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  1. Well I no longer have charter...wasnt fast enough and they were charging more. But yea will try a new ethernet cable and my friend is giving me one of his extra cards. If all else fails I might just give wireless a try.
  2. Ok I used to have Charter communications 3mg down line and when ever I routed threw my router my ping when from 80-100avg to 130+ on good days and about 180avg on a full week. Well I thought it was router and I unplugged it and just when with my modem directly connected to my PC. So now when I have verizon and I have there modem+router I play games and I get the same lag. So I was wondering could it be my intergated network card? I am borrowing my friends soon and testing that network card and see if I get lagged again. But since I am not really a tech person in Network and DSL. So any help and suggestions would help me.
  3. I am wondering can you do that?? I went threw the options and didnt find anything on port forwarding or opening.
  4. Thats like one time charter made me reinstall Windows but I later found out I was somehow was lowered in to the 768down plan I hope verizon doesnt do this.
  5. I thought verizon had 768kb upload speed?
  6. Wierd...I get avg of 46kbs with IE and around 56avg test upload speed with Firefox.
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