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  1. everyone knows ff is less sucere now that its more popular
  2. During Katrina allot of people would have benefited from using a UPS for there home and business. Its important thing not to miss and a easy thing to install. Whats your opinion? Do you use a UPS? APC is the top brand
  3. they keep making money cause its not upgradible
  4. I cant seem to remove this virus with norton 2005 bloodhound.exploit.6 Can anyone help?
  5. same here they had to many connections on each router
  6. if there balancing just 7 down and 44 up 58 is max up 7 is better down
  7. laughs, see linux servers get defaced and hacked lol lol lol lols
  8. distance is if you can get it or not and speed is based on your subscription you should get what you pay for its not do to distance im 10 900 feet and can get 3 megs on qwest dslam distance just determins the type of dsl distance max but each provider offers 1 ofthe flavers mostly adsl or sdsl
  9. isdn is 128 or 64 up and down its no better than bissness class modum didnt know isdn modums are still made?
  10. how do i use azureus im new to bittorrent
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