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    Hi all, I am Mike C, aka mc3research. I've been benchmarking computers and their networks since 1977, worked for some large tech companies both at the bits and bytes level and at the business unit management level. Most recently I managed strategy for a telecom products company at the officer level. I'm now doing research projects in a fairly wide range of areas. Benchmarking, testing and tweaking has been a love of mine from the beginning. My first effort, in 1978, demonstrated that the Motorola 6502 processor on the Apple IIe could outperform the college's mainframe when the right programming approach was used. My other interests are photonics/optoelectronics, modeling and neural networks, IR lasers, UV radiation, and "personal data management" (the structure and tools for individuals to collect, protect, manage and access information about themselves, and the ability to selectively grant others access to subsets of that information). I'm also very interested in information storage, search and retrieval, and the evolution of internet-based structured information access (e.g., semantic web). I'm also very interested in public policy formation, particularly in economics and education. Outside the technosphere (somewhat) I love collecting and archiving writings, and developing high performance access methods to the writings. At present, my non-fiction archive is roughly one million documents consuming 600GB (and growing). I've been an avid reader and student of J. R. R. Tolkien's writing since 1966 -- a bit before Peter Jackson's time; I've worked hard (albeit sporadically) to collect his works (and meaningful writings about then). I've lectured globally and published on emerging technologies and the intersection of socio-economic trends with technology development. My thanks to CA3LE for this site. It is my "gold standard" of speed measurement. mikec
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