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  1. i didnt read the whole thread but have you tried using another browser for a second?
  2. yeah im considering swapping mobo, realtek is sometimes a pita to deal with honestly gigabyte really just throws random shit on their board, i assumed they always used intel haha now its another thing i need to look at -__-
  3. *whispers* I don't think she's coming back... /whisper
  4. That* is anything with systemd universally. xD *edit
  5. I removed everything since it seems to have fixed itself... What a world. Edit: Hey guys, been awhile.
  6. aol still exists? that name carries so much junk mail nostalgia ಥ_ಥ (from aol itself of course) remember those free aol cd's you would get in your snail mail? I think I used to collect mine and when I got enough I would shove them in some random persons mailbox they would open it and it would be a waterfall of aol lol
  7. awh shit I missed it lol happy belated birthday man.
  8. Adding this to my double like Google-Foo had me rolling
  9. when you build your computer, YOU are support
  10. mm I don't see why you like mac so much lol but you can always make a hackintosh
  11. tbh If you are wanting to do intensive stuff on a computer you should build one, nowadays its just legos laptops always stay the same and are never worth trying to upgrade.
  12. I would say it is worth it I don't even pay for television tbh, I just watch my shows online :/ but if you want tv, it seems fine
  13. As much as I hate windows 8 I lovvvvvvvvve how much smoother it is (on the real desktop part) and I love the look but I hate that metro ui or modern ui wtf ever they call it xD!! he looks like he has been here longer then me! haha more like, welcome back?
  14. I don't really see many people play guild wars 2 anymore I never got a chance to play it before it died xD
  15. Uhmm, you could build one? I think some computers are OS locked with windows 8 now lol Or so I heard :/ If not just get a windows 7 disc and format the drive the OS is on and install it? and if you are asking how to override a windows 8 locked os, I have NO clue on what you would do other then format the drive and I have NO clue on what would be preventing you from just up and doing that since I haven't bought a computer that wasn't in parts for YEARS Possibly give some more detail? Or am I just over thinking this? The best bet would be posting the exact model you want and I could do some research for you?
  16. I... forgot you can do that! lol thanks ca3le
  17. Poor mudman getting shit for wasting money on a phone hehe jk its not a waste if you enjoy it!
  18. I'm with TriRan and if you do it, post your results here!
  19. lol elaborate You can't find the tech section? >.<
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