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  1. Just to let folks know, in my case, my phone number was not tied to the FIOS service. My number was ported without problems 15 days after signing up for Vonage...
  2. I've had FIOS for about a month and I'm looking to dump my expensive local phone service for a VoIP solution (Vonage), but I want to keep my phone number. I currently have AT&T for local phone (switched from Verizon some time ago when AT&T tried to compete against Verizon for local/long-distance phone service, which they no longer do because of FCC rulings). When I first ordered FIOS, they had some issues because I didn't have Verizon for local phone service, and now my house has the fiber as well as two copper lines (one for local phone, the other turned off last month for my now defunct Covad DSL). I know you can't transfer a phone number if you use that number for DSL (shared line) also. So does anybody know if Verizon has any tie with my AT&T local phone number? I've gotten some conflicting information regarding whether or not my phone number is portable... I called Verizon (for VoiceWing) and they seemed to think the number was not portable (transferrable), which AT&T VoIP and Vonage did (at least via their websites). Anybody know for sure? Thanks!
  3. Installed last Friday. Took Verizon a little bit longer to assign an install date because there was a bug in their billing system which did not allow them to setup a date since I don't have Verizon for local/long distance phone (they have a workaround for now). In any case, the install was entirely painfree and my network topology didn't change at all. Did plug in the DI-604 for about 10 minutes to "setup" the WAN. Verizon is still using PPPoE in MA, but you enter any userid/password and it'll connect. After that I plugged the Cat5 into my Linux Firewall/Router/Server and my LAN was back up and running. Speed is pretty amazing. I'm coming from 384K SDSL, so I'm over 10 times faster now!
  4. I'm getting FIOS installed on Friday. I currently have SDSL through COVAD (which I hope to be getting rid of in the next month or so). They use PPPoE and I use a Linux machine as the NAT/Firewall/Mail/Web server (all my other machines go through this server, it's got 2 ethernet cards, one to the DSL modem and the other into a LAN switch). How will I need to modify my network topology? BTW, I user the linux server as both a VPN server & client so I can telecommute to work also. Thanks!
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