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  1. Correct. It's almost like there is something specific to that particular install of Lion that is slow. Perhaps it is time for a rebuild? Native OSx 10.7.x running on 2tb 7.2k drive = slow Virtual OSx 10.7.x running on 2TB 7.2k drive = fast Virtual OSx 10.7.x running on 750gb 7.2k 2.5" Hybrid = fast
  2. I understand the confusion. I thought maybe it was cabling also, so I swapped around several cables, the testing did not follow the cable, but did follow the machine. Certified Cat6 cable on Slow machine tested fast on fast machine. Can you elaborate on how the Hard Drive might play into the speed equation? The fast machine is running SSD, where the slow is running spinning platter (WD black 2tb 64mb cache 7200rpm) slower than SSD, but a pretty fast disk. I also have spinning media on the fast machine (MBP) and VM's running from the slower spinning media test as fast as native OSx on SSD...
  3. I couldn't see anything in previous posts or the FAQ that was my exact issue. MacBook Pro - 25/5 Wireless (2.4GHz 802.11n) Consistent tests of ~25/5 (which is what I would expect, and what other sites show me) MacPro 1,1 - 10/2 wired @ 1Gb Consistent tests of ~10/2 (tested in multiple browsers) MacBookPro - 25/5 Wired (same link/cable as MacPro above) Consistent tests of ~25/5 Win7 Fusion VM on MacBook Pro - 25/5 Bridged to MBP wireless Consistent tests of ~25/5 WinXP Fusion VM on MacBook Pro - 25/5 Bridged to MBP wireless Consistent tests of ~25/5 OSx 10.7 Fusion VM on MacBook Pro - 20/5 Bridged to MBP wireless OSx 10.7 Fusion VM on MacPro (Same virtual machine as above) - 20/5 Bridged to MacPro en0 My question then is this: What would cause a single machine to run that markedly slower than all others on the same network, and even than VM's on the same hardware? I was hoping for consistent "Network" speed testing and not so much weight on the machine doing the testing. My MacPro is my 24/7 machine, and as such I would like to set up automatic testing to gather a couple weeks worth of speed data. But results coming in 60% lower than what I was expecting, and what other machines are testing it concerns me. Any ideas why a single machine would test so much slower? MacPro 1,1 Dual Xeon 2.66 dual core 10 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM OSx 10.7.5
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