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  1. Hi a little update still inflated high results. As I mention early the double speed using HN test of 3.8Mbps I've become a victum of congestion after 21 month of fast service. Prime time 5pm cst until midnight a sad 330-438 at posting is unacceptable. My motto ~never do today what can be put off until tomorrow~ went with my neighbor to Cellcom, returned with a demo for her home wireless modem is seeing 1Mbps ping 0.19ms 50GB monthly cap for the lovely price $42 (includes sales tax). Yep tomorrow will return for mine and sign on the line guaranteed price 2 years. Testing begins, hiding in plain site I didn't see the light ! I'll be back with stored tests here of my new experience. WB contract is fullfilled HN has 3 months remaining, so saving $128 monthly is sweet... Marsh
  2. Please understand the only reason is to make TMN more accurate for tests, none other. Otherwise you venture into trouble on other web sites not even loading. http://www.systemcontrolcenter.com/ Click the little guy in the bar going across screen (next to what is) brings up the left side panel. Turbo page -> expands to Control -> Enable/Reset. Choice is yours, remember how you got there and don't forget how to get Enable back. Not worth my effort anymore with TMN as Hughes speed test remains accurate. Unsubscriping from thread...
  3. Thanks Sir, that certainly corrected MY wrong high tests of 8.4Mbps, you win the prize. Now back to normal whatever that is to me... Confirmed using Hughes speed test and will late tonight time a 118MB dedicated server file when the others are sleeping.
  4. Hi for an update, TMN speed tests remains the same with a consistent, never varies much, now at post time 10.9, 8.6, 8.7, 8.4. 8.3, 8.5 Mbps using the 12MB load.1pm cst. Wild Blue remains accurate at 1.116Mbps and but later will take a serious drop in speed. ------------------------------- My base standard has to be Hughes speed test site always gives me accurate tests, confirmed many times with a 118MB with FileHippo "dedicated" servers. Hughes 3.418Mbps WB 1.116Mbps ---------------------------------------------- My conclusion the inaccurate tests begain when Hughes doubled our speeds, before here was getting 2.9Mbps almost always. Happy birthday to (me at 64) just another day, my neighbor is cooking a choice cut beef tenderloin, I don't even like party's. Best to you all... Marsh
  5. Hi zeddlar I see a lot of electronics technician in you to find a better answer of "why". Still in my blood after 10 years retirement, a lifetime's worth of experience. A motto of mine ~whatever works for you stay with it~ haha someday I will find the way to post a picture (avatar) here and there... Marsh
  6. Hi zeddlar I believe Hughes speed test is the only accurate one, besides using a dedicated server to download and time the download, one needs to be sure of the connection to be accurate. Logging in with Hughes 1st, now 3501kb/s and then immediately testing with WB 1166kb/s. I have to believe and use as the standard, as WB is always twice as slow and at times 4x which is sad. TMN shows WB at 1330kb/s which has been rock solid at true speeds. Hughes 8430kbps is definitely wrong. Only takes seconds to switch WiFi routers from my easy chair. I can live with that, only wanted CA3LE to know. All that matters to me is Hughes giving us an early Xmas present proven to me, speed and FAP. Marsh
  7. Hi, I asked a local friend with the exact same equipment Hughes 9000 modem and he see's the same. Hi CA3LE, I only wanted you to know Hughes newest changes affected your tests. So here are his for what it's worth , suggests I'm not alone ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date & Time arrow down Test Size Connection Speed Wed Dec 21 2011 @ 12:50:02 pm Wed Dec 21 2011 @ 12:47:03 pm 14.3 MB 8.87 Mbps 1.11 MB/s Wed Dec 21 2011 @ 12:43:17 pm 7.4 MB 8.68 Mbps 1.08 MB/s Wed Dec 21 2011 @ 12:38:50 pm 69 MB 9.94 Mbps 1.24 MB/s Wed Dec 21 2011 @ 12:06:59 pm 69 MB 4.5 Mbps 576 kB/s Fri Dec 16 2011 @ 12:15:55 pm 23.6 MB 11.72 Mbps 1.47 MB/s Thu Dec 15 2011 @ 5:37:44 pm 6.8 MB 5.37 Mbps 687 kB/s
  8. Hi mudmanc4 Sorry means Merry Christmas In northern Wisconsin we might not have a white Christmas in my lifetime ever. Happy New Year, ah the eve is my 64th birthday, just another day of the week.
  9. Hi Zeddlar Thanks for the quick response as I had e-mail notification via Yahoo. Took your advise skipping Smartest and went with 12MB and then repeated try of 25MB, results were the same, haha 8-9 MB gives me a warm feeling anyways, past few months have been a Xmas gift with Hughes at no charge, Wrigly gum said it best Doublemint double the fun with speed and FAP. Besides Stat Bar I also use Win gadget called Network Meter to see my download speed in real time. WB is now at 1.3Mbps, and when logging into Hughes 1st and then switch over WB, to compare and see that 2-3 X speed slower. Merry Xmas
  10. Hi, I don't how any software could be affecting the tests as Wild Blue remains the same. Both laptops are showing the same, 1 with Win 7 64bit, the other Vista 64bit. Here's my link...https://testmy.net/memberstats/ Please note WB for side by tests is quite sad. My plan is up to 1.7 Mbps then Hughes doubled our speed to 3.4 Mbps and now odd for 3 days for a consistent 4 Mbps, using Hughes speed test page for the reference, unsure if other users are seeing the 600 Kbps increase yet, no mention at the community. They also doubled our FAP really a 2 day rollover so I bank to get up to 1050MB, lucky you without a FAP and insanely fast. Yes I have downloaded from Filehippo with their dedicated servers and with size/time calculation was close using a 118MB file. Now I'm not complaining only curious. Nice programming job CA3LE, all the other test sites don't like satellite and always wrong. Common knowledge that only Hughes and TMN are the standards to use, TMN gets a lot of referrals. Marsh
  11. Up until a few days ago TMN was slower than my reference to Hughes speed test site. Now showing 8Mbps as before was 2.9Mbps, is very wrong. Hughes was about 3.4 but now again they increased our speed is a consistent 4Mbps. I also have WB nothing changed with their service, a slow 1Mbps. For what it's worth...
  12. Raises hand to see how close dial up can come to Wild Blue comedy act Nothing surprises me anymore
  13. Hi, thanks for the Google translate link, guess I forgot about the power of Google. Lithuanian detected, off to Google to find out where in this small world is this, with the internet. But to post here would have required a mail confirmation in English. Btw as a 50 year ham radio operator English is the required language, no others are allowed, universal... Marsh
  14. By long ago past experience, never will I log into that site again. Major spam etc, no thanks. Agree -> I think something is wrong with the Frappr server. it doesn't wanna load the link for me. <- Blessings in disguise...
  15. Hi General, a little tough on the new poster, but I'm just a newbie. A great local friend Bill, a dog man for the 7th Cav has named all his German Shepherds dogs "Cav", everyone of them, 2 Silver stars, 4 purple hearts, put up for the Congressional Medal of Honor but denied. Another local friend John was a radio man for the 7th Cav and called in air support when the captain went down, 2 silvers also put up for the MOH and denied. Crazy Andy of the Wolf Hounds, list can go on with us 100% service connected, mine is Agent Orange Vietnam the 3 tours 69-71, but I felt no need, but if my Wild Blue goes bad in the future, might try that haha
  16. Hi fixester, why is it difficult to understand fraud is called when at exactly 3:01pm cst that I was throttled down unacceptable 200k and less down to 32K and continued for 10 hours, until slowly at 11pm cst to recover and by midnight was back to what I have being for $84, CLEARLY shows on purpose computer control that clearly has nothing to due with over usage in peak time haha For what reason should I need to talk to WB ? I'm receiving exactly what I'm paying for and am very happy. Why do you continue to push this game ? Wasn't the thread topic WB upload speeds and admit I don't have 256K up. I could care less ! Btw, off now to the VA hospital for a couple weeks, the only reason should you wish to further wasted time... Marsh
  17. Hi Fikestar, no my existing Hughes service of which I was not even offered a free upgrade, but to invest more money to chase after what I've been thru would make little sense. Never would I commit to a year of past service received, approaches insanity. A month of fun would be worth the effort, because ever other customer on the frequency (beam) is still suffering the same fate. today and tomorrow. Oh, how I do feel sorry because they don't better, how many thousands are being Hughes fraud ed, and not a clue of forums. Hi Tommie, great to hear your EVDO works well, but have I seen your speed tests, only spoke of MY past experience.
  18. Grr, tried to modify post, so try again
  19. Hi General, may I respond my experience when in the Milwaukee VA hospital, for 4 months and bedridden (5 May-1 Sept) with a Netbook ( AT&T G3 coverage $60) btw in Wisconsin only other city is Madison, never did I get 600Kbps, usually much less, remember not even moving positions, on the 9th floor. Drop offs happened so often, frustrating to make a post or even e-mail. I wish you better luck. Marsh
  20. Hi, guess you do have a point, no clue what advertised up's are, guess tomorrow I'll call WB and get a password to log in to see my $84 package is and usage to month, hmm after procrastinating for 11 weeks. I thank you...
  21. Answer is only because my desktop icon linked me to check download only as I care less for upload, now the icon is changed to -> Dual Bandwidth Speed Test <-, remember I am new, and do thank you all for the warm welcome and only have a few weeks of knowing I could have become a member and log all my scores for future proof, live and learn. My motto ~ a day without learning was a wasted day ~ My 8 years with Hughes tests, confirming with Speak Easy has always shown me little difference with upload speeds, from memory only and a possibility still exists to log in to Hughes speed tests and able to copy paste my past logs stored online ? I'm still tempted and probably will within 72 hours start/authorize on a monthly only bases, existing Hughes 7000s and parabolic dish 117w bird, wiring has remained (with a new frequency assignment only) not the over crowded 1050MHz H) Hughes worthless service I had for $84 to prove a point based on your TMS for simple proof my bad downs, then again time frames (years) because there were the good times. Oh a side by side comparison would have been so precious. I live in northern Wisconsin mid way between Tomahawk and Rhinelander in the deep country, but Version exchange (453) wouldn't allow a "foreign exchange" (283) exchange in addition to both phone lines, that my neighbor has been grandfathered in for many years. My question to you, why have you allowed that unacceptable speed to continue ? What efforts have you done to correct it ? Marsh
  22. Now I'm starting to understand better, you have issues with WB and a now happy Hughes customer for some unknown reason. Wait until tomorrow haha Followed behind is generallee, what a brother/sister/cousin/wanna B that hasn't come over to the bright side to Hughes, for what reason ? No company will allow your posted speeds. Good grief my log ins could easily prove NO difference in upload speeds, regardless of the times, granted download will vary with traffic, exactly as does with cable. Not even worth the effort. Marsh
  23. Hi, I was beta tester from day one, sure that is purpose to make it better. Some times frustrating, but remain impressed M$ actually listened. Show desktop icon on the far right showed desktop when hovering but to then click another, reverts, unable to click, ah now you can click show desktop, bingo, full desktop. Now so easy can be done with eyes closed. The task bar is now beautiful, to dismount a flash drive is 2 clicks, to change wifi routers (WB or Hughes) is again 2 clicks. The snap feature you can have two open screens side by side. M$ got their act together, fell again in love. Win 7 64-bit upgrade from Vista 64-bit was so easy and fast, all programs/pix/docs etc, everything was there as I had before. Only 2 Firefox extensions needed to be reinstalled. Always a nice idea with doing a fresh install and start over, grr happens to me when losing a HD, your choice. Looking to buy a new desktop, I will recommend you subscribe to New eggs e-mail flyer for some major discounts, example todays shell shocker, 30GB SSD 2.5" is $94.99 free shipping...http://www.newegg.com/special/shellshocker.aspx?nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL011510&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL011510-_-MECH-_-EB2B-_-ShellShocker I also have flyers from Tiger and Buy.com, grr deleted both prior, one had a destop for $325 that look nice, but I have no interest with today. What's your budget limit ? Marsh
  24. Hi Ryan, not sure exactly, perhaps Photoshop with a few raw 8MB attempting to learn the program, IMs, my 2 other tech forums, likely Yahoo mail. Now with only Yahoo e-mail open and this forum says 1502, remaining. Basically wasn't concerned as only 1 MB is needed to continue at full speed before needing to swap over to the HD, which is 128GB solid state. Toshiba P305-S8837 lappy about 15 months old, Vista 64-bit upgrade to Win 7 64-bit. Besides the accuracy of the bar report can be questionable, not sure what you used to measure. The main concern is the OP limping around with 256MB in the new age. Marsh
  25. Hi Coknuck, you are exactly right, at least get it up to 512, better to go to 1GB, beyond will determine why s/he considers it slow ? No clue if asking about internet speed or machine performance. Unclear until a reply. Long ago my factory XP HP came with 256K and did see a major improvement going 512, not much with 1 GB. But the new software programs have become much more demanding. Realistically time to buy a new machine for $300, leave old and fold for cancer Btw always have used Win Bar, now using Stat Bar gives me my CPU usage, down/up speeds, so I know exactly my status. Currently have 1451MB free of 4 GB using Win 7 64-bit. With a 32-bit system only 3.25MB is seen as max due to video card demanding its share. Marsh
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