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  1. Thanks for all your replies. Yes, I've used other browsers like FireFox and Mozilla before but they have had their own problems too, like not being accepted or working properly at certain websites such as banking and Windows Update as well as others. I'm in no way a loyalist to ANY particular browser, as they all have had their problems, it's just that Internet Explorer is SUPPOSED to work at more sites than any other browser. I've looked at all my browser settings and all seem to be correctly configured. However, I, like many others out there, am beginning to believe that Internet Explorer just might be haunted! It seems to have a mind of it's own sometimes.

    As for "funny business on the lines", that's a very valid point. I've been with Verizon DSL for several years now and when it's working, it's fine but since they've been pushing Fios, they've all but abandoned their copper DSL customers as far as maintenance and customer service is concerned. When their geeks are working on the system at the central office, or on the wires in the field,  my service is spotty at best and their customer service reps have no clue that their own technicians are even working on the system. Many times this has led to customer service run-arounds and wild goose-chases that have literally cost me DAYS on the telephone and repeated checking and re-checking of my own equipment over and over again. During the past Christmas holidays, BOTH my phone AND internet were useless for 10 DAYS due to severe hum and static on the line. 10 days to dispatch a tech to fix their own wires! Then, they want to sell me Fios. I ask them "if Verizon can't keep something as simple as copper wire up and running, how the hell can I expect Verizon to keep something as sophisticated as fiber optics working properly? They can't service their existing long-time customers but they're pushing the "new" Fios in the hope of getting "fresh meat" for their fiber marketing efforts. So, as for "funny business on the lines", there's no doubt there's some of that going on but it's very hard to prove. I WAS going to switch to Fios when it became available last year but NOW, I think I'd rather use two tin cans and a string!

    Anyhow, until I can get this speedtest issue figured out, I guess I'll just need to log in first before I can use it. So much for a quick and convenient test of line speed.

  2. Update: I just successfully ran the speedtest again WHILE BEING LOGGED IN with NO problem. I tried it just BEFORE LOGGING IN and got the same error message again. I also just now opened a SECOND instance of the browser, typed in www.testmy.net, navigate to the test option page via the menu, chose a test, and get the SAME error message at this very moment, as I write this update. As I write, I have TWO instances of IE7 open. ONE, I'm logged into and CAN run the speedtest, and the OTHER, I'm NOT logged into, produces the error message.

  3. Hi and thanks so much for your quick reply.

    I've tried all the obvious things as stated earlier, including clearing IE7 browser cache MANUALLY. I also have it set to clear cache automatically upon shutdown too. I still get the same error.

    Originally, I WAS using a link button I created to the test page and after the problem began, I even tried closing out the browser, re-opening it, then manually typing www.testmy.net directly into the address window and navigating to the test option page via the site's menu.

    The SAME error message is produced even without using a link and with a purged browser cache. Somehow, logging in allows the test to run without a hitch. I'm still stumped.

    Again, the only thing that has changed on my computer is a Windows Update around the same time I noticed the problem, (2 or 3 months), but I can't actually pin the problem down to that update either.

    Any other thoughts?

    Once again, THANKS!

  4. Hi, all!

    For the past few months I've not been able to run a speed test on testmy.net. I've used your speedtest successfully for the past several years though until recently. Now, when I click on any speedtest, I get the following error message:

    Our tests can only be initiated from testmy.net's server. Choose a link below if you would like to test your connection.

    Chose a popular destination

    Dual Test - a tool for testing your internet connections upload and download speed.

    Download Test - a tool to test your internet connections download speed.

    Upload Test - a tool to test your internet connections upload speed.

    Automatic Test - a tool to test both upload and download speed on a set schedule, great for graphing your connection over a period of time.

    Test Mirrors - a list of test mirrors from all over the world.

    When I click on any of the above links, the test option page loads but upon choosing ANY test option, it produces the above error result rather than running the test. The same error repeats each time I try. I've tried a few of the obvious fixes like clearing browser cache and configured both Norton Antivirus and ZoneAlarm to allow all cookies from testmy.net but still can't actually run a test now, when before I was able to run them all. The only change I've made to my computer recently has been Windows Update around the same time I noticed not being able to get speedtest to run but can't see how this would cause the error. I'm running Windows XP Pro, SP3, Internet Explorer 7. I can get other speed tests like speakeasy to run O.K. but I really miss being able to use testmy.net speedtest so I hope you can advise me on solving the problem.



    Update: Just after I posted the above query, I decided to attempt a speedtest while being logged in and IT WORKED! I never had to log in in the past to run the test. Is it now necessary to be logged in to use speedtest? If so, since when?

  5. Aggr3:

    Thanks very much for the warm welcome and your timely reply! I can tell already I'm gonna like it here! :D Your answer cleared things up PERFECTLY! I am left to wonder though, just how many others who use the SpeedTest may also be confused by the "Average" for Verizon being up so high. I realize that copper and fiber are still BOTH DSL and BOTH technically PHONE lines but the two are distinctly different technologies with obviously superior speeds possible with Fios. Maybe something as simple as putting a line or a different color on the SpeedTest bar graph where copper DSL ends and Fios begins??? That way people on copper lines as I am won't be so depressed :? Food for thought....maybe I'll submit that as a "suggestion". Anyway, thanks again! :D Oh yeah....if you have any advice about the BEST and least painful way for me to twist Verizon's arm into doing a COMPLETE line quality test between my location and the CO, I would be most grateful!

  6. Greetings!

    I'm new here, so please be gentle.  ;)

    I've been browsing this site for a few months now, as well as several others with the hopes of finding some REAL answers to a transient and random speed issue with VOL that I have been trying to troubleshoot now for months. I'm pretty sure I've nailed it down to a bad line, (Verizon's), but their Tech Support hasn't been able to fix it thus far, or more accurately, hasn't wanted to....their lines in this area are over 55 years old, on poles and run through countless yards, trees, bushes, under electrical transformers and who knows what else! I've been through several rounds of the usual "tech runaround", ie: power cycling, rebooting, filters, cables, spyware, viri, settings, modem, processor herpes, memory castration, hard drive angina, bios blue balls, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, all with the same result...NONE! Most of the Techs have been cordial but rather impotent in the knowledge department. Convinced that my machine is adequate, I finally took the time to go out to the side of my house where Verizon's line connects to the Demarc Box, (NID), disconnect ALL inside phone devices so that the ONLY things connected to Verizon's line were my modem, (Westell 2110), and my laptop. Substandard speeds persisted and VOL's line test failed as usual. I've had the 3.0Mbps / 768Kbps service since Dec. / '04 and have occasionally reached 2.8Mb/s at rare times but 2.3 to 2.6Mb/s are more common. When my speeds are in the toilet, they're comparable to dial-up. At 9,312 feet from Verizon's CO, I would be pretty content at around 2.6 to 2.7Mb/s IF it stayed fairly consistant but it doesn't. Anyway, my next step is to try to get Verizon Telco, (who actually owns the lines), to do a COMPLETE visual and quality test between here and the CO. THAT should be fun...like having your teeth drilled without Novocaine!!! To be continued........  :angry3:

    Anyway, that was just a bit of info to explain my reason for finding this site in the first place and to preface the question that I actually intended to ask.... that being....the TestMy download test, (SmarTest), states that the "AVERAGE'' for Verizon.net is currently around 4,162Kbps and that seems to keep rising since several months ago. That "AVERAGE" shames the HELL out of even my BEST speeds. Why does it keep rising and why is that "AVERAGE" so much higher than Verizon's "ADVERTISED" Max of 3.0Mb/s? Is there a new, "Faster" package factored in that I'm not aware of???

    Any and all intelligent and informed response is appreciated....Sincere Thanks!

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