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  1. And look for a Motorola Xoom tablet (Google's own)with a 10 inch screen. It is so nice even at the price I paid. If others considered too much, so be it; I feel justified. Rooted (before ToS change), choice of many ROMs; one can't bore of it, and easy to carry, anything over 10 inches anymore is just too large -it's just the right size. The speaker dock being given away at $20 (US) a nice addition. I'm just very pleased with it. I'm not trumping up Google, just being truthful (and I got a thread I can brag about the Xoom )
  2. I support Google by using them, they support me with some fine software and sites like this; it works out. While just a program now, Google Earth was the Wow factor when released. Show it to friends "Wow" they'd say. Now I use it to get around town, I know there are many ways (Google maps) but Google Earth is just more fun. Did you know Google Earth Pro will tell you how much a person's house, business, what have you is assessed (tax expected to be paid)? I've priced (by their taxes) all my friends houses, my old places, local businesses; just kind of intrusive and kind of neat. --
  3.     I can't delete the message so just add to it. "This One Moment" hang up. I get this mostly if I don't log in and select "Test My Internet". Logging in and running each test individually works haphazardly, then "Test My Internet" works fine. Knew there was a way as I have a lot of logs to work with. Can't say this is the fix as I've been logged in before and get the "This One Moment" hang up. It's just a matter of testing when conditions are just right apparently, and my HOSTS file was working.
  4. no help eh, well I can't test my internet speed, I've done it before but once that message displays it's over. At least I get part of it "Express Dual Test (part 2/2) The upload test is currently running, you scored 25.5 Mbps (3.2 MB/s) on the download test. Full results coming right up..." but my upload ability is the least of my needs
  5. Not that restrictive, I use a HOSTS file for my blocking, I disable my HOSTS file then restart the browser. before trying a speed test. This not getting past the yellow box titled "One Moment, I need to first load 256 kB of random data" isn't new or just with this OS, I've used many other OS's, computers, and routers as time progreasses these things change for me. This OS isn't a month old. It's just gotten to the point I've had to ask how to get past it. I use Fire Fox with no-plug ins as I'm partial to Opera.
  6. No matter the setup Opera, Firefox, logged in, not logged in, the results are always the same: **** One Moment, I need to first load 256 kB of random data to your browser. Loading Data... This box will disappear once the actual upload is initiated." **** And I'll sit at that page for ages or just open up another tab and surf others places only to come back to the same message. How can I get past this spot and continue on with the test?
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