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  1. Yea, I've found that success varies greatly with Linksys products. Some work no problem, some have intermittent connection issues, and some don't work at all. Let me know how it goes for you. Thanks, Joe. P.S. - Has any one heard any more about the move from PPPoE to DHCP? Calling FiOS tech support yesterday, they still have no idea that they are moving to DHCP.
  2. Hi Lee, Actually if I plug the WAN port into one of the LAN ports, and then plug another LAN port into the FiOS connection, it works. Unfortunately, this doesn't really buy much since the router is essentially useless in this configuration, but it does confirm that there is a bug. Thanks, Joe.
  3. So, after about 20 calls to linksys, we have narrowed it down to being a bug in the WRV54G's firmware. I think the interfaces are mismapped for PPPoE auth. When I plug the WAN port into one of the LAN ports, and plug the FiOS connection into one of the other LAN ports, it connects over PPPoE without issue. I'm sending a network trace to Linksys so they can try to track this down and fix it. Thanks for the help, Joe.
  4. Hello, I have had the FiOS service in Natick, MA for over two weeks now, and while I'm very happy with the speed, I'm quite frustrated with trying to get it to work with my Linksys routers. I have tried 3 different Linksys routers (BEFSX41, WRT54G, and WRV54G) using near 10 different firmware versions on each (just to make sure I'm not crazy).
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