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  1. jmackc

    Fail Handle

    For your education .......... I still don't know what a fail handle is but found what caused it. A few days earlier, I had to restore my computer to an earlier date and in doing so all Windows system files were duplicated. Not only Control Panel but Sys and Sys32, a total of 1,737 duplicates. What a pain, but I used AcuteFinder which allowes you to establish parameters so that helped. Now I need to find out how to eleminate this duplication if a future restore is necessary. Thanks for your comments .........
  2. jmackc

    Fail Handle

    All icons are default. Other than updates, nothing has been added to my computer for quite some time. tks
  3. jmackc

    Fail Handle

    No virus, no spyware, no malware, have not able to find out what the h--- a "fail handle" is in MS Knowledge base or anywhere else. File handle yes, Fail handle no. Surely someone knows ..................
  4. jmackc

    Fail Handle

    When I try to open Conrol Panel from the Start button, I get the following error message in a small window:
  5. Just so no one thinks they can purchase an unlocked, unbranded Razr V3 for stated prices ..... Tiger Direct quotes $327.99 for the silver and $349.99 for the black.
  6. Thank everyone for their suggestions. After a few days and a mild blast with an air hose, the phone returned to a normal battery life and all is OK .............
  7. I recently dropped my Razr in the toilet. Stupid no ?? I retrieved it, turned it off, dried it out over a lamp overnight, started it up and all features work perfectly. The problem is the battery only lasts 9 to 10 hours with minimal usage. I tried a new battery, same result. Razr has the red dot feature that shows when a phone has been exposed to water.. Mine has approximately 1/8 of a red dot. Does anyone know a remedy for the quick discharge??? Thanks,
  8. I need to transfer all programs and data from an old IBM T30 to a new IBM T43p. I don't need to transfer the OS which is XP Pro on both. I was considering using Norton Ghost 9.0 but read so many bad reviews regarding the software. However, it is the only software I find that advertises peer to peer migration. I have read so much data, that I don't know if I need to clone or migrate. I have also looked at Acronis True Image 8.0 and Acronis Migrate Easy. Thanks for any advice.
  9. jmackc

    IE6 Sp2

    Is there a solution to the problem "internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close ..... so sorry ........."? I have tried all the MS suggestions but nothing works. I have no BHO's other than Google. I use some sites that will not function with Firefox, so that is not a solution. I have run Ad-Aware and SpyBot and they show no problems. My OS is XP Sp2 with all the current updates. This happens several times per day, normally when I have more than one site open. Thanks for any suggestions as this is irritating .........
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