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  1. you can run a AM3 processor in a XFX 750a Sli Mobo with a bios update and only limited to am3 x3 720be... bummer. well there are some good sides and bad sides to this. good side AM2+ are pretty cheap now. bad side is you cant find any good ones at a 95w maximum . so i can go buy one for like 75-80 bucks to get a few more ghz. right now i have Amd phenom x4 9500 at 2.2ghz. and i must say its poop. "my god! there isnt anything for AM2 95w" ok guess its a new mobo... thanks guys !
  2. Thanks, Helps alot. Ok so i have a litle program called SiSOft sandra. tells ya alot about your pc. Looking at my processor section i see "*package* Socket AM2r2/AM3" Another thing that caught my eye is "*Maxumum Power* 128.99W So from what i see there my board is capable of running both processors and i am able to purchase one thats 125w still iffy about that have to look more into it. .. agreed ? ok guess i am limited to 95w. Thanks for the replay back. And i know i am like a ghost 000ooo000ooo00. thanks for the welcome back
  3. Hey guys, notice i always come here for my pc problems . And thats because you guys are the best and always very helpful. well here is my question. Right now i have a... will post specs of my mobo here http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/motherboards/1801_2.html hope that shows. i want to update my cpu its kinda weak. Now i have read that you are able to put a AM3 Processor in a AM2+ socket due to the fact that AM3 processors are actually missing some pins. so as long as i keep to a 95w for a processor on my current mobo, i am good? I just wanted to double check with you guys before i go ahead and buy something i can not return. If website gets block out i have a "XFX nForce 750a" Thank you ahead of time. P.s Picked the right catagory this time.
  4. ya. i am just wondering what the first GPU actually is since its so high, all the time. Ive tried searching the web with no luck. my hybrid sli is turned off and its still there so i am even more puzzled.
  5. Hello again. i am once again counting on the community to help me out here. OK, so here is my problem. i found out that my 8800 gts (640MB) had physx GPU acceleration about a month ago so i downloaded what i needed too and set that up worked fine. then i found out that my motherboard supported hybrid SLI so i enabled that in my BIOS worked fine. 3 weeks later i purchased another 8800gts and got it working in SLI mode. I actually have two questions here first one is, will me running hybrid SLI and SLI together will this cause any problems or is hybrid useless now since i got real SLI ? And my other question is my gpu temps, using speedfan my temps show currently GPU: 97c <---hot GPU: 53c GPU: 57c The last two are my 8800gts i know this, but what the heck is the first one ????? is that the hybrid sli on my main board ??? the temp has to be right cause i also checked on Nvidia Ntune. that gpu has no fan settings so my best guess is it the on-board. on my device manager has my two cards and Nvidia 750a SLI i believe i tried to uninstall it but it came back. i ain't sure if thats the Hybrid SLI or something i need for my gpu's to function in sli, any help ? And thank you for reading
  6. GPU 60c System 28c Cpu 36c Hd0 32c Core 31c Core 60c too many cores thats what i got :/
  7. i have a thermaltake Agulia, well the only thermal paste that got used was the one that was already stuck to the bottom of the heatsink. and voltage is 1.23v my bad. shoul di try to apply better thermal paste ? if i can avoid messing with the voltage. first time so i guess i should read up on it see what i can do, the bios isnt very friendly so i guess i should maybe shoot for a 1.15v ? oh nm that was pretty easy. set it too 1.15v cleaned heatsink abit, and found some left over thermal paste CPU is 36c core is 60c sound right ?
  8. I have a AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core Processor 2.2GHz 4MB cache 95W Thermal Design Power Processor i have it set at 1.24v now i didnt do anythign in bios its just what the motherboard picked it up as. Is this a safe voltage for it ? its got me worried cause at idel it is running at 56-58c and i beleave it runs around 66c i think thats like while gaming is this to hot ? Thanks for reading
  9. Ok, i figured it out. this is a SLI motherboard right, usaully the first PCIE closet to the Processor would be the primary. which it wasnt it was PCIE slot 2 that was the primary. i did try both slots before hand and they both didnt work, restroe bios to default and added it in slot listed PCIE 2 and all fixed works good now. i dont know why they would do that . i knew i could count on ur guys for help ! now its time for more questions and ty for answering my questions.
  10. i am hoping someone here can help me. i started building a PC using the XFX 750Sli nFORCE motherboard http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?Sku=P450-9118 got a http://www.amazon.com/AMD-HD9500WCGDBOX-Phenom-Processor-Thermal/dp/B000YPP7F4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1231305249&sr=8-1 and also http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145043 now i have a Geforce 8800 GTS http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130071 from my old system. well i add the card plug the monitor to it and monitor just blinks so i take it out and add it too the onboard graphics and does same thing. shut down PC take gpu out and onboard works just fine, now i figure i have to turn off the onboard graphics i go to BIOS cant find crap sadly. so i uninstall the graphic driver and try again same thing. i am wondering if this sounds more like a compatibility issue. the motherboard has PCI express 2.0 not really sure if that can mess with my graphic card or not. any help would be great if you need more details i will be happy to add them. this is my first time trying to build a computer so kinda in the dark with trouble shooting. thanks again for any help.
  11. well i will double check everthing to make sure
  12. alright well my OS cd is acting up . so i tried using one from a diff pc still same crap i took the battery out for like 10 mins and nothing... man this sucks i guess i will have to get someone who knows what they are doing unlike me to get it too work again. but thanks anyways guys youve been a big help, sorry you chouldnt help me
  13. ok here we go Clock speed 2.17 GHz Processor type Athlon XP Installed processor qty 1 Max supported processor qty 1 Processor manufacturer AMD Processor performance index 3000+ RAMRAM installed 512 MB Max supported RAM 2 GB Memory specification compliance PC2700 Memory speed 333 MHz RAM form factor DIMM 184-pin RAM technology DDR SDRAM Video OutputGraphics processor NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Video output form factor Integrated Video output interface type AGP Video output type Graphics adapter Display (Projector)Display type None. Service & SupportService & Support type 1 year warranty Optical StorageCD / DVD type DVD
  14. and ya the first tiem the post came up, ok well let me post some of the specs here give me abit thanks
  15. if the post is when ur actually in the bios then ya, i mean the first time not sure what it really said but i beleave it said something about running it in default settings or something. but it wasnt the screen i have know the first time it worked the way it shouldve
  16. you mean graphic card ? it has a cheapo intergrated one first time i turned it on a had my graphics card in it. all i want to do is play COD again lol
  17. as far as i know the light is on steady ya, well let me connect the reformated drive on this pc and but a new os on it install that on my new case and see what happens :/ just very frustrating for me.
  18. o and i only reformated cause that was pretty easy to do other then the clearing cmos which for some reason dont work or i aint doing it right :S
  19. ya but how do i do anything if i cant even see anything on my screen except for pc monitor is working check cables, thingy, i mean the pc turns on but nothing comes up on the screen at all just acts like i didnt even plug in the monitor, i have search the internet for cures, they say sometimes all you have to do is clear your cmos which i have tried but like i said the pc dont even turn on when i but the jumper in the clearing pins, they say restart your processor also which i have no idea how too. but like i said before it worked the first time and then upon restart of the pc boom nothing comes up on the screen i am about to thorw it out the window
  20. well i kinda already reformated the drive and i did get a cd with the mb, and i did try clearing the cmos, i put the jumpers on the pins for clearing CMOS and my pc dont even turn on then, i didnt but the cd in at first. i thought i would have to actually get on the os and then but it in. just really starting to p me off
  21. hello all, been awhile i got a problem and its Pi**ing me off here. i got a new computer case like 2 months ago and put my old stuff in the new one, which i did wrong :/ and i think i messed up my motherboard so i ordered a new cheapo one to put in there, now i set everything up the way it should be,(best of my knowledge)(with manual help). well when i first started it up the bios came up or whatever pretty sure i just put run default setting or something. pc restarted and now nothing is coming up on my screen it says monitor working check cables blah blah blah, so after this happened i checked to see what it could be i read you should reformat your harddrive before adding a new motherboard cause of the drivers and stuff can cause problems or something. i mean i am lost here this is the same thing that happened with my first mother board. and i am stupid when it comes to this kinda stuff, if you can help me please do if u need more information to help me let me know, i just want my pc back
  22. and yes that is why but o well lol
  23. ya been little busy latly site has changed alot lol. only for the better looks great. we still hate the fios people ????? thanks for the welcome back guys !
  24. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 9853 Kbps about 9.9 Mbps (tested with 12160 kB) Download Speed is:: 1203 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server1) Test Time:: Tue Jul 19 17:40:55 EDT 2005 Bottom Line:: 176X faster than 56K 1MB download in 0.85 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 114.66 % faster than the average for host (rcn.com) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-OL4ESKB75 Havent been on awhile just letting you guys now i am still good thanks to the site offcourse
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