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    Has anyone else recently connected to the "new" DishNet? Apparently, Dish started on Oct 1 on their own with the old Hughes Net, AKA "blue" something or other. Anyway, I am a new DishNet user. I have had extremely slow download speeds, as slow as 3XX Kbps. (My service is advertised as 5 Mbps, yes I know it will not always be that fast, but I don't expect anything less that 3 Mbps). I have had Dish service out thrice, once to install, once to try to fix, once to move the dish and install new cabling. Same result. I have been running TestMy automatically for all hours of the day, and I am able to record the results, which I think is great when I need to ask to be disconnected from DishNet if that is the outcome. I'd like to know if anyone else (I am in Ft. Worth, TX area) has experienced the same. Blessings.
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