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  1. amd 64 is just memory controler a 486 had 64 bit memory bus

    but amd64 is half 64 and half 32bit so it can exucute symtaniusly i have owned intel and amd i love my amd, cause it is always faster and most benchmarks can prove that

    tomshardware is anti amd

    gotta have it to know

    but i dont think i will ever go intel agin, because there sluggish

    where talking about desktop processers here

    amd64 is cisc and itanium is risc so there both officaly 64bit archatechers

    theres no such thing as 64 or 32bit archtecher anyway

    theres cores wich is the archtecher thats just mmx simd instructions memory controller that make up any archtecher, but theres no bits to it

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