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  1. I am mainly concerned with the upload speed. I am not too familiar with the way Satellite works, but I think I should get a burst close to my max sometime, but I can't get even get to half my burst capability. ~WAG
  2. Gentlemen, Thank you for your responses. Here are my speed tests. https://testmy.net/quickstats/usmcwag I have seen an increase in my download speeds, but not my upload. This is a shared bandwidth service thing, so the speeds to up and down all the time. OF course, after I paid for the service and started complaining about the upload speed, they immediately said I could get a better upload if I increased my plan for more $. Ha ~WAG
  3. Hello All, I am a new user on here and I signed up because I have just started working in Afghanistan and I have recently signed up for service through BusinessCom using iDirect. I have an X3 Modem and subscribe to a 1024 Kbps Down and 256Kbps Up package. I found this site while trying to find a test site that would give me real results. I really enjoy the ability to Auto Test. Using the Autotest, I can test my network while I am away from my computer and get a good test during non-peak hours. I would like to ask more questions from people who are using iDirect Satellite in the Middle East. My average speed for Download is around 400Kbps and upload is averaging 39Kbps. At a price of 761.00/mo, I really need a good place to test my connection like this. Where would I find the right place to post about my issue and get enough information to communicate my issues with my ISP. Right now I am just hearing from them that they see that I have a really good signal and really good numbers. Thanks in advance, WAG https://testmy.net/quickstats/usmcwag
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