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    I've got a business running on Suddenlink Cable. I'm not sure how long this has been the issue but we tried to move to VOIP a few months ago and discovered that our upload speed was insufficient for decent QOS. So I started troubleshooting.
    After two different network specialists including the guy that ran the wire initially have looked at it, after replacing what was probably a good switch with a higher level Cisco 300 series managed switch, after testing a Sonic Wall and Linksys router, after replacing every patch cable in the system with a cat 6 cable (the interior cables are 5E) I still have less than .5 up and 3-4 down on a verified Suddenlink line running 8 down and 1 up.

    I've plugged a computer directly into the modem on a number of occasions and the down/up signal is 8 and 1.

    On a couple of occasions I've shut down the entire system and brought it back up and it will run at the correct levels for maybe an hour or so then start slowing down. The electrical in this old building was not grounded so thinking that there might be system resistance building up I put a copper stake in the ground and the box is now grounded. I still think there might be something in this but don't know what other direction to go there.

    I've had an independent network installer come in and test the infrastructure lines. He had a low end fluke-like instrument and said the building wiring was good.

    After that I replaced all of the patch cords. We've got maybe 30 nodes on the system. This past weekend after having changed out all the cords on Sunday with no one any system and the only activity was a couple of web cameras (Axis and Dropcam) I restarted everything but the speed was not fast even after restart.

    The problem is that I can't find a specialist who knows enough to really troubleshoot the system even if I could find a fluke to plug in.

    Any infrastructure gurus who might have a clue where to troubleshoot next? My business is hurting by this slowness so I'm willing to do a lot to fix it. Just don't know where to turn now.
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