing (Testmy.net) vehicles

    OK so I was able to get a few well 3 cars My Xfinity, Cup and the Dirt Street Stock Plus I have 2 people I run with now using your site to check their internet as any ping much over 133 causes problems ( cars will blink in and out of reality and it can cause huge wrecks etc.) Oh also the guy who streams our monday and thursday races VRN (Virtual Racing Network) uses your site to keep his connection in tip top shape I will have videos and more screenshots soon my teammate is encoding 6 videos for me.
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    CA3LE your advice worked :)

    So here is a short few laps I ran at Chicagoland with most updated graphics. BJ Sheldon ( My Teammate) did the amazing graphics for me and did a great job. BTW my speed is better using WIFI ( ASUS USB AC68 Adapter 1.3 Gbps ) then using the onboard Realtek Lan 1.0 Gbps wired into Gateway. Plus so sad seen using the (Xfinity Test) they say I get 998 Mbps/45Mbps but I know that is a farce plus watching speeds jump all over the place. I sure am thankful you have a site we can get realistic speed results , I doubt I ever use any servers in portland where you know I use iRacing ( Boston MA) servers almost daily and is nice to get realistic results from that distance . Here is link to my short youtube clip of truck, will get some more soon with entire races just wanted to get you something as it has been awhile I Have the Testmy.net on my B class Xfinity Toyota and my A class Monster Energy Toyota also will get those posted soon . If Dodge ever comes back to Nascar I will then be running MOPAR Vehicles If you think I need to change anything let me know
  39. 2 points

    Date Format Problem in downloaded CSV file

    Sean, Your solution worked! Thank you so much for sorting this mystery. I am in the UK so the date format is the same as for Ireland. Another slice of Excel knowledge gained by me . CA3LE - Yes please - if you can add the site option for the date format that will make it a whole lot easier for those of us on this side of the pond.
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    I'm working on this right now actually. ? Very soon.
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    My Average Tool

    Thanks, I'm surprised there hasn't been more response to this. It's pretty much the most powerful tool I've ever built... statistically speaking. Personally, I love it. My Average also works with all of the ISPs, cities and countries in the database. Those areas are in development but will be released in iterations soon. I'm using it right now and... to me, it's crazy to see years of data plotted out in front of me, so quickly. Many of the queries aren't even close to optimized or indexed but it can still make it happen like lightning. Around 2011/2012 I changed the way providers were being logged to the database, this tool combines the old data with the new data for its calculations so I'm able to get full records going back to 2005. All in milliseconds. (actually the database predates that but an early error reset all of the dates to 2005... whoops! Too late by the time I noticed. Live, learn, be happy.) These are extremely heavy queries to the database but using some of the same strategies that I use for hoststats I'm able to make these pages render for you in under 0.05 seconds. Behind the scenes these queries take minutes but TMN is in the background pre-fetching and caching calculations. Check out how much Hughes Net has improved over the years. LOL, that 2nd video was copyright claimed for the audio before I could even post this. (I mean right as I pasted the link) Youtube is on it! That's good, that dude deserves credit. So you might see ads just on that 2nd video... just wanted to share what I was really listening to right now.
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    I've had an FCC complaint against these people - Spent HOURS AND HOURS on the phone w/them. Things go OK for a day or 2 every once in a while then right back down into the toilet. I've heard since Dec. 2015 "Yeah, they've been having problems w/that beam !" Is there a sane answer out there ? Follow the dollar and you'll always find your answer. I can't stand this dial up speed - No place to go but Verizon Wireless w/same speeds. There must be someone out there in the brain trust that can answer my question. Thanks !
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    Mark Rauber


    Sounds familiar. When I signed up there was no mention of data restrictions, tokens, bonus bs, or anything of that sort. I was told usage was unlimited with 25 mbps. Perhaps somewhere in fine small print it exist, but in either case its a sham. A few speed sites I used to use with Suddenlink now all show speeds at or below what I had with dial-up 15 years ago. I'm paying $86 a month which is higher than Suddenlink charged with 30 mbps unlimited. I told the tech on the phone I don't spend hardly any time on the net, so why after 20 days am I out of usable data. He tells me to insure I'm not connected and using data to turn my computer off anytime I'm AFC. Hell, I'd unplug the stupid modem its a lot quicker. Anyway, thanks you guys for your help. I'll stay in touch as the saga continues...lmao!!
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    I'm not sure 'What' you will win in the end. But it sure ain't a usable fast connection, referring to the last poster's comments. I too have been on the phone with them many times, to no avail. Every time I see the advertisement come on about guaranteed 25Mbps, it really annoys me. I have recently found better options to try out, (new company's coming out with internet connections). I just don't know how much of a fight they will put up if I haven't served the complete 2yr sentence, oops, I mean automatic contract I'm supposed to be on with them. Even though there was no mention of it when I called to get connected. The way I see it, they are not holding up their end of the contract, then why am I forced to stay with them and unable to use my connection for any of my work? My speeds are all in the old Dial up range. 3 or 4 days after my cycle begins, I'm told I used all my data. I ask "What, pray tell, is using up my 20 Gigs in the first week so fast? No one seems to have an answer for that. I mean, I am unable to do but the very basic of things on this connection. It isn't fast enough for me to use up 20 gigs!
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    Use TESTMY.NET to determine your speed. INSIST on it. The Hughesnet speedtest site is fake. Several years ago they insisted on the TESTMY.NET site. They've developed their own testing site and now, unless you INSIST on TESTMY.NET they'll use their own fake results from their fake site. I've spent hundreds of hours on the phone w/these people. I know them well - There is a resolution for your wows but it takes LOT's of time. Expect an hour every time you call them - Have a hard wire cable so you can wire the router directly to your PC Tell your family you won't be available for and hour or so. Don't get mad, don't yell, don't get frustrated - Work w/every thing they're asking you to do. Their call center is in Brownsville, TX, I believe, so you'll talk to nice folks but not local. Get - Did I say "GET" the case # - They record and document every second of their conversation with you. Make sure you're polite but firm - They usually will work with you - Just keep in mind the peep's you talk to have limited ability to fix your issue - But I really like talking to them - They really do want to fix your issue. Take notes as you go through your conversation w/them. Get names - Note times. This won't be the only time you'll call them - It's a game - Learn to master it and you'll win. Good luck !
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    Filter by Time Frame, & or Auto Test

    Currently you can narrow the results down to a certain number of days from a certain date. So if you have run an auto test to show to your ISP but have also done other speed tests in the same day, that were not an auto test over time, you currently have no way to filter them down. So I think if you added in the ability to narrow by a certain time frame on the days displayed, like from 8:00 pm (20:00 hours) to 10:00 pm (22:00 hours) it would help us to get an accurate reading during a certain time period. Also think it might be a good idea since the system logs the different types of test such as 1. Only a download test or 2. Only an Upload test If there was an identifier for the Auto Speed Tests in which you could narrow the results to only show the Auto Test results. So people can show their ISP there data speeds over a time period of repetitive tests, instead of all the results for the day.
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    Show ping amongst test results

    Hi, I just found this internet speed test site and I think it's great and it seems to give the most reliable results I have found yet. I can't seem to find the ping result however, is it possible to see your ping amongst the final test results? All the other internet speed tests show ping, I think you guys should do that as well!
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    I'm just prayin' for the day someone drags a cable to my front door.
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    I was an Excede user, Their system are not even in the DSL range. Fact , every 12 to 20 minutes the Satellite Transponder sends the protocols, That leaves you a very long waiting time for any "single" function call to complete. It's a RIP. Last update to Commercial Transponder or Receiver was made by 'Hughes" back in the 60's, early 70's. Fidonet on the Bulletin Board System in the early 80's was faster with a modem at 300bps. False Advertisement and Claims made by Excede, aka, Exede and WildBlue high-speed Internet services are provided by ViaSat. Any way you slice it They brag of a Exede 12 Mbps service. Thats is, they can, right up till you add a time line. As that brag only last as long as the Transponder is transmitting. Again, DSL is better at 3 mbps.
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    That's funny, I just happened to be looking at your account as you registered. -- you'd think it was the php logo that caught my attention but I actually only saw your username first. I really appreciate that you want to donate. Over 10 years ago there was a link for donation, maybe I'll bring it back. If you really want to help testmy.net... talk about it. Your word-of-mouth drives my engine. Spreading the word is most valuable. If testmy.net helps you all I ask is that you talk about it, write about it, link to it or just continue to use it. You wanting to donate already means a lot to me. Thank you! Hope to see you around here for a long time!
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