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  1. Hello All, Well finally after waiting 4 months from when fiber lay down occurred on my street I now qualify. Installation is scheduled for next Wed the 12th. YAY! However, I still haven't gotten a clear answer on how exactly the install goes. From what Verizon told us at the last community presentation, they do not fish walls or go through the attic. Soooooooooooo what I want to know is if the ONT goes in my garage, how does the cat 5 get from the ONT to my desktop computer which is completely on the other side of the house from the garage? I asked this directly to Verizon and they
  2. The Verizon contracted people are drilling out my sidewalk to lay the fiber as we speak! I don't even mind all the noise! LOL They said I could get service by the end of the year but that sounds like a CYA thing. That's 6 months from now! What has been everyone's experience in time of fiber lay in street to actual FIOS service? TIA Pegster
  3. I'm sorry...I'm quite the Noob at this. I thought Verizon converts your phone to fiber as well. I guess what I am asking is *IF* Verizon converts you phone to fiber, does that afftect the ability to call 911? TIA Pegster
  4. I've been hearing a lot about the inability to connect to emergency 911 over IP. Does this limitation also apply to FiOS? TIA Peg
  5. Hello All, We have been notified that FiOS is coming to us by the end of the year. (Palm Desert, CA.) They have already came and marked the streets up with orange paint. I currently have Road Runner cable and am generally happy with it. I really don't do much downloading of binaries or music etc. so I am wondering if FiOS is for me. I mostly do web surfing and newsgroup reading. I certainly would be willing to change to fios if it will increase web surfing but from what I have heard the high speed of Fios doesn't really help in that capacity. Is this true? Also, I have a home security
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